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Best Travel Time to Tibet

Best time to visit Tibet whole year round as highlighted
When is the best time to visit Tibet? We may get different views from different person because Tibet is such an attractive place for lot of people, presenting its breathtaking landscape and unique Tibetan culture of all year round, while travelers have different interests and purposes. Every single month can be the best time to visit Tibet.
Though summer is widely regarded as the best time to travel to Tibet, some travelers prefer to travel to Tibet in autumn when the landscape of Tibet is at its most colorful time and also not so cloudy. While some tourists love to go to Tibet in winter which is the best time to experience Tibetan pilgrims’ religious life. Hence, what’s the best time to visit Tibet depends on each tourist’s interests and what are in their consideration, such as climate condition, Tibetan festivals, monthly highlights of Tibet and the cost of tour.
Tibet travel org. has collected comprehensive information that travelers need to know when they are planning to visit Tibet.
Optimal weather to visit Tibet in a year
If we only take weather into consideration, April to October or summer to autumn is the best time to visit Tibet, when the Tibet’s weather is not too harsh and most areas of Tibet are accessible. In addition, it is also the best time to visit well-known tourist sites in Tibet, such as Mount Everest and Lake Namtso.
The lowest cost season to visit Tibet
Cost on a tour is also a key concern for travelers and may vary greatly from season to season. Logically, the prices of hotels, air tickets and tour services would be decreased in the low season and increased in the peak season. If you are a shoestring traveler, you are highly recommended to travel to Tibet in winter which is the cheapest season to visit Tibet, with great discounts on hotel, air ticket, admission fee and tour service fee. Besides, you will witness flocks of Tibetan pilgrims in Lhasa, especially in front of Jokhang Temple, the holy center of Lhasa.
Do not miss amazing Tibetan festivals
Travelers interested in traditional festivals and customs of Tibet should not miss interesting Tibetan festivals. For them, the best ones to visit Tibet are the famous Tibetan New Year, Saga Dawa Festival (religious month) and Shoton Festival (yogurt festival). Most Tibetan festivals are celebrated according to Tibetan lunar calendar which is quite different from western ones. Therefore, travelers should first check the updated Tibetan lunar calendar’s festival when making a tour plan to Tibet.
Highlights of different areas in Tibet
Spanning over 1,200,000 square kilometers, Tibet is dotted with hundreds of tourist sites, both natural and cultural. If you are interested in a certain scenic spot or region in Tibet and wish to see the best sites of tourist, we have gathered abundant information about the best time to visit well-known tourist attraction sites of Tibet. Such as the landmark of Lhasa – Potala Palace, the most beautiful holy lake in Tibet – Lake Namtso and the world’s highest peak – Mt. Everest.
Avoid winter trek in Tibet
It is fantastic to make a trek tour in Tibet to explore the hidden attractions of Tibet, but it is not good time in winter. During winter, not only the mountains are inaccessible but the highways that take you to the trail heads are blocked if it snows. It is extremely cold in mountainous areas of Tibet in winter. Thus, it is not suitable to do a trek in Tibet in winter. Many people may think that rainy season should be avoided to trek in Tibet. In fact, rather rainy season is the best time for trek, as the weather is mild and the ground in mountain valleys turn green and alpine flowers bloom in profusion. And the best time to trek in Tibet is in spring and autumn, when it’s not too cloudy and not so rainy but it is bit cold in spring.  

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Travel Advice for Tibet Winter Tour
Winter unlashes another charming attractions of Tibet. Maybe the following travel advice for Tibet winter tour can be helpful.
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Temperature of Tibet in different seasons
The temperature of Tibet in different seasons is not only decided by the season as the altitude of Tibet varies greatly from a minimum altitude of around 3600m to 5000m at some passes.
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Tips on touring Tibet around July and August
July and August are considered as the best time to visit Tibet by most people. Enjoy warm temperatures, intense sunshine, beautiful scenery, and festive events. Here are tips on touring Tibet around July and August.
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Tips on traveling to Tibet in autumn
The golden tourism time of Tibet will last to autumn, when there are grand natural scenery, refreshing pure air, golden barley valley, prosperous farmhouses and fields. Here are some tips on traveling to Tibet in autumn.
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Travelling to Tibet in different seasons
Every traveler to Tibet is impressed by the charming scenery of Tibet. No matter when you travel to Tibet, Tibet will offer you various visual feasts.
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Tips for travelling to Tibet in October
Some tips for travelling to Tibet in October. October is a peak tourism time of Tibet due to a week-long holiday at the beginning of this month.
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Is October a good month to travel in Tibet
Is October a good month to travel in Tibet? The answer is absolutely YES. But if you do not like the crowd, try to avoid the first week of October.
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