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Once serving as the capital city of 13 imperial dynasties in ancient China, Xi’an is honored as the “Natural History Museum” and is one of the most famous historical cities around the world. From the miracle Terracotta Army to splendid City Wall, from toothsome Shaanxi food to friendly locals, Xi’an is a must-go destination you could not miss before your Tibet tours.

At present, there are two daily trains bound for Tibet from Xi’an. Both Train No Z265 and Train No Z165 leave in the morning from Xi’an Railway Station, running for a total distance of 2864 kilometers. It takes about 30 hours to reach the holy Lhasa city. Taking the train, one can experience one of the shortest train journeys to Tibet, as well as taking in the impressive natural scenery along the noted Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

As the leading Tibet tour operator, we provide well-tailored Xi’an Tibet train tour packages for your choice, with guaranteed Tibet train ticket and Tibet Travel Permit. Pick your preferred itinerary to start a wonderful trip in both Xi’an and Tibet.

Xian to Lhasa Train Map

Most Popular Xian Tibet Train Tours

Here we offer the most popular Tibet train tours from Xian, covering the lifetime Tibet train journey with exploration in both Xian and Tibet with more extensions to other charming parts of mainland China. All Xian Tibet train tour packages include a Tibet train ticket and the Tibet Travel Permit. A truly hassle-free journey to Xian and Tibet by train is right here.

Xian Tibet Train Schedule and Timetable

Z165 Xian to Lhasa Train Schedule

Xian to Lhasa Train Timetable

Xian to Lhasa Train Timetable

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Xian Lhasa Train Duration: 32h 06m
Frequency: Daily

Xian to Lhasa Train (Z165) is one of the most popular train routes to Tibet. Please book your Train ticket as early as possible.

Z166 Lhasa to Xian Train Schedule

Lhasa to Xian Train Timetable

 Lhasa to Xian Train Timetable

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Lhasa Xian Train Duration: 33h 04m
Frequency: Daily

Lhasa to Xian Train (Z166) is one of most popular train routes from Tibet. Please book your Train ticket as early as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Xian Tibet Train Tour

1. Why choose to take a Tibet train from Xi’an?

Compared with other train routes to Tibet from mainland China, Xi’an offers a relatively shorter train ride to Lhasa, lasting for about 32 hours. This could reduce the fatigue of a long journey to some degree, especially for some aged passengers.

Also, it is very convenient to transfer to Xi’an from Beijing or Shanghai, the first destination city many international tourists choose to entry into China. There are plenty of high speed trains available to connect Xi’an, Beijing and Shanghai, and one can also tour the three cities together in one go as the Golden Triangle of China.

Xi’an city itself is a popular destination to explore. Known as Chang’an in history, Xi’an is the capital of Shaanxi Province. It is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road and the important birthplace of Chinese civilization and the Chinse nation. The city boasts numerous well-reserved cultural relics, being one of the top tourist destinations in China.

2. What travel documents are required for Xi’an Tibet Train tour?

First of all, you need to get a Tibet Travel Permit, which is the entry permit to the Tibet region. The Tibet Travel Permit is also known as Tibet Visa, and can only be obtained through an authorized travel agency. Your passport and Chinese visa will be needed for applying for the permit. When taking the train to Tibet from Xi’an, your Tibet Travel Permit will be required for the check before the boarding. Therefore, it is advised to apply for Tibet visa in advance, at least 2 weeks before your tour date.

Besides, in order to visit more remote regions of Tibet, beyond Lhasa city, you need to prepare the Aliens Travel Permit for the Mount Everest tour in Tibet. And the Military Area Entry Permit is also an indispensable document to trek Mount Kailash, in addition to your Tibet Travel Permit.

3. Which seat class of Tibet train to take? Soft sleeper or hard sleeper?

Actually, there are totally three kinds of seats onboard Tibet train, namely, hard seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper. While for tourists taking the train to Tibet from mainland China, it is strongly suggested to choose from hard sleeper and soft sleeper, since the train ride is long-lasting (at least 24 hours) and requires much patience and energy.

The soft sleeper is the first class seat on Tibet train, with 4 berths and a lockable door in each cabin. It provides good privacy and a larger room for each passenger compared to the hard sleeper berth. Therefore, soft sleeper berths are always sought-after among passengers when booking the train ticket.

While, on the other hand, the hard sleeper berth is also comfortable for tourists to enjoy a Tibet train journey. Equipped with six berths in each cabin, the hard sleeper has no specific door to separate the cabin from the corridor. However, the ticket price of hard sleeper berth is also more appealing to budget travelers.

4. How to successfully get a Xian Lhasa train ticket?

Currently, there are two trains running from Xi’an to Lhasa every day. Owing to its limited quota, the Xi’an to Lhasa train ticket is always on huge demand among passengers. So it is wise to book your Tibet train ticket as early as possible. Usually, the train ticket will be released 30 days before the departure date for online booking, and 28 days for onsite booking at the railway station.

Also, it is recommended to avoid the high peak season of Tibet tours, like the summer holiday and the National Day of China, during when a large number of domestic tourists will travel to Tibet. In this case, one could hardly get a proper train ticket from Xi’an to Lhasa of the preferred date.

For more chances to get a Tibet train ticket from Xi’an, you can also contact us for professional help. With years of experiences on Tibet train ticket booking, we can help to get your ticket, together with the Tibet Travel Permit, ensuring you a worry-free Tibet train journey.

5. How to transfer to downtown Lhasa from Lhasa Railway Station?

Lhasa Railway Station is the final station of your Xi’an to Tibet train journey. It is located in the Liuwu New Area, about 10 kilometers away from the downtown. There are public city buses available for transfer from Lhasa Train station. Tourists can take Bus No. 1, No. 13, No. 14 from the bus stop on the east side of the train station square. You can also take a taxi to the urban area from the train station. It usually costs about 25 RMB one way, or more in high travel season.

For the convenience of our tourists, we provide free shuttle service between Lhasa Railway Station and downtown area, as long as you book your Tibet tours with us. Once you arrive at the station by train, your local Tibet guide will meet you with your name on the pick-up card and then escort you to your reserved hotel by private cars. Then you can have a rest in your hotel to get acclimated to high altitude.

6. What are the top things to do in Xi’an?

The first top thing to do in Xi’an is to visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang Mausoleum. It is listed as the eighth wonder of the world, accommodating more than a thousand unearthed pottery figurines of soldiers, with different faces and vivid expressions. Tourists are advised to spend a whole day discovering this ancient architecture miracle dating back to two thousand years ago.

The ancient City Wall is also a must-see place to discover in downtown Xi’an, with a total length of nearly 14 kilometers. One can stroll or ride a bicycle atop the wall, to admire the solemn charm of the City Wall and the historic beauty of Xi’an city. Built during Tang dynasty, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda is also another good attraction to explore. The Pagoda is famous for keeping Parietal bone Sarira of Master Xuanzang.

Besides, one should not miss the tasty food in Xi’an. The city has some popular snacks offering rich flavors on your palate, like the flatbread in mutton soup (yangrou paomo), Kabob (chuan'er), Xi'an meat burger (roujiamo), cold noodles (liangpi), biangbiang noodles etc.

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