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Student Tour and Educational Travel

Blessed with diverse fauna and flora, epic alpine landscapes, and exotic Buddhist traditions, Tibet is a live encyclopedia to students of all ages. Our expertly-designed student tours give you a chance to get out of your comfort zone and uncover the fascinating local Tibetan experiences and jaw-dropping plateau vista up-close.

Both small group tours and private tours are readily available. You will travel with our expert local leaders to enjoy local Tibetan experiences at top-rated Tibetan monasteries and the lakeshore of serene holy lakes, or closely admire the world’s highest peak at close distance, etc. Then interactive activities and the fine combination of sightseeing and learning, plus attentive services, promise you a fruitful adventure in Tibet.

Tibet Student Small Group Tours

Affordable to normal students, small group tours allow you to make the most of your journey with hassle-free experiences. By joining a small group of 8-12 students led by our knowledgable local leaders, you can enjoy authentic Tibetan experiences and the most iconic natural wonders Tibet has to offer. The hotel, dining, and transfer, oxygen supply, travel permits, etc. are all properly covered. So, you can enjoy your exploration free of worries. Check the following popular itineraries that will leave you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Customized Tibet Student Tours

For students at a particular age or with a special purpose for Tibet visit, nothing works better than a customized tour. We offer you a wide choice to help you break out of your comfort zone and go off-the-beaten-path and see the customs and lives of local Tibetans beyond your imagination. Your expert guide will travel with you to visit the local Tibetan villagers’ family, go for the scenic treks past pristine lakes and lofty peaks, and explain the history and exotic culture underneath the surface. With our professional team’s support, you can enjoy a safe and rewarding adventure in Tibet.

  • 3 Days Lhasa Tour at a Glimpse


    This three-day tour in Lhasa city is mainly to visit Potala palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street,which is the shortest stay if you just make a stopover in Lhasa by rail or by air.

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  • 5 Days Lhasa and Yamdrok-tso Lake Private Tour

    Lhasa - Yamdrok Lake - Lhasa

    This trip will take you to visit the holy sites Lhasa, the world heritage Potala Palace to the most popular pilgrimage destination Jokhang and Barkhor, then to Drepung and Sera monasteries and the holy lake Yamdrok.

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  • 5 Days Best Winter Lhasa Tour Option


    This is a short tour to Lhasa, taking in the Tsurphu monastery and Yangpachen Hot Spring near Lhasa city as well as the landmarks of Lhasa, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung and Sera monasteries.

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  • 5 Days Lhasa Tour and Pilgrimage Trekking Path


    The 5-day tour covers the historical sites like the Potala palace, Jokhang Temple and Bakor street and all the three biggest monasteries in Tibet, Drepung monastery, Sera monastery and Ganden Monastery. Then explore Drak Yerpa,one of the holiest sites.

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  • 6 Days Lhasa and Countryside Life Discovery Tour

    Lhasa - Trubshi Village - Lhasa

    6 days in Lhasa to experience the local life of Tibetan,to visit handicraft workrooms of Tibetan joss stick, Tibetan porcelain, Tangka and Tibetan Carpet,to go to Tibetan farmer's house in countryside.

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  • 6 Days Eastern Lhasa Discovery Tour

    Lhasa - Tidrum - Lhasa

    This trip takes in the main tourist sites in and surrouding Lhasa, like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, the three greatest monasteries in Lhasa (Drepung, Sera and Ganden), and the most famous sky-burial site at Drigung Til Monastery.

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  • 7 Days Lhasa Tour with Brahmaputra Cultural Relics Discovery

    Lhasa - Tsedang

    Tour to Lhasa for a feast of the mysterious Tibetan culture and Buddhism by visiting the world famed Potala Palace, holy Jokhang Temple, busy Barkhor street, then exploring "the cradle of Tibetan Civilization" - Tsedang.

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  • 8 Days Travel Lhasa and around - Kyichu Valley and Namtso

    Lhasa - Ganden - Drigungtil - Rating - Namtso - Damxung - Lhasa

    This tour covers area around Lhasa offers an excellent range of monasteries,both popular and remote. Nam-tso offers a glimpse of the normal life of the north. This routes gives a good look at Tibet in a short time.

