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Lhasa to Beijing Train

Lhasa-Beijing train Z22 departs daily from Lhasa Railway Station at 15:50 and arrives at Beijing West Railway Station at 08:28 on the third day, taking 40:38 hours to cover 3,757 kilometers over 8 provinces. Its return train is Z21 Beijing-Lhasa train.

Lhasa - Beijing Train Tickets Online Booking

  • Train No.
  • Departure
  • Train Stops
  • Arrival
  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Frequency
  • Z22
  • Lhasa (15:50)
  • Nagchu (19:30)
    Golmud (06:34)
    Delingha (08:52)
    Xining (13:45)
    Lanzhou (16:31)
    Zhongwei (21:37)
    Taiyuan (03:59)
    Shijiazhuang North (05:55)

  • Beijing West (08:28)
  • 40:38hrs
  • 3,757km
  • Daily

Price of Train Tickets

Hard Seat


Hard Sleeper


Soft Sleeper


Lhasa to Beijing Train Book

About Ticket Price:

The ticket prices above are the net prices. In reality, since the demand for Tibet train ticket far exceeds the supply, to successfully book the train ticket for you, an additional service fee is involved. However, we will manage to secure the ticket and ensure you a seamless Tibet train journey.

More Detailed Information about Lhasa-Beijing Train

  • Soft or Hard Sleeper
  • Ways to Book Ticket
  • How to Get Onboard
  • Onboard Life
  • Train Stations
  • Tour Planning
  • Book Lhasa Beijing Train

At present, there is a daily train from Lhasa to Beijing (Z22) run by China Railways. The Lhasa-Beijing Railway route began in July 2006, its operational speed is 120 km/h, and 100 km/h over sections laid on permafrost. During the journey, the broadcast on the train introduces renowned scenic spots along the railway as well as Tibetan custom in Chinese, Tibetan Language, and English.

Compared with taking the Beijing-Lhasa train Z21 and flying out of Lhasa, taking the Lhasa-Beijing train is also a good choice for the following advantages:

Firstly, booking outbound tickets from Tibet to mainland China is much easier than inbound tickets. Currently, the majority of domestic and foreign tourists favor of going to Tibet by train, esp. during summer holiday in July and August. At that time, the ticket price soars as the successful booking of Qinghai-Tibet train tickets becomes extremely difficult. Conversely, the trains leaving Tibet to inland China become less popular, which makes it easier for tourists to book tickets and the train fare is also much cheaper.

Secondly, besides the breathtaking high plateau scenery and various landscape along the way, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway itself is regarded as an engineering miracle. Even if you have entered Tibet by train, you can still feel something new on the same scenery.

Notice: It would be better to consult the travel agency if it is difficult to book tickets to Tibet. If the answer is affirmative, it would be advisable to fly to Tibet, and leave Tibet by train as an alternative or plan B. In addition, the experience of an inbound train ride and outbound train ride remains the same. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about it.

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