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Best Time to Travel to Kathmandu: Discover the Best Month to Visit Kathmandu

May,21 2024 BY Sonam Tenphel 0 COMMENTS

Kathmandu is a paradise of outdoor adventures, from temple visits to EBC trek, paragliding, white-water rafting, etc. There isn’t a bad time to visit Kathmandu. However, certain times of the year may be more favorable depending on your travel preferences and personal interests.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the weather and different tourist seasons in Nepal. So, you can determine the best time to visit Kathmandu that works best for you.

Best Time to Visit Kathmandu for the Best Weather: March, April, May, Mid-Sept, November

Nepal's landlocked climate extends from just above sea level to the highest peak in the world. Its weather can be complex. If good outdoor conditions are most important to you, then the best time to go is in the spring and autumn.

Spring, from March to May, is a warm and green season in Kathmandu. The skies are clear with little rain, and the hills and forests are blooming. Highs reach a warm 30°c, while evenings can be cool. Autumn, from mid-September to November, is similar. There is some occasional rain at the beginning of the season. By November, the weather is cool and dry, which is great for exploring outdoors.

Kathmandu trekking tour in OctoberKathmandu trekking tour in October.

Best Outdoor Activities:

Trekking: These months have perfect weather for trekking. The dry, warm weather keeps the trekking routes clear and easy to travel. Pack wisely, and expect cooler temperatures at night. Take enough time to acclimatize if you're trekking through mountainous regions. Look for the best treks in Nepal.

Mountain Biking: The hilly Kathmandu Valley has excellent biking trails that are ideal in spring and autumn. Bring your own cycling clothes. Choose a reputable cycling shop to rent a bike, or buy a second-hand bike and sell it back to the shop when you're done.

River Rafting: The Tamur River, Karnali River, Sun Kosi River, and Bhote Koshi River have great rapids for a full-day or longer whitewater rafting experience. Safety equipment such as life jackets and helmets is provided, but you'll need your own wet gear.

Paragliding: One of the most exciting ways to view the stunning scenery. Nepal has more than 20 paragliding sites with qualified pilots. The clear skies during spring and autumn have the best visibility.

Kathmandu Paragliding tourKathmandu Paragliding tour.

Best Time to Travel to Kathmandu for Lower Prices & Fewer Crowds: February, June, December

The tourist low season is the quietest and most budget-friendly time to visit Kathmandu. During February, June, and December, crowds are at their smallest, and you can find great deals on flights, hotels, and tours. Also, read the cheapest time to visit Tibet.

Low temperatures around 0°c keep many tourists away during December and February. Parts of the Kathmandu valley can experience snowfall, making some roads and trekking routes inaccessible. The one advantage during winter is the piercing blue skies with amazing views of the snow-capped mountains.

June is not the wettest month, but it does bring high temperatures and heavy rainfall. Peaking at 33°c, humidity can be pervasive throughout the month, particularly the closer it gets to July. Road conditions can be muddy and slippery away from paved sections.

Kathmandu tour in low seasonFebruary is the low season of travel to Kathmandu.

Best Outdoor Activities:

Trekking: If you're not afraid of the cold, winter trekking offers incredible views. Take a hiking tour of the Kathmandu Valley, where the trails are well maintained.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour: A helicopter tour to EBC lets you reach the iconic destination on a day tour while enjoying the stunning vistas of the Himalayas. Winter conditions are suitable for flying, but check the weather in advance.

Kathmandu City Tour: With less-than-ideal weather, a Kathmandu city tour is a great way to see cultural sites while having the option to duck out of the rain or pop into a restaurant to warm up. Durbar Square, Monkey Temple, and Pashupatinath Temple are among many of the must-see sites there.

Kathmandu Durbar SquareKathmandu Durbar Square.

Best Time to Travel to Kathmandu to Immerse Yourself in Festivities: March, April, May, September, October

Nepal's exotic and ancient culture is a major attraction for visitors. Visiting during important festivals lets you immerse yourself in local culture.

March: Holi Festival
The 'Festival of Colors,' Holi, is a major Hindu festival that usually takes place in March. It's a lively celebration where people throw colored powder at each other in big gatherings with traditional food, music, and dance. It can be a lot of fun. Events are organized all over the city in places like Basantapur and Patan Durbar Square. Make sure to wear old clothes and sunglasses for eye protection.

Nepal Holi FestivalThe carnival atmosphere of Holi festival is second to none in the world.