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  • 9 Days Student Tour to Everest Base Camp

    Lhasa - Gyangtse - Shigatse - Sakya - Mt.Everest - Shigatse - Lhasa

    This tour to Everest Base Camp Tout is tailor-made for students. During this trip, students will visit the world's highest primary school, the world's highest mountain and the world's highest temple, and enjoy fabulous scenery en route.

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Student Tour Moments

Most Asked Questions about Tibet Student Tour

Is there an age limit for the student tour?

No. There is no age limit for our student tours. From primary kids to college students, we can arrange suitable itineraries and intriguing hands-on experiences for them to experience. Parents and teachers can enjoy the travel with our seasoned local leaders.

What local experiences can students enjoy in Tibet?

Well, they are a lot to experience for them. For example, they can explore the farm produce market in Lhasa and learn to cook a typical Tibetan cuisine in our cooking class.
The visit to dozens of Tibetan monasteries like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Sera Monastery, etc. will give them a chance to appreciate the murals and architecture of Buddhist compound and learn more of Buddhist traditions like monk debate with the help of our local leader.
They can also learn to make traditional Tibetan incense or pay a visit to local Tibetan villager’s houses or tents of Tibetan nomads to see how locals live and what they eat, etc. The journey to holy lakes like Lake Yamdrok or heavenly Namtso or Mt. Everest at EBC will equip students with valuable knowledge about Tibetan topography and fauna and flora of Tibet. It would be an outdoor class of nature and science.

What is the best time for student tour?

It really depends on what you expect to experience in Tibet. If you want to experience the cultural festivities and travel with more comfortable weather, then June to Oct is your best time for the journey. Not only will you have higher chances to experience large-scale Tibetan festivals like Saga Dawa festival or Nagqu horse racing festival or Shoton festival, but also enjoy relatively higher oxygen content in the air and vibrant grasslands and shimmering turquoise lakes, and top treks across Tibet, etc.
If you have limited budget, then April to early June and Late Oct to early Feb could be a great choice. With fewer tourists and more discounts for hotel and flight, it’s a friendly travel season for budget-minded students. Meanwhile, the winter season is also the best time for birding in Tibet.. - Check the detailed guide to the best time for Tibet travel.

What do you need to get prepared for student tour in Tibet?

Firstly and foremost is to find a reliable local Tibet travel agency like us, since international tourists can only visit Tibet via a guide tour with a licensed Tibet travel agency.
Then, you need to apply for a Chinese Visa by yourself from the Chinese Embassy in your country. Later, you are expected email the photos of your passport and Chinese visa to us. And we will help you get Tibet Travel Permit, the most important travel document for Tibet entry.
Besides, you also need to prepare multiple clothes, esp the wind-proof jacket and thermal clothes, down jacket, etc. for there is a huge temperature change on Tibetan Plateau. In addition, the sun-protection gears, toiletries, and personal medicines for cold relief, mountain sickness are also needed.

What itineraries are recommended to etudents visiting Tibet?

If you have a tight schedule, let’s say 4-5 days. The tours in Lhasa, plus a day tour to Lake Yamdrok would be highly recommended. You can both visit the best-known landmarks of Tibet in Lhasa like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street, Sera Monastery’s monk debate, etc, and enjoy stroll along turquoise Lake Yamdrok, known as one of the top 3 holy lakes in Tibet.
If you go for the Mt. Everest, the 8-day Lhasa to Mt.Everest small group tour works best for you. The journey takes you to explore Lhasa and Shigatse, two of the most important cities in Tibet, with a memorable night spent at the Everest Base Camp. You will be blown away by the epic Himalayan Vista and close-up view of Mt. Everest.
With two more days to stay in Tibet after you get back to Lhasa? Do make it to Lake Namtso. The heavenly lake view and the nomadic scene in summer are worth the long drive.

Is it safe for students to travel in Tibet?

Definitely safe. All the day-to-day itineraries are carefully weighed and expertly designed. You will be accompanied by our experienced local leaders who will be your best guarantee for safety. Meanwhile, as you travel in Tibet, the designated customer service manager and a professional team for coordination and back-up services behind will closely follow your tour. Things like oxygen supply, emergency support will be provided when needed.

What is the cost for a student tour?

The actual cost for a student tour varies, according to different travel season, itineraries and activities you want to enjoy, hotel and dining and transfer you prefer, and personal expenses, travel mode (group tour or private tour) etc. So, it’s better to discuss with our friendly travel consultants in detail for an accurate quotation.

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