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Lulang International Tourist Town Officially Open to Public on March 28, 2017

March,14 2017 BY Lobsang Tsering 0 COMMENTS

Learning from Lulang Scenic Area Administrative Committee, Lulang International Tourist Town is scheduled to be open to public on March 28, 2017. Aiming to dig deeper into Lulang culture, food, hotel and natural landscape, the sponsor will organize 12 characteristic activities for tourists to attend, like Lulang food festival, photography exhibition, gala party, firework show, horse racing competition, etc.

Nyingchi Lulang International Tourist TownNyingchi Lulang International Tourist Town

1. Lulang Food Festival

Roaming around Lulang Commercial Street, tourists can not only enjoy local snacks but also experience how to make authentic Tibetan food. At the same time, they can also vote for their favorite cuisine to be the "Top Ten Lulang Foods and Drinks". The highlight in this grand food festival is the stone-pot chicken feast for thousands of people. And every participant just needs to pay 10 yuan for this fantastic Shiguoji.

Shiguoji, stone-pot chicken in Lulang NyingchiShiguoji, stone-pot chicken in Lulang Nyingchi

2. "Tibet in My Eyes" Lulang Photography Exhibition

If you are into photography, then Nyingchi Lulang is the right place for you to come! Lofty mountains, turquoise lakes, vast meadows and peach blossoms all offer the spectacular vistas for photographers to record. And tourists can take the opportunity to participate in this photo contest. Awesome photographs will be exhibited by the organizers in Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival Venue, Lulang Internation Tourist Town and Lulang West District.

3. Gala Party for All the Visitors

A series of interesting garden activities will be held in front of Lulang West District Tourist Center, like guessing lantern riddles, throwing rings, etc. Meanwhile, the organizer would prepare 5,000 raffle tickets for visitors. What you need to do is follow Luluang weichat public number, and then you'll get a lottery for free.

4. "Guangdong-Tibet Friendship Forest" Tree Planting Activity

"Guangdong-Tibet Friendship Forest" tree planting activity, jointly sponsored by Lulang Administrative Committee and Guangdong Baiyun Mountain Foundation, will kick off at Lulang West District. At that time, lots of peach and plum trees will be planted by locals and travelers.

5. Star-gazing Photography Activity

Star-gazing photography activity will be conducted on the nights of March 28 and 29 (around 7:30 to 10 pm). Under the tranquil sky, the professional teachers from Star Association will kindly guide you how to capture the starry night on the roof of the word. After exploring the mystery of the universe, you can also submit your works to the photography competition.

Enjoying the starry sky in NyingchiEnjoying the night sky in Nyingchi

6. Camp-fire Party and Firework Show

The hilarious bonfire party will be held at the west square on the evening of March 31. Tourists will have the chance to taste the delicious snacks and dance with locals. When the night falls, you'll be likely to appreciate a splendid firework show.

Bonfire party in Lulang NyingchiJoining in the campfire party at night

7. Tibetan Family Hotel Demonstration Activities

To enhance the overall level of hotel services, the sponsor would carefully select several Tibetan family hotels to conduct a series of renovation and decoration, setting an excellent example for the rest hotels and hostels. If you have a comfortable stay in one of Tibetan hotels, you can vote for it to be "Top Ten Lulang Family Hotels".

Nyingchi Lulang Family HotelsNyingchi Lulang Family Hotels

8. Horse Racing and Archery Activity

Coming to Nyingchi, you shouldn't miss out the chance to experience local customs and folk activities. Here tourist can participate in the horse racing competition and archery activity.

Archery, a famous activity in LuluangThe locals are practicing their archery.

9. Folk Art Performance

On March 28, locals will carry out authentic Tibetan-style performances in Lulang Scenic Area. Tourists can also join the folks to learn some traditional Tibet Guozhuang dance.

10. "Looking for Shangbala" Large-scale Theatrical Performance

The Shangbala performance team has also been invited to celebrate the opening of Lulang International Tourist Town. The large-scale theatrical performance will be shown at Nyingchi Hengda Hotel. If time allows, you can ask our tour guide to take you go there.

Looking for ShangbalaWatching the large-scale theatrical performance- "Looking for Shangbala"

11. Warm Service along 318 National Road

During Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival, the Adiministrative Committee will organize the relevant personnel, government staff and other volunteers to provide warm service for the drivers along the national highway G318, like hot water, souvenirs, Nyingchi tourist publicity materials, etc.

12. Nyingchi - Huizhou Reading Club

With the theme on "Entering Lulang · Enjoying Peach Blossom", Guangdong Huizhou Reading Club will take Lulang as a tourist base and organize a forum to share their thoughts and ideas.

By the way, the 15th annual Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival will be launched at Bayi District on March 25, 2017. Lulang International Tourist Town, one of the highlights in peach blossom festival, will become a new tourist landmark in the following years.

Lobsang Tsering

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