Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Travel from Kathmandu to Tibet

Compared with entering Tibet from mainland China, traveling from Kathmandu to Tibet gives travelers many advantages. For centuries, it has remained two of the major means to reach Tibet. So, what exactly can you benefit from traveling from Kathmandu to Tibet? Let’s find out together.

Proximity of Kathmandu to Tibet

Himalaya, the highest mountain range on earth, is the dream destination for many travelers. To fully explore the land of snow, the travel route between Nepal and Tibet becomes the first choice to discover both sides of the mountain range.

Located at the southern side of Mount Everest, Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is the starting point of the popular Nepal Tibet overland tour. You need to drive for about 1000 kilometers to reach the holy city Lhasa. The long journey offers a great chance to go across the Mount Everest from the southwest side to the northeast side through the famous Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway, during which you will not only witness the breathtaking view of the world’s highest point but also experience the local culture from the villages passing by.If you are still hesitating whether you should take this trip, the following reasons will tell you it is really worth to do that.

Easy Transport from Kathmandu to Tibet

It is quite easy to get to Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal. You can either go by flight or by land. You can check the following transportation guide to choose the best way to go according to your needs.

Only International Flight Connecting Tibet with Outside World

The flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa is the only international flight connecting the mysterious Tibet with outside world. The non-stop flight from Nepal departs from Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport in the morning and arrives in Lhasa Gongga Airport in the afternoon. There are only one scheduled flights running by China Air or Sichuan Airline every day. The flight journey from Kathmandu to Lhasa takes about 1.5 hours. And on the plane from Kathmandu to Lhasa, you may have the chance to get an amazing view of the Mount Everest from the top.

Kathmandu to Lhasa Flight Schedule
Flight Number Time Duration Company Frequency
3U8720 11:30 – 15:10 1h25m Sichuan Airlines Every Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun
CA408 12:10 – 16:00 1h35m Air China Every Tue, Thu & Sat
Required Travel Documents

Before you get on the flight to Tibet, you need to obtain your Tibet Travel Permit and Group Tourist Visa to enter Tibet. The Tibet Travel Permit can be only applied through a Tibet local travel agency. And for the application of the Group Tourist Visa, you need to arrive in Kathmandu at least three working days before departure, because you need to offer your original passport to Chinese Embassy at Kathmandu and wait for the Group Tourist Visa issued.

If you plan to visit more attractions outside Lhasa city, such as the Everest Base Camp and Mount Kailash, you need to apply for extra travel permits. To make things easier, you can contact us and tell us your travel plan, we can help you figure out all the required travel documents according to your schedule.

Travel Tips

1. The time difference between Kathmandu and Tibet is 2 hours 15 minutes. All time on shown on the flight schedule is local time.
2. The altitude difference between Kathmandu and Tibet is around 2250 meters. So upon your arrival at Lhasa, please move slowly and have a good rest after check-in at your hotel to acclimatize yourself to the high altitude in Tibet.

Enjoy Epic Kathmandu to Lhasa Overland Tour via Gyirong Port

It is one of the best overland trips to the Himalaya areas from Kathmandu to Lhasa. You will not only closely enjoy the great view of the Himalayas, but also experience the culture difference along the way. The overland tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa generally takes about 8 days. Instead of the former Zhangmu Prot, which was damaged in the Nepal earthquake, Gyirong Port is the new port opened for Tibet Nepal overland border crossing.

Everest Base Camp Tour in Tibet

Driving to Everest Base Camp from Kathmandu via Gyirong Port

The travel route from Kathmandu to Lhasa by land starts from Kathmandu and you need to cross the border at Gyirong Port and arrive in Gyirong County in Tibet, China. The rest journey in Tibet area follows the route from Gyirong County to Everest Base Camp and moves on to Shigatse via Tingri. After a day trip in the second largest city in Tibet, you will continue your journey to the final destination, Lhasa city. En route, you can visit the Yamdrok Lake and Palkor Monastery in Gyantse.

Require Travel Documents

No matter you enter Tibet from Kathmandu by flight or by overland, you need to obtain the Group Tourists Visa and Tibet Travel Permit before you go. For this Nepal Tibet overland tour, you also need to obtain the Aliens’ Travel Permit to visit Everest Base Camp en route.

Travel Tips

1. The change of altitude along the route is from 1400 meters at Kathmandu to 3650 meters at Lhasa city. During the journey, you will pass through some mountain passes over 5000 meters, and the highest point you will reach is the Everest Base Camp at 5200 meters.
2. No matter when you take this tour, take a warm coat with you for it is always colder in the Mount Everest Area. And when you at the mountain pass to see the Himalayas or the Yamdrok Lake, there will be heavy wind.

Experience Different EBC Tour in both Nepal and Tibet

At the different side of the Himalayas, the Base Camp in Tibet and the one in Nepal offer the different view and travel experience for tourists. The Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal is one of the most popular trekking routes in the world. You can enjoy the Himalaya mountain ranges with a better trekking support since the trekking trails on this side have been well developed for many years. However, for its location, you can just see the top of the Mount Everest as a small pot in a far distance.

Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal

Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal

So the trip to the Everest Base Camp at the Tibetan side will make up for this regret. You can get to the highest point that ordinary tourists can go at the base camp and have a stunning view of the peak of Mount Everest. The best time to visit Everest Base Camp in Tibet is from April to May and from September to October.

Best Way for Bhutan Nepal Tibet Tour

The Kathmandu to Lhasa overland tour can also be a part of a Bhutan Nepal Tibet tour. Since tourists cannot get to Tibet from Bhutan directly, the best to go is to get to Kathmandu from Para by flight first, and then get to Tibet from Nepal. It is the best way to get a panorama view of the Himalayas from these three destinations. Though all of them are located near the Mount Everest and deeply influenced by Buddhist, you will find there are lots of differences among them, which could be a great travel experience for you.

So if you’re ready to an Adventure Tour to Tibet

1.) enjoy the mind-blowing Himalayas

2.) trek to the foot of Mt. Everest, the world’s summit

3.) explore mysterious Tibetan Buddhism

4.) appreciate the beauty of holy Tibetan lakes

5.) experience divine kora around holy Mt. Kailash

6.) witness exotic Tibetan culture

7.) taste Tibetan, Nepali, Indian cuisine

8.) look for a paradise of photography

9.) have safari on the roof of the world

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