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Tibet Vista: A Social Responsible Tour Organizer

Tibet-vista-tour-operator-team  Tibet Vista is a big family consisting of Tibetans and Hans.

The more we travel in Tibet, the more we love this amazing land. Besides presenting it to more travelers worldwide, we also cherish the hope to do something in return to allow tourists to understand deeper, to protect its unspoiled ecosystem and maintain sustainable tourism, to shield local culture and traditions from the influence of outsiders, and to get more locals involved in Tibet tourism.

Currently, we work in the following three aspects:

Interact with Local Communities

We organize tourists to go to Tibetan villages, invite the local Tibetans to teach tourists to make Tibetan food in their own small restaurants, engage tourists in traditional farm work with Tibetan family, visit local schools and share stationary with children, and design new tour routes to present Tibet as authentically as we can and create more job opportunities for Tibetans meanwhile.

dumpling-makingA  foreign tourist visits a local Tibetan family and learn how to make dumplings.

help-farm-work  Tourists help local family with their farm work.
stay-in-locals-familiesTourists stay in local Tibetans' family.

visit-tibetans-familyHang out with Tibetan kids

visit-tibetans-familyDistributing stationery to local children

Protect Tibet Environment

We distribute rubbish bags to each traveler when on tour, collect and place the used bags to designated places. We encourage tourists to use water flask instead of buying disposable plastic bottled drinks by providing water dispenser and even the flask itself.

Tibet Vista ECO water bottleTibet Vista's ECO Water Bottle

Tibet Vista ECO water bottle

Tibet Vista ECO water battleWe offer the eco water bottle for every guest.

Tibet Vista ECO water bottle

Tibet Vista ECO water bottle

In remote areas, especially the upstream areas without sewage disposal facilities, we provide sleeping bags to minimize the laundry times so as to reduce the detergents discharging.

We advocate pollution-free travel in Tibet. During the trekking, we collect undegradable rubbish such as plastic bottles and bring it to a designated place, we bury the organic rubbish such as food remnant deep to avoid environment pollution.

sleeping-bags-prepared-for-touristsKunga displays the sleeping bags prepared for tourists for trekking.

Video showing our clients picking up the trash at EBC

Bear Social Responsibility

We bear deep respect to Tibet culture, tradition as well as Tibet people. All of our tour guides and drivers are native Tibetans, besides a decent salary and welfare system, we also provide in-service training and humanitarian aid for their family members when necessary.

In some remote trekking areas, we tend to dine and stay in restaurants or hostels run by local Tibetans, or even stay in the house of theirs if it’s convenient for them. We benefit locals with low income by paying food and accommodations in this way.

During the tragic Nepalese earthquake on 25 April 2015, we raised 5,320 USD to Lion Club in Nepal, we are glad that this donation leads to a building of a new school in a mountainous area in Nepal.

In the hope of providing in-depth travel experience to tourists and benefiting Tibetan people in a respectful way in the meantime, we will keep working and do more for this amazing and miraculous land as well as people living on this land.

Interview with Mr. Ram, the president of Friendship Nepal Travel Agency