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Tibetan Handicrafts

Deriving from nomadic life on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Tibetan handicrafts have fully displayed the wisdom of Tibetan people and become a unique art form in the world.

While traveling in Tibet, you can get a closer look at those delicate crafts and catch a strong feeling of Tibetan characteristics from the selected materials, elaborate design, and perfect color match.

Here, we are going to answer some of the common questions visitors have about Tibetan handicrafts and provide some useful travel tips such as what to buy and where to buy them in your Tibet tours.

What are the recommended handicrafts in Tibet?

Tibetan handicrafts are diverse, ranging from ordinary wear accessories to pilgrimage use of the prayer wheels. There are delicate and inexpensive handmade products, but also gorgeous Tibetan knives, Thangka, and other crafts.

Some of the most popular Tibetan handicrafts among tourists include Tibetan incense, Tibetan knives, Tibetan carpets, Tibetan rugs, Thangka paintings, and so on.

What to buy when traveling in Tibet?

Barkhor Street, the circuitous street around the Jokhang Temple, is the most popular place to buy Tibetan handicrafts and souvenirs in Tibet.

On the Barkhor Street, you can see craftsmen and artisans from all over Tibet selling their handmade products and experience the cultural characteristics of different regions of Tibet.

Besides, the famous Barkhor Street, there are also some local factories and handicraft workshops, where you can not only buy their handicrafts, but also have a chance to see how Tibetan artisans make crafts by traditional techniques.

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Among the wide range of Tibetan handicrafts, the following are the most popular ones for tourists from all over the world. To help you better appreciate and select these popular handicrafts while traveling in Tibet, we provide you the most-read articles about these handicrafts in Tibet.

More Travel Guide about Tibetan Handicrafts

Tibetan handicrafts are all-encompassing, with a wide variety of categories, from carvings to textiles, and from cultural to religious. Below we will give you a more comprehensive introduction to more of Tibet's handicrafts.

Other Useful Tips for Buying Tibetan Handicrafts

Where to buy Tibetan handicrafts? How to do the payment? Here we provide you with practical Tibet shopping tips to help you bring your favorite souvenirs home.

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