10 Misunderstandings about Tibetan Culture You May Have When Touring Tibet

Misled by ambiguous information on the internet, many foreign tourists have mistaken some facts about Tibet. In this post, we’ll clear all those misunderstandings up, including Tibetan people, Galsang flower, Tibet altiplano red, Tibet winter, Tsangyang Gyatso, prostration pilgrimage, palm-up gesture, altitude sickness, Tibetan body language, etc. 1. Tibetan People and Local Security Misunderstanding A…

September 20, 2016 BY Kunga

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FAQs for Travelers Who Are First Time to Visit Tibet

Here we have collected Top 30 tips for first-time foreign travelers, aiming to make your Tibet tour more pleasant. In this post, you’ll find practical answers to Tibet travel faqs, including Tibet Travel Permit, altitude sickness, best time to Tibet, how to get to Tibet, Tibet weather, Tibetan monasteries,etc. 1. Are there any restrictions on…

September 18, 2016 BY Kunga

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Hidden Tourist Destinations and Sites – Tibet Top 10 Unknown Attractions

When referring to Tibet tour, people always make great determination to run through the whole Tibetan area. Wishes are good but it seems impossible to realize this dream, even for local Tibetans. Why is that? Because Tibet is so vast and remote. Some places are really difficult to get into, especially the no man’s lands.…

September 12, 2016 BY Kunga

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Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour – The Most Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to planning an overland trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu, tourists often get stuck in collecting the most up-to-date information. In this article, we have provided all the latest details on the Friendship Highway, best traveling time, classic overland route, Gyirong Port, etc. Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway is reputed as the…

September 8, 2016 BY Kunga

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Train to Tibet – The Most Popular Way to Get to Tibet

Tibetan train, running along Qinghai-Tibet Railway, was developed by our Chinese independently. It looks similar to other trains with semi-circular roof but the capacity is much lower and the carriage is more capacious. Forty-four passengers can enjoy meals at the same time in the dining car. Beside traditional breakfast, it also offers fast food, Chinese…

September 2, 2016 BY Kunga

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Best Time to Visit Tibet – Tibetan Weather and Climate

One of the most common questions we were asked is when is the best time to visit Tibet? Actually there are no uniform answers. Covering about one eighths of total Chinese territory, Tibet consists of seven major cities and prefectures. Locating at different latitude, each place has its own distinct weather and climate. Thus, the…

September 1, 2016 BY Kunga

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How to Plan a Visit to Tibet? – The Most Complete Guide

When someone plans to pay a visit to Tibet, a couple of questions will come into his mind. Is it possible for foreigners to tour Tibet alone? Will i suffer from altitude sickness? In this post, we make a summary of those top concerns, including Tibet travel permit policy, best time to go to Tibet,…

August 30, 2016 BY Kunga

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The Valley of Mount Kailash

The Valley of Mount Kailash

Holy Mount Kailash has an altitude of 6,714 meters. It is the main peak of the Gangdise mountains which extend more than 1,100km. Mt. Kailash in Tibetan means “Treasure Snow Mountain” which is commonly esteemed as the “King of the holy mountains” In Buddhism, Hinduism, Bobo religion and Jainism. In the pilgrimage season, pilgrims of…

July 13, 2016 BY Kunga

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Potala Palace in Lhasa

Potala Palace, the landmark of Lhasa and Tibet

Located on the southern slope of the Red Hill, the Potala Palace was built along the hill. It is the No.1 “must-visit” attraction in Lhasa city during your Tibet tour. In 1994, it was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List because it is a treasure house of Tibetan history, religion, culture and art. It…

July 12, 2016 BY Kunga

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