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Hotels in Nagchu


Hotels in Nagchu offer you a clean and relatively comfortable place to stay just off the main road. However, many hotels in Nagchu do not have licenses to accommodate foreigners.

  • Facade of Nagchu Hotel

    Nagchu Hotel

    Location:No.23, Zhejiang Middle Road, Nagchu

    Nagchu hotel is the best one in Nagchu county. This hotel is popular with the local and foreign groups with squat toilets, grubby carpets and hot water shower, so it can not be booked easily.

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  • Room of Nagchu Post Hotel

    Nagchu Post Hotel

    Location:Intersection of Zhejiang Road & Liaoning Road, Nagchu

    Nagchu Post Hotel next to China post office often has discounts. The hotel provides hot-water boiler, lights, shower head and entire electrical supply. There's a shared terrible bathroom in the cheaper and darker room.

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  • Standard Room of Qiangtang Grassland Telecom Hotel

    Qiangtang Grassland Telecom Hotel

    Location:No.1 Chaodan Middle Road, Nagchu

    Qiangtang Grassland Telecom Hotel is a three star modern hotel in Nagchu, close to the Qinghai-Tibet Highway and Railway.

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  • Double Bed of Damxung Fangniu Guesthouse

    Damxung Fangniu Guesthouse

    Location:Nam-tso, Damxung

    Damxung Fangniu Binguan (Guesthouse) has a clean cabin with beds, or tents, each for four people, or black yak-hair tent, which are all very cheap.

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  • Single Room of Damxung Yang Guesthouse

    Damxung Yang Guesthouse

    Location:Nam-tso, Damxung

    Damxung Yang Binguan (Guesthouse) which is near the chapels offers tents with foam beds for three or five people. Besides, you can have a dinner in a corking restaurant.

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  • Facade of Damxung Baima Hotel

    Damxung Baima Hotel

    Location:No.2 Dangquka River East Road, Damxung County, Tibet

    Damxung Baima Hotel is one of the best hotels in Damxung County. It is also an excellent hotel for you to choose during your Tibet Namtso tour.

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  • Facade of Namtso Tent Guesthouse

    Namtso Tent Guesthouse

    Location:at the lakeside of Namtso, Damxung

    Namtso Tent House, on the bank of Namtso Lake. It offers 3 or 4 beds in each room without a washroom.

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