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The Best Travel Time to Ngari

Ngari enjoys a mild summer with an average temperature from 9 to 22 degrees centigrade and 27.6 degrees centigrade as the highest on record. However, in winter it is extremely cold, with the lowest temperature on record is -44.6 degrees centigrade. Rainy days in Ngari often occur from July to the early September, which inevitably make transportation more troublesome. Therefore, the best time for travelling to Ngari is from May to the early July or from September to October. One more thing you should keep in mind: although in August the temperature in the day may exceed 20 degrees centigrade, at night it may plummet to below zero. Sun block, sun glasses as well as warm clothing are necessary, especially for a journey to the areas with an altitude over 5,000m.

Dining in Ngari

The food in Ngari belongs to the system of Chiang cuisine which tastes salty, light, fresh, sour and delicious, and can help people adapt themselves to the cold climate of the plateau as well. Although restaurants can be found in the village of Darchen and the lakeside village, dining in restaurants is somewhat unrealistic when you pay a visit to Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar due to the poor conditions along the way to Ngari.it is quite necessary to purchase instant food, such as honey, condensed milk, spices, ship biscuits, canned food, chocolate, fruits (apples), vegetables (such as carrots, cucumbers), drinking water, instant noodles, hams and so forth in Shiquanhe or Purang County beforehand. Do keep to a slow pace and never eat your fill as this will help to save energy and ease the effects of mountain sickness.

Lodging in Ngari

The standard of accommodation in Ngari is poor. Baths are only available in Shiquanhe Town. Hostels, rest houses can be found in the village of Darchen and the lakeside village as well. Temples also provide basic lodging facilities. However, for during the peak season and to allow for unexpected situations, tents and sleeping bags are worthy of consideration.

What to Pack

It is not advisable to carry all your belongings to worship the Sacred Mountain and the Holy Lake. Pack as little as possible, otherwise you will be too exhausted to enjoy the scenery. Flashlights, matches, anti-cold electuaries, down coats and litter bags should be in your bag. If you want to liberate yourself from luggage, you can hire a porter who can be of great help. The porters usually assemble near hostels and rest houses.


Highway is the main way to Ngari. You also can take a plane from Lhasa to Ngari Kunsha Airport. However, from July to August is the rainy season. Rains could ruin the Xinjiang-Tibet Highway starting from Yecheng (Xinjiang) to Lhasa. During winter and spring (from late October or early November to early April), the Xinjiang-Tibet highway will be blocked by snow.

Money and Currency Exchange

In most towns and counties of Ngari you will find the Agricultural Bank of China and a post office where you can draw money.

Internet Access

Internet cafes have mushroomed at the town of Shiquanhe in the recent years, but the charges are much higher than those in Lhasa and inland places.

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Recommended Tour Itineraries in Ngari Prefecture

Regarded as the holiest moutain and lake in Tibet, Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar attract a number of pilgrim to visit with a cleansing heart on the roof of the world. Certainly, other tourist attractions in Ngari are filled with magic. Tibet Vista provides more than 10 tour packages including these tourist attractions in Ngari Prefecture at the best price.

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