Chaka Salt Lake, Fairyland in Qinghai, has Reopened to the Public

Chaka Salt Lake, a fairyland in Qinghai, has reopened to the public since June, 2016.

Located in Qinghai province, China, Chaka Salt Lake is as beautiful as a fairyland. Its pureness, white and blue make it like a dreamland. It is rated as “one of the 55 places people must go” by Chinese National Geographic.


Beautiful View of Chaka Salt Lake

Many people may not forget that last year, due to the severe pollution caused by excessive tourists, the local authority closed Chaka Salt Lake in order to bring pollution under control. A year after, according to the announcement released by relevant local authorities, Chaka Salt Lake would be officially reopened on June 1!

Chaka Salt Lake is located in Chaka Town, Wulan County, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, China. Chaka town is an important site of the ancient Silk Road, 298 km away from Xining and 200km away from the state capital Delingha.


Chaka Salt Lake at Dusk

Chaka Salt Lake is also called as “Chaka” and “Dabuxunzhuoer”; In Tibetan Language, “Chaka” means “a salt pond” and “green salt sea”. The name of Chaka Salt Lake is very beautiful according to the interpretation of Tibetan Language. Standing on Chaka Salt Lake, you feel that the surroundings are quiet still and you can enjoy the infinite beauty which belongs to yourself.

In the distance, the water and the sky have no obvious boundary. Here, the sky is a part of the lake and the lake is a supplement for the sky. This view seems extremely magic.


Magic View of Chaka Salt Lake

What to do in Chaka Salt Lake

In the Chaka Salt Lake, you can view the lake landscape by taking a small train; you can visit the spectacular salt mining progress; you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset; you can see salt flowers with strange shapes through the clear water. Besides, there are many things that you can experience in Chaka Salt Lake.

Take Pictures with Different Postures by Standing on the Lake

Chaka Salt Lake is so amazing that it is like a fairyland. The lake seems like a magic mirror that make the sky and the earth mingle with each other.


Taking Pictures with Different Postures by Standing on the Lake

Take off Shoes and Have a Close Contact with Salt Lake

It feels totally different when you stay close to the lake with naked feet. Just take off your shoes and put your feet in the lake. It is a great experience to have a close contact with Chaka Salt Lake.


Having a Close Contact with Salt Lake

Walk to the Center of Salt Lake along Railway

The most appealing peculiarity of Chaka Salt Lake is the railway leading to the center of salt lake. The open and vast salt lake, the two straight railway line and the scattered telegraph poles make it like a fantasy scene in the movie. It is one or two kilometers from the entrance of the Scenic Area to the railway. The car will be parked in front of several salt sculptures at the beginning of the railway. Then you will walk into the Salt Lake along the railway.


Walking to the Center of Salt Lake along Railway

Take a Small Train and Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery along the Way

If you plan to visit the salt lake, you must take a train to get to the inner part of the lake. The caves and the endless salt lake are very special! It will take about 20 minutes to get to the center of the lake. There are a few visitors in the center of the lake. So you can take more beautiful pictures here.


Touring Chaka Salt Lake by Train

See Rare Salt Sculptures

You will be shocked when you see salt sculptures of different themes standing in front of you. Each salt sculpture costs a large sum of money. The lifetime of a salt sculpture is longer than that of a sand sculpture.


Rare Salt Sculptures

Enjoy the Most Beautiful Stars in China

Located 36.18 degrees north latitude, Chaka Salt Lake is like a paradise under the starry sky. The view is so spectacular that you may think it is not real.


Starry Sky of Chaka Salt Lake

Tourism Information about Chaka Salt Lake


Chaka Salt Lake is 310 kilometers from Xining. If you leave Xining for Chaka in the morning, you can reach Chaka Salt Lake at noon. The bus ticket is 80 RMB / person. If you want to go to Chaka from Xining, the fee for a chartered car is 300 RMB. You can also take buses to Chaka, Wulan, and Delingha and get off the bus at Chaka Salt Lake. If you plan to take a chartered car from Heimahe to Chaka Salt Lake, it costs about 200 RMB.

Ticket Price & Opening Time

Chaka Salt Lake Entrance Fee: 50RMB/person

Opening Time: 7:00—18:30

Best Time to Go

The best time to view the scenery of Chaka Salt Lake is in summer and autumn, especially on a sunny day. If it is sunny for several days, the lake water is of a high degree of crystallinity. And the white lake surface is covered with a thin layer of brine. You can see the most clear and pure scenery and reflections. In spring, you can visit the salt mining processes. In winter, you can enjoy the spectacular snow scenery.


Pure and Clear Chaka Salt Lake

Pay Attention to High Altitude Sickness

Chaka Salt Lake is at an altitude of 3000 meters. You are recommended not to take strenuous exercise in case high altitude sickness happens to you.

Keep Your Skin and Eyes Well Protected

When it is sunny, the light at Chaka Salt Lake is very strong. In addition, the strong light is also reflected by the lake surface. You need to take measures to keep the sun off your skin and eyes. Therefore, you are recommended to wear sunscreen and sunglasses in order to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

Pay Attention to Salt Bed

Due to the salt bed is rough, it is a little pain if you walk on it with naked feet. And, the mud in the inner lake is deep; therefore, you’d better not walk into the deep lake.

Recommended Attractions near Chaka Salt Lake

After visiting Chaka Salt Lake, you must go to Mohe Salt Lake which is only 20km away from Chaka Salt. The biggest advantage is that you do not need to buy an entrance ticket. Mohe Salt Lake has no small train, but it is also very beautiful. There are not too many visitors at Mohe Salt Lake, so it is more quiet and natural. In addition, there is another famous attraction near Chaka Salt Lake – Qinghai Lake. As the largest inland lake in China, Qinghai Lake has attracted many tourists all over the world every year. You can’t miss Qinghai Lake when you go to Chaka Salt Lake.

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