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Lhasa to Xian Train, Schedule, Fares, Tickets, Booking

September,10 2019 BY Sonam Tenphel 0 COMMENTS

At present, there is no train starting from Lhasa to Xian, but there are several trains that make stops in Xian, such as the trains from Lhasa to Shanghai, Guangzhou,Chongqing. Therefore, it is easy to get a train ticket from Lhasa to Xian.

Lhasa to Xian train schedule

Xian to Lhasa rail map
Train No.
Stop in Xian



20:34pm,Day2  Shanghai Every other day    33:09h2864km

soft sleeper:¥969.5

hard sleeper:¥611.5

hard seat:¥293.5





21:49pm,Day2 Guangzhou Every other day 32:39h


About ticket price:

The ticket prices above are the net price. In reality, since the demand for Tibet train ticket far exceeds the supply, to successfully book the train ticket for you, an additional service fee is involved. However, we will manage to secure the ticket and ensure you a seamless Tibet train journey.


a. One thing to pay attention to is to find out which train will pass Xian. So far, there are only three trains that stop at Xian Station, i.e. Lhasa---Shanghai (Z166), Lhasa---Guangzhou (Z266), Lhasa---Chongqing (T224).
b. If one fails to buy tickets to Xian, you may first buy tickets to Xining and then move to Xian from Xining.
c. There is not fixed railway route to Xian and the schedule of train is changed sporadically by the ministry of railway. So, the best solution is to find a trustworthy local travel agency to book train tickets before departure.

If you are planning to travel to Tibet from Xian, please click Xian--Lhasa train for detailed and latest information.

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