What is Saffron and Where to Buy Authentic Tibetan Saffron in Lhasa?  

Tibet is referred to as the land of Saffron and if you are a lover of Saffron then you can purchase some of the best smelling and genuine saffron from pharmaceutical stores as well as Tibetan shopping malls. However, purchasing saffron is not easy and you need to have the right info about this expensive spice in order to recognize its genuineness. This article would talk about Saffron, what it is, what it is used for, where it can be used and where it is available and its benefits?

Tibetan Saffron

Saffron, the herb growing on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Saffron is an herb that is harvested from the stigma of the Crocus Sativus flower. This is a dark orange and threadlike façade. It has a spicy and a pungent smell and is usually is grown in high altitudes in the Tibetan region.

The importance of Saffron as an herb in medicinal purpose

Saffron is an herb that is used for a variety of purposes. It has great medicinal values and is also used as a taste enhancer, color enhancer for food and can also be used as a dye. Saffron is considered to be a natural health product that has a sweet smell. In addition to being used as a food product, Saffron is used as an herbal remedy for various purposes. It is known to stimulate the digestive system and also reduce colic pain and stomach disorders and also reduce gas. It is also used to stimulate and promote the menstrual flow in women.

Saffron as a tool in fighting cancer

Research has shown that Saffron is also a very important product that helps in treating cancer. The herb is also used to slow tumor growth and also extends the lifespan of animals. It helps in treating certain types of cancer and also reduces birth defects in babies. Saffron is also known to have great antioxidant properties and helps to protect tissues from free radicals. The components in saffron called Crocetin and Crocin are also used for improved memory and great learning skills. Thus, it is a great medicine that can also be used to treat Neuro degenerative disorders and related memory impairment.

The role of Tibetan saffron

Tibetan saffron is used all throughout the world for various medicinal uses.
•    It helps in the prevention of Thrombosis, myocardial infarction, irregular menstruation, postpartum congestion, neurasthenia, palpitation and more.
•    Saffron acid can help in lowering cholesterol and is also used in the treatment of fatty liver.
•    It helps in regulating the kidney and increasing immunity.
•    it is also used for cosmetic purposes and is associated with beauty.
•    Apart from that, it also is extensively used for treating a variety of disorders in men and women
•    Saffron is known for its vibrant orange color and is used as a food coloring agent that also emits a good smell

How can Saffron be consumed?

Saffron is used in food products as a flavoring agent as well as a coloring agent. There are various ways of consuming Saffron, however, the most effective way of consuming Saffron is by soaking it in water for a night so that it does not change its color and then can be eaten directly. Tibetans also use Saffron in the brewing method where a small teaspoon of Dried Saffron can increase the amount of brewing a cup of boiling water and then cooled and then drank with honey.


The most common way to enjoy Saffron is brewing it in water.

Where can you buy Tibetan Saffron From?

Saffron is one of the best herbs that are expensive for its various medicinal and culinary uses. They are grown in high altitudes in cold temperature and are not widely found. Saffron is obtained from the stigma of a flower and can enrich the blood, prevent cerebral hemorrhage and heart diseases as well. They are used in various cosmetics and creams as well and are a favorite among women from all across the world. Genuine Tibetan Saffron is available in very selective stores in Tibet and they are expensive as well. The quality of the product also tells the genuine.


Genuine Saffron is something you shouldn’t miss out in your Tibet tour.

Saffron is extraordinarily expensive because of its low availability and its various beneficial features. Bulk quantities of relatively low-quality saffron can reach upwards to around 500/pound while the retail costs of the product can exceed 10 times that rate. Small qualities of this herb are used for various medicinal uses, culinary uses, and other uses. 1–3 grams are used in decoction, 0.5–1.5 grams can be consumed in the powder form and 30 mgs can be consumed as a dried extract in standard applications. Just a few strands for around 2–4 strands per person can be used in food for flavoring agents.

How is Saffron cultivated?

Saffron is collected from the Crocus Sativus plant that is available in the Middle Eastern region on the continent of Eurasian from Greece to Persia. The plant is not harvested from the seeds but from the underground portion that is known as a bulb. The flowers grow in autumn and are pink and mauve colored with three stigmas around 25–30 mm long and this is what is collected as saffron. There are three yellow stamens that are not collected. The stigmas are attached to a style and this is imbibed in the lower quality of saffron.


Saffron originates from Middle Eastern Region.

Saffron that is used as a dye

You will be surprised to know that saffron is used as a dye in small quantities. It has an orange yellowish tinge that increases as more saffron is used. Saffron was previously used to color robes for Hindu and Buddhist monks

Saffron as a medicinal herb

Saffron has an extensive medicinal property that can be used to improve blood circulation, regulate menstruation in women; treat digestive disorders, and also treats acne. Apart from that, it is used for heart ailments, kidney problems, inflammation, and depression. It helps in destroying cancerous cell growth in the body.

Where is Tibetan genuine saffron available?

Saffron is known to be one of the most expensive spices in the world. Original Tibetan Saffron is found in the pharmacies of Lhasa as well as in Kashmir. It is, however, important while buying saffron that it is genuine. 1 kg of saffron is known to cost around $7000!  You can also buy genuine Saffron from various online stores like Amazon and Ali express mobile app. If you visit Kashmir, you can find Tibetan saffron in a saffron growing farm in Pampore. You can find quality saffron that is genuine and at a price that is affordable.

Buying Saffron in Tibet

Barkhor Street is a good place to buy authentic Tibetan saffron.

There are numerous people who look for saffron and If you would like to buy Saffron from Tibet, Lhasa, you can check out the shopping pavilions in Barkhor Street, which is the commercial shopping center of Tibet. You can also check out the Lhasa departmental store for genuine saffron. You should, however, check out the saffron well in Barkhor Street as most of the saffron’s may be adulterated. You can instead check out the pharmaceutical factories or drug stores, but you would need to pay a fixed price and you cannot bargain as well. You can also take help of the local dealers who can help you with buying the original saffron from the best stores in Lhasa Tibet.

Identifying fake and genuine saffron

Fake saffron looks similar to a saffron thread and colored well to look similar to original saffron. Cornhusk is usually used to replicate original saffron before buying a saffron strand you need to identify its true color and aroma. Saffron also has a flavor that is not like fake saffron. In case you put a saffron thread into your mouth and it smells sweet, it is fake saffron.

You can also dip saffron threads in cold water and the color will remain as it is after coloring the water while fake saffron’s will tend to look lighter than usual. There are various kinds of Saffron that are available in Tibet. You can choose between the lower quality that is a little less expensive and the higher quality that is expensive. Saffron however can be used in very small amounts and 1 gm. of saffron can suffice for a year or so if used on a regular basis. Well as you can see detecting the right saffron can be a little tricky at times hence you should be more careful while choosing the right one.

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