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Nagchu Travel Guide

Nagchu (also Nagqu) in the northern Tibet is the largest prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region. Nagchu Prefecture is generally called as Changtang. It is at an average elevation of over 4,500 meters. Its administrative center is in Nagchu Town which is on the edge of the Changtang and one of the highest, coldest and most windswept towns in Tibet. Nagchu town serves as an important stop on both the road and railway line between Qinghai and Tibet.
Nagchu has unique landscape, including the vast Qiangtang grassland, the Holy Lake Nam-tso, gorgeous mountains and rivers, ancient monasteries, exciting horse racing festival held from 10 to 16 August and other unique tourist attractions. This area also has rich resources of wildlife and alpine vegetation.

  • Nagchu Tourist Attractions

    Nagchu Tourist Attractions offer rich information about all the tourist sights in Nagchu, including travel advice and pictures of them, like Nagchu Horse Racing, Xiangxiong Kingdom, Siling-Tso, etc.

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  • Nagchu Travel Advice

    Nagchu travel advice offers tourists all aspects of travel tips to Nagchu, like the best travel time, dinning, accommodation, transportation, shopping, currency exchange and so on.

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  • Dining in Nagchu

    Dining in Nagchu tells tourists what to eat in Nagchu where tourists can find Sichuan-cuisine, Tibetan-cuisine, Muslim-cuisine restaurants. It is advisable to buy some favorite instant food before hitting Nagchu.

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  • Hotels in Nagchu

    Hotels in Nagchu offer you a clean and relatively comfortable place to stay just off the main road. However, many hotels in Nagchu do not have licenses to accommodate foreigners.

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  • Nagchu Maps and Prefecture

    Nagchu maps and prefecture gives tourists an overview of Nagchu. In this case, tourists can get a clear idea about where they are and where they want to go in the lowest prefecture of Tibet.

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  • Photos of Nagchu

    Photos of Nagchu is a collection of pictures reflecting Nagchu people's daily life, Nagchu city scape, Nagchu's landscape and landmarks, as well as carefully selected tourists' pictures.

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