Trekking Trip to Mt. Minya Konka(14)

Konka Township A Tibetan girl With her grandma From this pass you may also see the peak of Minya Konka if it is sunny without cloud. The snow slide we saw yesterday calcifying At Xinduqiao, many young couple take marriage photos here. Bike rider to Lhasa Radix gentianae Beautiful flower. Gentianae Guideboard On the way…


Trekking Trip to Mt. Minya Konka(11)

I dropped off already as I wanted to take more photos. Take a look at the peak again. Zoom in Any one would be shocked by the stunning sceneries. I just wondered what is there on the top. We needed to go to the bottom of the valley and cross the river and go through…

the beautiful trekking path

Trekking Trip to Mt. Minya Konka(10)

The peak of Mt. Minya Konka A snow slide just occurred a moment ago and it was a pity we did not see it with our naked eyes but heard the sound. Aftermath of snow slide. One the way to the pass we heard a great sound and at the pass we just realized a…

high land flower

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We need to go through this valley and then cross the pass. Take a look at the village we stayed last night. Pedicularis On the way The village we stayed last night Cloud was disappearing Edelweiss Alpine Lily Potentilla glabra The sunshine became very strong

tibetan house kitchen

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The Tibetan village we are going to stay overnight. The Tibetan family’s cat The top of hill near the village White cloud as sleeping Buddha Our tour guide Our horse carrying the luggage but actually they are donkeys. The house we stayed overnight. Inside of the house Stove is the meaning of Tibetan people’s life…

Tibetan children in Sichuan

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Grassland full of wild flowers A closer look at the wild flower on the grassland The valley we passed through A pass we need to cross over The valley over the pass and we stayed overnight in the valley Rainbow is very common on the plateau Marmots are very common in these area and Tibetan…


Trekking Trip to Mt. Minya Konka(5)

This red thing is a kind of gem, which is very sensitive to pollution and the existence of this gem shows clean air here. The trekking path goes along this valley and you can see our horse carrying the luggage and we stayed overnight not far this site. Mountain slide Radix et Rhizoma Rhei Snow…

Alpine plant

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Nice valley Trekking path Snow-capped mountain Alpine plants are plants that grow in the alpine climate, which occurs at high elevation and above the tree line. Alpine plants grow together as a plant community in alpine tundra. Alpine plants are not a single taxon. Rather, many different plant species live in the alpine environment. These…


Trekking Trip to Mt. Minya Konka(3)

We are approaching Kangding and snow capped mountains appear. A hydropower plant down to Kangding. A sculpture at the gateway to Kangding. Kangding Township. 60km west of Chengdu, Kangding is the county seat of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture[TAP]. The fairly large town is cradled in a steep valley with a collection of modern concrete buildings…