Chamdo Tourist Attractions

Chamdo (Khamba; Eastern Tibet) in the east of Tibet, is the home of Khamba culture. Chamdo is also a nest of many tourist attractions. Its complicated topography and wonderful landscapes make many great tourist sights in Chamdo, like snow-capped mountains, fast-running rivers, thundering waterfalls, and dense forests. Besides, ancient monasteries, buildings, steles, villages, and workshops are also tourist attractions in Chamdo. Just list a few of the famous spots in Chamdo: Chambaling Monastery, Karma Temple, Riwoche Monastery, Tsedrug Temple, Carnot Ruins and Rawok Lake.

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All Tourist Attractions in Chamdo

To help you plan a wonderful Qamdo trip, we, Tibet Vista team, have collected all the tourist sights in and around Chamdo with detailed information like best time to visit, ticket price, how to get there and useful travel tips, etc.

  • Galden Jampaling Monastery

    It houses the Gelug Sect which belongs to Tibetan Buddhism. It is also the biggest monastery of Gelug Sect in Kham area.

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  • Rawok Lake

    The lake has an area of 22,000 square km, with an elevation of 3,850 meters. The famous Lhegu Glacier is standing to the north of Rawok Lake.

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  • Riwoqe Monastery

    The huge monastery towers over Riwoqe Village, dwarfing the pilgrims who circumambulate the massive structure.

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  • Lhegu Glacier

    Lhegu Glacier is a group of glaciers located in Chamdo Prefecture, Tibet. It is named “Lhegu” because it is situated near a village - Lhegu Village.

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Recommended Chamdo Kham Tour Itineraries

Either enter Chamdo from the east province like Sichuan and Yunnan or travelling west to Chamdo from Lhasa, Tibet capital city, you can always enjoy the stunning scenery en route, including Bangda Grasssland, Ranwu Lake, Lulang Forest, Galden Jampaling Monastery, etc. Check the top 4 highly recommended eastern Tibet Kham Chamdo tours that start from Lhasa, Chengdu and Lijiang.

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