The Ultimate Travel Guide about Planning a Lhasa Tour in 2019

Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, with a history of over 1,300 years, it is the political, economic and cultural center of Tibet, and also the highest city in the world at an altitude of 3600m. Lying in the center of Tibetan plateau, Lhasa is surrounded by towering holly mountains, crystal clear holly rivers and…

January 22, 2017 BY Kunga

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Best Time to Visit Mount Kailash in 2019

Mount Kailash, the holy mountain in the eyes of Buddhism disciples, has been considered as the axis of the world by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and followers of Bon. Every year thousands of Tibetan, Nepal and Indian Buddhists travel from near and afar to take a pilgrimage journey around Mt Kailash known as “kora”, a clockwise…

January 21, 2017 BY Kunga

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The Best Tibet Has to Offer for Every Month of the Year

Tibet is a country of many faces. No matter what time of year you plan to visit, there is always something special for you to see and experience. If you’re worried about weather in Tibet, or what activities or festivals are going on during different times of the year, then worry not: we’ve got you…

January 19, 2017 BY Kunga

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Toilets in Tibet – Small yet Matter Big to Your Tibet Tour

Toilet has always been a very important part of traveling. Do you have any basic idea about Tibetan toilet? Frankly speaking, the sanitary condition of toilets in Tibet is not so good. Please kindly do not hold high exception for that in your Tibet trip. In this post, I’ll introduce some typical Tibetan toilets for…

January 5, 2017 BY Kunga

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The Trendiest Fashion – Visiting Tibet in Winter

It is the trendiest fashion to visit Tibet in winter. Although winter is an off season for Tibet tourism, you can also feel the passion of the snowy plateau. Most people think that it is not great to visit Tibet in winter. Actually, Tibet is also very beautiful in winter. You can see the majestic…

November 25, 2016 BY Kunga

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Romantic Tibetan Custom – Visiting Linka

Linka Festival, Full of Happiness Linka Festival, also known as “Zanlinjisang”, is a traditional Tibetan festival in May 15 according to Tibetan calendar. It comes from Tibetan people’s deep attachment to the lush trees, bright flowers and gurgling streams. This festival which once only belonged to the old Tibetan nobility is a common leisure holiday…

November 1, 2016 BY Kunga

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What’s The Accommodation Like In Tibet?

With the development of Tibet tourism and a soaring number of visitors, Tibet accommodation has been greatly improved. Tourists can find all levels of star hotels in Lhasa and guest houses are available in other prefectures. However, what I want to remind you here is that the overall level of accommodation in Tibet is lower…

October 27, 2016 BY Kunga

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