Experiencing Horse Racing Festivals in Tibetan Area

Tibet Autonomous Region or more popularly known as Tibet has many variety of experiences to offer to the enthusiastic wanderlusts visiting her. And except for its cultural and scenic charm, the festive spirit of the entire Tibet makes the travelers want to go back to her again and again. A lot of popular and unique…

October 10, 2017 BY Kunga

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Traditional Ongkor Festival Celebration in Tibet

The Ongkor Festival is one of the most important festivals in the Tibetan Calendar. Usually held at the end of summer, it celebrates the upcoming harvest, and literally means “make circle round the field”, or “surrounding the farmland”. Also known as the “Bumper Harvest Festival”, it is held in farming communities across the region to…

September 25, 2017 BY Kunga

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Mysterious Flag Cloud over Mount Everest

Mount Everest, locally known as Mount Quomolangma in Tibetan, which means “Third Goddess”, is the highest mountain in the world, is part of the highest mountain range in the world, and sits on the highest plateau in the world, and all of this is in Tibet. With an elevation of 8,848 meters (29,029 feet), it…

September 18, 2017 BY Kunga

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Chakpori Hill, Best Place to Photograph Potala Palace

Chakpori Hill, also known as Yao Wang Shan is regarded as the most sacred hill situated at the right of Potala Palace. It is at an altitude of 3725m above sea level. The word Chakpori In the Tibetan language stands for – the horn of mountain. It is believed that for the development of Tibetan…

September 14, 2017 BY Kunga

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Top Five Himalayan Valleys Hiding in Shigatse

The Himalayas are the youngest mountains in the world. These are the longest and most beautiful mountain range. Though it has many fascinating things to see including the flora and fauna and taste the adventures, it also has the many valleys rich in beauty and natural splendours, some of them may be still are untouched…

September 14, 2017 BY Kunga

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Journey to Lhanagtso Lake, The Most Mysterious Lake In Tibet

Lhangtso Lake has dark blue coloured water, the lake looks beautiful but it has highly salty water which is prohibited to drink. Lake is considered as the inauspicious and called as Ghost Lake as this lake is associated with a number of stories. This lake is located in Pulan Country at Nagari prefecture and at…

September 12, 2017 BY Kunga

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Complete Guide to Tibetan Kailash Kora

Kora is a Tibetan word which literally in English means ‘circumambulation’ or revolution. Kora also refers to the act of showing reverence to the holy aspects of the world that the Tibetans believe to be holy and sacred. It is not only a form of pilgrimage but also meditation and a way of enlightenment. It…

September 4, 2017 BY Kunga

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Tracing China’s Ancient Tea-Horse Road to Tibet

The Ancient Tea-Horse Road locally known as Chamagudao is a network of meandering caravan paths through the mountains of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan in Southwest China. It is also known as Southern Silk Road. The 2250 kilometer long trail begins with the Sichuan Province of China and stretches to Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet.…

August 30, 2017 BY Kunga

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Ultimate Guide to Five Monasteries in Kailash Kora

Mount Kailash, situated in the enigmatic land of Tibet is considered immensely holy by the Tibetan people. As is the ritual, a distinct kora is performed around Mount Kailash. The kora refers to the act of showing respect to the holy aspects of the Tibetan lands by circumnavigating the aspect and chanting prayers. Often prostrations…

August 29, 2017 BY Kunga

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How to Travel Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet in Just One Go

To reach Tibet overland routes are the best options for travelers with adventurous spirits as they present you one of the most precious travel experience of your lifetime. However it must be mentioned that it demands a determined body and mind, enormous time and adequate cost from the traveler. Five Overland Routes to Tibet 1.…

August 22, 2017 BY Kunga

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