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2017 Tibetan Losar Festival Celebrated in Hospitable Family & Tibet Travel Have 7 Days off for Chinese Spring Festival

January,25 2017 BY Lobsang Tsering 0 COMMENTS

Taking the advantages of culture resources and living conditions, hospitable Tibetan family has become the awesome platform for tourists to explore Tibetan culture and folk customs. Visitors who celebrate 2017 Losar Festival in Tibetan family can not only taste authentic Tibetan foods like highland barley wine, Tsampa but also dig deeper into Tibetan life.

Tibetan New Year ActivitiesThe campfire party and toasting songs will make you fit into the local family instantly.

We have learned that the hospitable Tibetan families this year are mainly scattered in and around Lhasa city, including Niangre village, Caigongtang village, Duodi village, etc. Thanks to its long history, cultural relics, beautiful scenery, abundant natural resources, pleasant climate, distinctive agriculture and animal husbandry, Duodi village has become extremely popular among tourists at home and abroad. Up to now, dozens of travelers have already signed up for joining in Tibet New Year Festival tour with us.

Tibetan New Year FoodMaking Kasai for the coming new year

By the way, Tibetan New Year Festival falling on Feb.27th, 2017 is followed by Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival. At that time, Nyingchi will become a sea of peach flowers. It’s advisable to contact our travel experts for an early Tibet tour booking.

Highland Barley Wine in Tibetan Family

Drinking highland barley wine in local familyThe hospitable hostess is pouring wine for the guests.

Traveling in Tibet winter, how could you miss out highland barley wine? Of course, you can buy the wine in the supermarket but it must lack some Tibetan flavor. Having Losar Festival with local families will guarantee you a great chance to taste some authentic barley wine. With the wine pouring into the bowl, the unique fragrance has already pervading all over the house. Besides, you can also try some tasty foods and drinks, like Tibetan sausage, potato curry, sweet tea, stewed beef and turnip,etc. Butter tea served with Tsampa will add a special flavor to your Tibet New Year 2017.

Tibetan New Year Guthuk

Tibetan Losar GuthukPreparing Guthuk for the family and visitors

On Tibetan New Year Eve, one thing you shouldn't miss is the Guthuk. It's a kind of soup made up of beef, mutton, radish, potatoes, peas and small dumplings. And different stuffings like stone, charcoal, pepper in the dumplings have different meanings. For example, if someone got stone, it means that he is a hard-hearted person. People would feeI extremely happy when he or she finds coin inside. Because it's a really auspicious symbol of good fortune in the coming year.

Toasting Songs and Bonfire Party in Tibetan Losar Festival

Many families will hold some festive activities with strong local color around Tibet New Year Festival. The first two interesting events I recommend for you is singing the toasting songs and attending the bonfire party. After accepting Hada from the host, visitors would be invited to enter the house. What comes in front of you is the rows of fancy food and tasty drinks. The hostess will give you a brief introduction on how to make highland barley wine and Tsampa. Then the singing competition begins. Song after song, the festive atmosphere warms up.

Tibet New Year DanceGuozhuang Dance in Tibet New Year Festival

After Tibetan New Year's dinner, all the family members will gather in the yard and light up the bonfire. No matter whether you know each other or not, outgoing Tibetans will hold up your hands and circle around the campfire. Here you can catch the chance to learn the typical Tibetan dance - Guozhuang Dance.

Along with Tibetan New Year celebrations, Losar Festival offers you a unique view into Tibetan life and culture. Tourists can explore the festive customs and participate in various folk activities such as tug-of-war, Tibetan opera and so on. An enthusiastic host said that they always welcome travelers to visit Tibet and whenever you come to their home, they promise to give you a warm reception.

Similar to Tibetan New Year Festival, Chinese Spring Festival is a precious time for us to go back home for family reunion. Tibet Vista will have seven days off from Jan.27th to Feb.2nd, 2017. Once coming back, we'll update the latest Tibetan news for you. So please stay tuned. Happy Chinese New Year for all!

Lobsang Tsering

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