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"Vibrant, colorful, and deeply religious, Tibetan festival tours offer you a rare glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of Tibet. From the fervent pilgrims' kora during the Saga Dawa festival to the dramatic giant Thangka unveiling, exciting display of horsemanship, and mystical cham dance, etc, boundless cultural explorations await!"

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Saga Dawa Festival: Top 1 Tibetan Festival Tour

Shoton Festival: Top 2 Tibetan Festival Tour

Tibetan Horse Racing Festival Tour: Top 3 Tibetan Festival Tour

Tashilhunpo Thangka Festival Tour: Top 4 Tibetan Festival Tour

Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival: Top 5 Tibetan Festival Tour

Losar Festival: Top 6 Tibetan New Year Festival Tour


FAQs about Tibetan Festival Tours

  • What are the most popular Tibetan festivals in Tibet?

    Saga Dawa Festival, Shoton Festival, and Tibetan New Year are the most popular festivals in Tibet. Saga Dawa Festival (June) celebrates the birth, death, and enlightenment of Buddha. The best place to enjoy the Saga Dawa Festival is to enjoy the holy kora around Mt. Kailash.

    The next is the Shoton Festival (Augst), observed to mark the end of Buddhist seclusion. The monks will be greeted with the yogurt feast. You can enjoy impressive Thangka unfolding at many Tibetan monasteries, esp. at Drepung Monastery and watch Tibetan drama in Norbulingka.

    Another big celebration is Tibet New Year (Feb.) also known as Losar. You can explore many old Tibetan traditions, for example, eat New Year Food - “Guthuk” a special dough soup; burn torches to make evil spirits leave; erect Tibetan prayer flags; eat New Year local delicacies, etc.

  • What is the best time to experience Tibetan festivals?

    Since most Tibetan festivals center around in spring and summer, June to Augst and Dec to Feb are the most ideal time to experience Tibetan festivals. From June to August, you will enjoy popular festivals like Saga Dawa Festival, Tashilhunpo Thangka Festival, horse racing festival in Gyantse or Nagqu, Ongkor festival and Shoton Festival, etc. While in winter, the most famous ones are Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival and Tibetan New Year.

    Besides, as the exact date of each Tibetan festival varies greatly, it’s highly advisable to consult our travel consultants before booking your tour.

  • What expect to see for a typical Tibetan festival?

    Tibetan festivals consist of religious festivals and folk ones. Religious festivals are usually held in the monasteries with large-scale chanting, dancing to God and Buddha exhibition activities. While folk festivals are for ordinary people, who will be dressed in their splendid attire. Fork festivals include dancing and singing in well-dressed costumes and traditional sports competitions, horse racing, archery, lingka(picnic) and so on. Every Tibetan festival has its own characteristics and is celebrated in its unique way. So, it’s better for you to blend in the celebration and find out the distinctive charm yourself.

  • Is there an admission fee to attend a festival?

    So long as the celebration of the festival is held on the street or outdoors, no ticket or admission is needed. However, some festivities are performed inside a Tibetan monastery. So, you do need to buy an entrance ticket as a tourist.

  • What do I need to do to book a Tibetan festival tour?

    Firstly, you may discuss with our travel consultants about which festival you find it interesting. Then, check the festival date calendar and book the Tibetan festival tour with us. Then, you need to apply for the Chinese visa yourself. And later email the photos of your passport and Chinese visa to us. We will help you apply for Tibet Travel Permit for Tibet entry. All the hotel booking and detailed itineraries will be properly handled by us.


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