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Best Time to Visit Nepal

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As Nepal is a country with drastic altitude change within a limited strip of land, not only do the flora and fauna vary greatly, so is the temperature. For instance, Terai, the southern lowland part of the country, features subtropical climate with high humidity and annual rainfall.

While in the Himalayan areas it is a completely different picture. The temperature is extremely cold yet dazzling sunshine makes it less chilly in the daytime. At night, it’s better to stay in the tent or indoors to protect you from the menacing cold. So, it is better to come at the right time.

Different Seasons and Weather in Nepal:

spring season in nepalThe flowers are in full blossom in spring in Nepal.

a. Spring (March- May, 8-24 Degree Celsius)
b. Summer (June-August, 18-28 Degree Celsius)
c. Autumn (Sept-Nov, 17-27 Degree Celsius)
d. Winter (Dec-Feb, 4-20 Degree Celsius)

From Oct-Nov:
Not only is it the peak season for Nepal tourism but also is the most ideal season for trekking and mountaineering in Nepal.

From Feb to April:
It is also the second best seasons to visit Nepal when the weather is gradually to be influenced by the monsoon. Although the visibility is not that high, the temperature gets warmer and colorful flowers blossom.

From Dec to Jan:
The winter of Nepal takes on lovely days with clear blue skies and radiant sun. However, temperature can go down to minus 1 Celsius. In some mountainous areas, it could be freezing cold. To winter trekkers or mountaineers, a full preparation before departure and with the company of an experienced guide are of utmost importance.

From May to June:
The temperature is too hot with low visibility.

From Mid-June to Sept:
It is the time when the mountains will be shrouded in dense clouds and mist caused by the monsoon. And annoying rainy days make the road muddy and not ideal for trekking.

Travel Tips: The climate of Nepal was largely influenced by the monsoon with mild and pleasing weather all year round. One signal is how much rain it falls.Due to the monsoon, from June to Sept, Nepal enters rainy season with high humidity whereas from Oct. to May comes the relatively drier season with brilliant sky, warm days and cool nights.

Monsoon Season in Nepal

The monsoon season or rainy season starts from June to Sept. It is the season when the sporadic rain will dominate most part of Nepal and the rainy season often trigger landslide and it is not appropriate for trekking.

Best Time to Visit Nepal for Trekking

rich trekking resources in Nepal

For trekkers, the best season to go for Nepal trek in Annapurna Region, Mustang and Everest Region is around from Oct to Nov. It is a time when the visibility becomes superb and blue sky, fresh air and cozy temperature accompany your travel. And there won’t be any landslide or clouds that affect your tour from June to Sept. What’s more, the annual Dasain Festival, the grandest celebration of the Hindu Goddess defeating over evil demons, is expected to be staged in Oct in in Nepal. On such occasion, tourists can enjoy various festivities and locals will have Tika, a red dot on their forehead, which bears a feeling of sacredness.

Best Time to Visit Chitwan National Park

watch closely  the indian rhinoceros in chitwan national parkTourists can enjoy a safe ride on elephant's back while observing the Indian rhinoceros.

If you prefer to enjoy the diverse flora and fauna in Nepal, you are advisable to visit Chitwan National Park from Oct to May when the average temperature is around 25 Celsius. You can have a safe ride on an elephant and watch closely the rarely-seen Indian rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, mugger crocodile, Indian rock python, etc.

Best Time to Visit Nepal and Tibet

The best time to visit Nepal and Tibet is from Oct to Nov and Feb to May. You may do trekking or mountaineering around majestic Himalayan range in both Nepal and Tibet’s side and observe the Mt. Everest and 2 Everest Base Camps in Nepal and Tibet as well. In addition, tourists can also visit the Lhasa, the spiritual heart of Tibet, and do kora around Mt. Kailash and Lake Lake Manasarovar, and visit sacred Namtso Lake, etc.

Travel tips:
Tibet normally opens for overseas tourists from early April to next mid-Feb. And you need to have Tibet Visa (also known as Tibet Travel Permit) to enter Tibet from Nepal.

