Ngari Tourist Attractions

Nagri (also Ali) Prefecture in northwestern Tibet is known as the roof of the roof of the world for it is situated at an elevation of 4,500 meters above sea level. It's the place where the Himalayas, the Gangdise, the Kunlun Mountains and Karakorum Mountains meet. This area is dotted with beautiful lakes and rivers, great mountains and glaciers, vast grasslands, spectacular snow mountains, as well as pastures and clay forests.

It is sparsely populated and it is a paradise for wild animals, such as yaks and Tibetan antelopes. It is also a popular tourist destination with many famous natural and historical sites, like the ruins of Guge Kingdom, Toling Temple, the holy Mt. Kailash and the sacred Lake Manasarovar.

The Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar are symbolized as the spiritual center of Buddhists.

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All Tourist Attractions in Ngari

To help you plan a wonderful Ngari trip, we, Tibet Vista team, have collected all the tourist sights in and around Ngari with detailed information like best time to visit, ticket price, how to get there and useful travel tips, etc.

  • Mount Kailash

    At the main peak of the Gandise Mountains, Mount Kailash is the most famous holy mountain in Asian history.

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  • Lake Manasarovar

    The lake is purer than a sapphire and one can see through dozens of meters into the lake. The lake is located in the Burang County, 20 km southeast of the Mount Kailash.

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  • Site of Ancient Guge Kingdom

    The local regime known as Guge Kingdom started in the 10th century by the descendants of the Tobo Kingdom.

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  • Zanda Earth Forest

    It has been viewed as the most typical and largest tertiary strata earth forest in the world with the total area of 2,464 square kilometers.

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  • Pangong Lake

    Pangong Lake is a famous border lake. It is called “Cuomu Angla Renbo Tso”, which means “Long-Necked Crane Lake”.

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  • Korjak Monastery

    Korjak Monastery is a Buddhist monastery in Korjak Town, Burang County, Ali (or Ngari) Prefecture in western Tibet.

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  • Tholing Monastery

    Tholing Monastery is the oldest monastery in the Nagri Prefecture.

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  • Nepal Building and Darchula Bazaar

    Nepal Building is actually made up of countless caves in a hill; Darchula bazaar consists of 6 or 7 rows of shops.

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