Top Six Reasons Why You Should Visit Tibet

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Tibet is a holy place full of miracles. Some people say that Tibet is a great paradise for tourists,where you can take fantastic photos, visit Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries, even trek Everest Base Camp. However, it has more to offer for visitors. Here are my top six reasons to visit Tibet.

Breathtaking Natural Landscape

Flourishing canola flower in Tibet

Canola flowers are blooming across Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

The best time to visit Tibet starts from April to early November. When May comes, clusters of canola flower flourish everywhere, rendering Tibetan plateau into a golden yellow. Under the brilliant sunshine, snowy mountains stretch for thousands of miles away. Blue sky, white clouds, snow mountains as well as green pastures offer you a refreshing feeling. It’s a great place for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. I bet you’ll lose yourself in this fabulous world.

Adventurous Tibet Highways

Reputed as one of the most mysterious paths in the world, Qinghai-Tibet Line crosses many famous mountains and rivers, such as Kunlun Mountain (4,700 meters), Tangula Mountain (5,515 meters), Tongtian River and Tuotuo River. In this miraculous route to Tibet, you are likely to experience four seasons within one day and catch a glimpse of marvelous plateau scenery, like vast grasslands, beautiful salt lakes, endless desert and lovely wild animals, etc.

Qinghai-Tibet Highway

Qinghai-Tibet Line is the shortest, busiest and safest highway to Tibet in China.

In fact, there are five major overland routes to Tibet, namely, Yunnan-Tibet Highway, Sichuan-Tibet Highway, Qinghai-Tibet Highway, Xinjiang-Tibet Highway, Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway. And each highway has its own characteristics. How could you tell their difference without taking a Tibet overland tour?

Fascinating Tibetan Colors

Tibetan Monks

The kind Tibetan Lama is feeding a cat.

All of the colors used in Tibetan Buddhism and its rituals hold specific meanings. Stepping on the soil of Tibet, you would not be able to take your eyes off those splendid colors. Red is considered to be orthodox for Tibetan monks’ clothing; golden monasteries are the dwelling place of Gods; copper prayer wheels are the smallest reincarnation. Wherever you go, colorful pray flags are always fluttering in your sight. Tibetan colors will change your visual experience.

Stunning Tibetan Lakes

Yamdroktso Lake

Yamdroktso Lake in Tibet

Yamdroktso Lake, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, is located at the Nangartse County of Shannan Prefecture, some 110 km to the southwest of Lhasa. Standing at an elevation of 4,441 meters above sea level, the lake looks like a turquoise gem lying among majestic mountains. The water is as smooth as a mirror with white clouds and snow mountains reflecting on. Even the best photographer can’t capture the best of Lake Yamdroktso.

Wonderful Tibetan Festivals

There are more than 100 major or minor festivals throughout a year. As long as you tour Tibet for half month in any season, you will certainly to come across a festival there, and you will be amazed by festal revelry of the Tibetan people.

Shoton Festival

Buddha paintings are exhibited in Shoton Festival.

Losar Festival, Shoton Festival and Saga Dawa Festival are the most important festivals for the local Tibetans. Here you can not only observe Buddha painting show, Dharma assembly as well as Tibetan opera performance but also take part in traditional dancing and singing, folk activities, etc. Why not come to have a jolly time in Tibetan festivals tour?

Delicious Tibetan Cuisine

Tibetan Cuisine

Tibetan noodles and sweety tea are something you shouldn’t miss.

As an important part of Chinese cuisine, Tibetan food is worth your coming! There are many types of dishes in Tibet. While the best place to enjoy them, I believe, is Lhasa, for Lhasa is the capital city as well as the biggest city of Tibet. The most popular dishes are stewed chicken with Chinese caterpillar fungus, a traditional herb which can also be stewed with beef. Then, there are fried mutton ribs, roast lamb leg, air-dried meat, cold yak tongue, fried beef ribs, Tibetan sausage, potato curry, stewed beef and turnip, braised beef, steamed dumplings stuffed with beef, zamba, steamed bread stuffed with potato, rice curry, ginseng sweet rice and various kinds of desserts.

If you are still looking for reasons to travel Tibet, why not go there and find your reason out?

So if you’re ready to an Adventure Tour to Tibet

1.) enjoy the mind-blowing Himalayas

2.) trek to the foot of Mt. Everest, the world’s summit

3.) explore mysterious Tibetan Buddhism

4.) appreciate the beauty of holy Tibetan lakes

5.) experience divine kora around holy Mt. Kailash

6.) witness exotic Tibetan culture

7.) taste Tibetan, Nepali, Indian cuisine

8.) look for a paradise of photography

9.) have safari on the roof of the world

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