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Taking Tibet train to Lhasa has become extremely popular among tourists at home and abroad. Covering a total length of 1956 kilometers, Qinghai-Tibet Railway starts from Xining, passes Kunlun Mountain, Wudaoliang, Tuotuo River, Tanggula Mountain, Amdo, Nagchu, Yangbajain, and finally arrives at Lhasa.

As a key component of the sky railway, Nagchu to Lhasa railway was built in June, 2001 and was completed in July, 2006. At an altitude of 4,547 meters above the sea level, Nagchu Railway Station is 322 kilometers away from Lhasa and 820 kilometers away from Golmud. All the Tibet trains would stop over at Nagchu. It takes you about four or five hours to get to Lhasa from Nagchu by train.

To reduce the risk of altitude sickness, Tibet Vista suggest you to get to Lhasa for acclimatization first and then take train from Lhasa (3,650m) to Nagchu (4,500m) for further travelling.

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  • Z6802
  • Lhasa (09:00)
  • Damxung (10:51)

  • Nagqu (12:33)
  • 03:33 hrs
  • 322km
  • Daily

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Although most people know Lhasa, not everyone knows Nagchu. Nagchu means black river in Tibetan language. Squeezing between the Tanggula Mountain and Nianqing Tanggula Mountain, Nagchu is bounded by Damxung County on the south, Nyainrong County and Amdo County on the north, Lhari County and Biru County on the east, and Baingoin County on the west. At the average altitude of over 4,450m, Nagchu has a total area of 16,195 square kilometers, stretching 233km from west to east and 185km from north to south. Nagchu is not only the political, economic, cultural, transportation center in northern Tibet but also a hot destination in Tibet tour.

Why we go Lhasa first and then visit Nagchu by train?

Tourists can choose to get off the train at Nagchu Railway Station to appreciate Tibetan Northern Grassland and then head towards Lhasa. However, it’s not suggested to get off at Nagchu immediately for you can hardly adjust to such a high altitude in a short time. The best way is to visit Lhasa first and get well acclimatization in the first few days, then take Tibet train to Nagchu and travel around the northern Tibet. After that, you can choose to continue your Tibet trip back to Lhasa or to mainland China.

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