Ngari, Tibet: A Star Gazer’s Heaven

When you’re standing on the rooftop of the world, it’s only natural, you’ll be at the best vantage point to see the night sky in all of its spectacular glory. Dark Sky Reserve in Ngari With low population density and few urban centres, Ngari in Tibet is a star gazer’s delight, boasting stunning views of…

April 16, 2017 BY Kunga

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The Legend of the Rebel Lama

The leader of the Buddhist faith, The Dalai Lama, is a highly revered monk, believed to be the reincarnation of Avalokitesvara, the God that serves to protect all of Tibet. Perhaps the most famous and the most controversial Lama of all time is the sixth, Tsangyang Gyatso. What made him stand so far apart from…

April 11, 2017 BY Kunga

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The Ultimate Food Guide for Your Tibet Tour in 2017

Food is always an indispensable part of any trip in the world. So is Tibet tour. Under the influence of geographical environment and hash climate, what you would eat in Tibet would be much different from other destinations. Here I don’t want to talk about traditional Tibetan food any more but help you to find…

April 1, 2017 BY Kunga

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Which Is the Best City to Take Train to Tibet

At present, there are seven major railway routs to Tibet in China, namely Beijing-Lhasa, Shanghai-Lhasa, Guangzhou-Lhasa, Chengdu-Lhasa, Chongqing-Lhasa, Lanzhou-Lhasa and Xining-Lhasa. All other six railways would first meet in Xining and then head to Lhasa from there. In fact, Qinghai-Tibet Railway officially starts from Xining, the capital city of Qinghai province, and connects Lhasa in…

March 2, 2017 BY Kunga

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Top 8 Most Recommended Tibetan Tours in 2017

Tibet boasts of world-class tourist resources that are rich and unique with towering mountain ranges, tranquil holly lakes, majestic natural sceneries, raw folk customs and cultures. In this mystical land, there are sceneries and historic sites represented by Mount Everest, Yarlung Tsangpo River, Changtang National Nature Reserve, Potala Palace and Jokhang monastery, etc. With its…

February 24, 2017 BY Kunga

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Exploring Sweet Teahouses Hidden in Your Tibet Tour

Before the first ray of sunshine sprinkling over the golden summit of Potala Palace, the sincere pilgrims have already finished their Barkor Kora and gotten into ancient sweet tea house for a warm drink to start their day of life. Tibetan sweet tea is to locals what coffee is to westerners. And the production process is…

February 17, 2017 BY Kunga

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