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Tibetan Ear Ornaments

June,10 2023 BY Yangkyi 0 COMMENTS

In Tibet, both men and women wear ear ornaments, including ear rings, ear drops and ear nails. Tibetan men usually wear earrings on their left ear. Tibetan women wear earrings on both sides and enjoy more various texture and shape than men.

All the Tibetan ear ornaments are made in the typical Tibetan fashion, out of silver or gold plating. The main materials are gold, silver, copper and various gems, like turquoise. They are bright and colorful and will always draw attention, perfect as a gift. The most common earrings for Tibetan men are called "Aron".

Tibetan earrings are usually very large and are inlaid with jewelry. Some Tibetan earrings are in a shape of twist. While most Tibetan ear nails are in a shape of petal, in the middle of which jewelry is inlaid. Tibetan ear drops are mainly made of agate, turquoise or coral, which is embedded in the metal base of some ear-drops sometimes. As Tibetan ear drops are relatively heavy, Tibetan men often use a rope to hang the drops on ears.

In ancient times, all Tibetan officials wore eardrops in shape of Dorje Phurba as Status Symbol. Pastoral men wear bigger earrings that those in agricultural area do.


About the Author - Yangkyi

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