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Tibet Vista: We Make Responsible Travel

About Responsible Travel

Tibet-vista-tour-operator-team  Tibet Vista is a big family consisting of Tibetans and Hans.

As a leading Tibet-based tour operator, Tibet Vista has been assuming the responsibility of being a responsible travel maker. Years of tour management experience makes us understand how critical it is to protect unspoiled ecosystem and maintain a sustainable tourism. Meanwhile, we make earnest efforts to shield local culture and traditions from the influence of outsiders and manage to get locals involved in the service of tourism, promoting the economy of local communities.

What We Do to Ensure Responsible Travel:

Local communities

※ We have made concerted efforts to create job opportunities and ingeniously design new tour projects to get local Tibetans involved in the service of Tourism.

※ We organized a series of hands-on travel activities around the villages of Lhasa and Tibetan-inhabited areas to bring benefits to locals. For example, invite tourists to learn how to make Tibetan food in small restaurants run by locals and offer half or one day tour to allow tourists to experience the farm work in farmer’s family.

dumpling-makingA  foreign tourist visits a local Tibetan family and learn how to make dumplings.

help-farm-work  Tourists help local family with their farm work.

※ prefer to dine in restaurants run by local Tibetans, esp. distinctive family restaurants in local communities

stay-in-locals-familiesTourists stay in local Tibetans' family.

visit-tibetans-familyHang out with Tibetan kids

Environmental Impact

※ Distribute rubbish bags to each traveler, so they can collect their own trash as they travel and later throw all of it to designated places.

※ Suggest tourists carrying their own drinking bottle and provide them with water dispenser. Besides, tourists are advised to get hot water supply from restaurants or hotels to minimize the chance to use disposable plastic bottled drinks.

※ In remote areas where sewage disposal facilities can’t be found, we endeavor to supply tourists with sleeping bags to minimize the laundry times in guest houses and reduce the likelihood of discharging detergent into the upper reaches of the river. Meanwhile, in larger cities, we also advocate minimum use of laundry service and are against undue use of chemical detergents in laundry.

sleeping-bags-prepared-for-touristsKunga displays the sleeping bags prepared for tourists for trekking.

Video showing our clients picking up the trash at EBC

※ Trekking in the wilderness, we advocate pollution-free travel and all the plastic rubbish and other pollutants that can’t decompose naturally will be packed and carried by yaks to the highway and later get transferred back to cities by tour bus for disposal. We make sure no organic rubbish will be left around camping sites, and things like human waste and food remnant of meal are expected to be buried deep.

Social Responsibility

※ All the tour guides and drivers hired by Tibet Vista are pure local Tibetans and Tibet Vista provides them with salary, tour allowance, insurance, travel rewards, and opportunities for in-service training and offer necessary help when their family members become sick.

In-service Training: How to be a successful Tibetan tour guide?

※ We have been working to train local Tibetans to work in the field of tourism and helping them to master the professional skills to achieve stable and long-term profits and an improved standards of living.

※ In some remote trekking areas, we tend to dine and stay in restaurants or hostels run by local Tibetan nomads or villagers, or in some cases even stay in the families of locals. In this way, we could benefit locals with low income by buying their food or staying in their families.

※ The tragic Nepalese earthquake in April 25, 2015 brought catastrophic damage to part of Nepal, and many innocent lives lost. At this critical moment, all the staff of Tibet Vista raised 5,320 USD to Lion Club in Nepal and later inquired about the disaster relief efforts there and learned that a new school was built in mountainous area as a result of this donation.

Ram talked about how Tibet Vista's donation was used for Nepalese relief efforts.