Clearing Your Thoughts about Tibet Time

No matter where you travel, it is important to go there at the right time. Are you familiar with Tibet? What time is it now in Tibet? Do you know the time difference between Tibet and the rest of the world? In this post, we have simply clarified China Standard Time, Tibet Time Zone, Lhasa…

September 23, 2016 BY Kunga

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10 Misunderstandings about Tibetan Culture You May Have When Touring Tibet

Misled by ambiguous information on the internet, many foreign tourists have mistaken some facts about Tibet. In this post, we’ll clear all those misunderstandings up, including Tibetan people, Galsang flower, Tibet altiplano red, Tibet winter, Tsangyang Gyatso, prostration pilgrimage, palm-up gesture, altitude sickness, Tibetan body language, etc. 1. Tibetan People and Local Security Misunderstanding A…

September 20, 2016 BY Kunga

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FAQs for Travelers Who Are First Time to Visit Tibet

Here we have collected Top 30 tips for first-time foreign travelers, aiming to make your Tibet tour more pleasant. In this post, you’ll find practical answers to Tibet travel faqs, including Tibet Travel Permit, altitude sickness, best time to Tibet, how to get to Tibet, Tibet weather, Tibetan monasteries,etc. 1. Are there any restrictions on…

September 18, 2016 BY Kunga

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Our customers are visiting at Jokhang Temple

How to Travel to Tibet for Solo Travelers

Are you a solo traveler who is planing a trip to Tibet? If yes, this blog is good for you to read. How to travel to Tibet? Firstly, you need find a reliable local Tibet travel agency to help you apply for your Tibet Entry Permit from Tibet Tourism Bureau, such as Tibet Vista. Usually,…

July 11, 2016 BY Kunga

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