April/May: Buddha Jayanti
A popular celebration commemorating the birth of Lord Buddha, Buddha Jayanti is celebrated at Buddhist sites, monuments, and temples around Nepal. Buddha is believed to have been born in Lumbini, in the western Terai Plains, but a major celebration also takes place at Swoyambhunath Stupa in Kathmandu. You can take part in the processions and see the pilgrims and worshippers circumambulating the stupa.

September: Indra Jatra
Indra Jatra is a religious street festival in Kathmandu that commemorates the city's founding in the 10th century. It lasts for eight days and is celebrated with chariot processions, offerings of butter lamps, mask dances, and parades.

September/October: Dashain
The biggest festival in Nepal and the longest public holiday, Dashain, is a 15-day Hindu religious celebration dedicated to the Goddess Durga and marking the victory of good over evil. For local people, it is a time for family reunions and an important time for visiting temples and shrines. There is gift giving, kite flying, traditional food, and fun activities like public swings.

Nepal Kathmandu Dashain FestivalNepal Kathmandu Dashain Festival.

November: Tihar
The five-day festival of lights, known as Tihar, is a time for ancient rituals and customs. Kathmandu is illuminated with lights and decorated with patterns of flower petals and colored rice. Customs include feeding rice to the crows, honoring dogs with garlands, decorating cows with beautiful wreaths, and taking a day for prayer.

Best Time to Visit Kathmandu and Pokhara: March to May, and Sept. to Nov

Kathmandu and Pokhara are two of the hottest tourist destinations in Nepal. Kathmandu is surrounded by the Himalayas and is home to many important cultural sites, and Pokhara, known as the 'City of Lakes,' is an adventure hub known for its natural beauty.

Ideal weather conditions for both cities overlap in Spring and Autumn. You can expect warm days with clear blue skies. The infrequent rain keeps road conditions excellent on the 6-hour route from Kathmandu. There are many sites to see along the way. Private cars, tourist buses, and public buses all make the journey.

You can go boating in the enchanting Phewa Lake, and enjoy spectacular sunrise and sunset views over the Himalayas from Sarangkot or stretch your legs for Poon Hill Trek and the popular Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trek. Discover the classic Nepal tours across Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Poon Hill trek tourEnjoy stunning mountain view in Poon Hill trek tour.

Worst Time to Visit Nepal: Mid-June, July, August, Early-Sept, Be Flexible for Travel

Monsoon season is usually considered the worst time to visit Nepal. The season, starting from mid-June and lasting until early September, brings heavy rains that can disrupt travel plans. Up to 100cm of rain has been recorded falling during this time.

The heavy rain can cause flooding and landslides, making trekking impossible. Clouds also reduce visibility. Summer is also hot, and with the heat and rain comes humidity and mosquitoes.

If you visit Kathmandu during the monsoon season, you can enjoy a peaceful experience with very few tourists around. The landscape is exceptionally lush, with dramatic waterfalls and vibrant rice terraces. Just make sure to be flexible with your travel plans.

Visit Kathmandu in monsoon seasonVisit Kathmandu in monsoon season.

Bonus: Best Time to Travel to Kathmandu from Tibet (March, April, May, Sept, Oct. Nov)

Due to its proximity to Kathmandu, Tibet's autonomous region in China is a popular choice before heading to Kathmandu across the majestic Himalayas. Many travelers combine these two Himalayan destinations in one go.

If you have the same travel plan, then the best time to visit Tibet and Kathamandu is from March to May or September to November. Throughout Tibet, conditions are warm and dry during these months. Daytime temperatures average between 11-15°c, and nights can be a bit cold but manageable. In spring and autumn, the roads are clear and easy to travel.

Good weather will continue as you get to Nepal. Traveling from the border, you'll go through Langtang National Park. The roads there are not as well maintained, but at this time, the lack of rain makes it easier to travel through while seeing the beautiful natural scenery. Once in Kathmandu, the conditions will be perfect for trekking, exploring the city, or any of the other great outdoor activities.

The most classic overland tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu takes 7 days. On the 1,300km route, you'll see the iconic sites of Lhasa, like Potala Palace, travel over high-altitude mountain passes, spend the night at Everest Base Camp, and descend through the beautiful Gyirong valley on the way to Kathmandu. We take care of everything from permits to guides and transportation.


Feel free to travel to Kathmandu any time of the year, but use this guide to find the travel experience you're looking for. You'll find the best weather for outdoor activities in spring and autumn. Winter has stunning views, if you don't mind the cold, and summer is the best for escaping the crowds. Contact us for more information, or check out our Kathmandu tours. Our experienced travel staff is on hand to help you plan your dream holiday.

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