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Purog Kangri Glacier

Third largest glacier in the world

About Purog Kangri Glacier

Purog Kangri Glacier, with an ice field covering an area of 422 square kilometers, is known as the third largest glacier in the world. It is about 560 kilometers away from Nagchu Town in southwest Tibet Autonomous Region. 

The surface of Purog Kangri Glacier is extremely even, spreading about 50 tongues with various length outward. There you can see magnificent view of glaciers, lakes and deserts coexisting together in harmony.

In 2009, scientists from America and China discovered a giant glacier-- Purog Kangri Glacier and confirmed that it was the third largest glacier in the world, ranking after south pole and north pole. Since then on, Purog Kangri Glacier became a hot survey direction home and abroad. In the meantime, scientists also found many deserts and lakes lying around, which is a rarely seen natural landscape not only in Tibet but also in this world. But recently, as a consequence of climate, the glacier is melting, forming even more marvelous seracs. 

Purog Kangri Glacier is situated in the core area of Changtang Nature Reserve, in which swarms of wild animals like yaks, Tibetan antelopes and Tibetan kiangs live. 

Tips of Purog Kangri Glacier

1. In order to travel in this area, you need to get a permit from local police station in advance and hire a guide familiar with the road.

2. If you want to climb Purog Kangri Glacier, you have to keep yourself warm and bring very specialized equipments with you.

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