Check How to Get Tibet Visa from Nepal

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Nepalese Festivals in 4 Seasons

It's been said that in Nepal between two buildings must be a monastery or temple; every other day must be a festival. Exaggerated as it may sound, such description vividly portrays how important the festivals are in the life of Nepalese. To many foreign tourists, visiting Nepal during its traditional festivals is a great opportunity to explore the essence of Nepalese culture.

Recommended Festivals are as follows:

Dashain (late Sep and early Oct, 15 Days)

scene of Dashain festival in Nepal

Nepalese are worshipping the Shakti during Dashain festival.

Dashain is the grandest and longest annual festival in Nepal, celebrated by all Nepalese across the Nepal in late September and early October. Like Chinese spring festival, Dashain stresses the unity of people and the spirit of universal brotherhood. Besides, it also a grand celebration of the goddess’(i.e. Shakti) victory over evil Mahisashur. People would worship the goddess Durga and many sheep, water buffalo, and goats are expected to be sacrificed for the offering to gods.

Holi ( between Feb and March, 7 Days)

tourists are going wild in the celebration of Holi festival

The carnival atmosphere of Holi festival is second to none in the world.

Few festivals in the world are more colorful and exciting than Holi festival in Nepal. The celebration is said to commemorate the moment when the female demon Holika was killed and burnt into ashes. During the festival, people would splash colorful powers made of corn and water balloon to each other on the street. Though looking awkward, those who get splashed with colorful powers are considered to be blessed and the red color is also seen to be auspicious.

Buddha Jayanti (May)

the boisterous scene at Swayambhunath

Worshippers are adding oil to the butter lamps at Swayambhunath.

As we know the lord Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal, Buddha Jayanti is observed to mark this sacred event. The most impressive celebration usually takes place in places like Lumbini and Kathmandu. Shortly before the festival, monks and pilgrims from Nepal, India, China, Thailand, Burma, South Korea and Japan, etc will flock to these places and get ready to pay their homage to the Lord Buddha. In Lumbini, monks are expected to have parade by carrying the sculpture of Lord Buddha, made of jade and thousands of people will celebrate the festival around Swayambhunath, a glorious religious architecture in Kathmandu Valley.

Ghode Jatra (between March, April)

horsemanship performance for Ghode Jatra festival

A man is displaying this skillful horsemanship for the celebration of Ghode Jatra.

A little girl was dressed up as Living Goddess.

People came for the celebration of Ghode Jatra and  the blessings of Living Goddess.

Ghode Jatra, also known as the horse parade festival, is the most vibrant and entertaining festival in Kathmandu in spring. Though the celebration itself bears little religious significance, the exotic festival involves grand display of stunning horsemanship, horse racing, motorcycle performance, etc. The highlight would be the presence of Kumari, the embodiment of Living Goddess, royal family and royal horse-riding troops.

Teej (between Aug, Sep, 5 Days) 

Nepalese women would wear red Sari to celebrate Teej festival

A bunch of well-dressed Nepalese women are posing a lovely shot.

Teej belongs to women’s festival during which you can see Nepalese women dressed in red Sari, a traditional south Asian female garment, and they normally would fast and have bath, and later move to Pashupatinath temple to worship the god Lingam and dance there. Women will pray for a stable and harmonious marriage, and for the health of their spouse and children, as well as their own pure soul. Nowadays, this festival also carries the subtext of the emphasis on women’s rights and independence.

Tihar (between Oct. Nov, 5 Days)

stunning night view of Kathmandu during Tihar festival

The spectacular night view of Kathmandu will blow you away during Tihar festival.

Domestic animals like cows are worshipped for their service to human beings.

Domestic animals like cattle or dogs are respected and celebrated during Tihar festival.

Tihar, is the second largest festival only next to Dashain. The celebration is observed to worship Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth. During the festival, Nepalese would dress themselves in traditional clothes and have a red Tika on their foreheads. Nepalese believe the Laxmi will visit those families whose houses are the cleanest. So they would do their best to make sure their houses are as clean as possible and illuminate their house by lighting candles, oil lamps, etc. Meanwhile, as the celebration goes on, animals like dogs, cows and even crows are worshipped for their selfless service for human beings. Tourists may find themselves enchanted by this fascinating celebration of light and color.

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