Best Time for Kailash Manasarovar Yatra

One of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in the world, thousands of pilgrims head for Mount Kailash in Western Tibet every year to perform the ritual kora around the sacred mountain. The Kailash Manasarovar Yatra is the holy trek around Mount Kailash, followed by a trip to either drink or bathe in the waters of…

April 30, 2019 BY Kunga

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Things to Know Before Tibet Travel in March 2021

Is Tibet closed in March? Can I visit Tibet in March? While in previous years, travel to Tibet has normally been closed from just before the Tibetan New Year celebrations of Losar to the 1st of April, this year is a little different. Now, if you are on a private tour, all international travelers can…

March 8, 2019 BY Kunga

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Visit Tibet in March: what to expect in March to Tibet 2023

Is Tibet closed in March? Tibet has been closed for the period from the Tibetan New year (Losar) to the end of March for many years. However, thanks to changes in the structure of tourism in Tibet, March is now a month that has been opened for travelers to Tibet, and since 2021, international tourists…

March 1, 2019 BY Kunga

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Bhutan Winter Trek: what to expect in Bhutan winter trekking

One of the most spectacular trekking locations in the world, Bhutan has a whole host of treks through almost virgin landscapes. And while most of the treks are done in the main trekking seasons of spring and autumn, there are also a good number of treks that can be done in the winter too. Winter…

January 31, 2019 BY Kunga

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What to Expect for Tibet Travel in Western Tibet?

Traveling through Tibet is one of life’s biggest adventures, and never more so than when traveling in the west of the region, in some of the most inhospitable environments in the world, on the high Tibetan plateau. Western Tibet, which covers mostly northwestern Shigatse and Ngari Prefectures, is a remote area on the edge of…

January 18, 2019 BY Kunga

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Visit Bhutan in Winter: top eight things to do in Bhutan winter

Why we shouldn’t miss visiting Bhutan in winter? Visiting Bhutan in the winter months is definitely a good idea, and there are a host of reasons why. Aside from the fact that the low season in Bhutan means there are fewer tourists, and that the cost of the Minimum Daily Fee is reduced from 250…

January 11, 2019 BY Kunga

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