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Tibet Weather in November: Tibet temperature and how to plan a Tibet tour in November

June,10 2023 BY Kham Sang 0 COMMENTS

November is the start of the winter months, and while it can be cold, it is also still good for travel in Tibet, as the days are dry and bright. Average temperatures usually range around 12-15 degrees during the daytime, and drop as low as -5 or below at night. The days are mostly sunny, and can be still relatively warm. But because of the high altitude, it is quite chilly at night or on a rainy day.

With almost no rain at all across the region, the weather in November is ideal for a pleasant and less crowded tour in Tibet. Since most of the days are sunny and clear, one can see great views of the mountain peaks like Mount Everest. Besides, as Tibet enters the low travel season in November, various discounts are offered on hotels, trains or flights etc., making the winter trip to Tibet more appealing and cost-effective.

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): -3
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 13
Tibet Average Temperature (℃): 5
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 1
Wet Days (>0.1mm): 1
Relative Humidity (%): 44
(Overall Tibet weather in November)

Table of Tibet Weather in November

The Temperatures and Climate Features of Most-visited Places in Tibet in November

November is the low season in Tibet, and is one of the best times for international tourist to travel in Tibet, as there are fewer tourists in the region through the winter months. The colder weather tends to keep most people away, including the domestic tourists, who rarely travel to the region in the winter months.

But in fact, November is a beautiful time of the year, with crystal frosts in the morning, and low-lying mists that are burned off by the morning sun, as well as the crisp clear air that makes you feel refreshed and invigorated. It is also a great time to experience the unique hot springs in Tibet, with their volcanic waters bubbling up from underground naturally and giving you a warming and revitalizing experience.

Lhasa Tibet Weather in November

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): -4
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 12
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 1
Rainy Days: 0
Relative Humidity (%): 70
Average Wind Speed (kmph): 9.2

With an average elevation of 3,600 meters, Lhasa becomes a little bit cold in November. But the city is actually one of the warmer places to visit in November, with pleasant temperatures ranging from 12 degrees in the day to around -4 at night, at the coldest. On sunny days, the temperature in Lhasa is fairly high, reaching around 18 degrees. Every day is clear and bright, and the chance of rain is almost none.

Potala Palace in NovemberIf you are traveling to Lhasa in November, Potala Palace is a must-visit attraction.

If you are traveling to Lhasa in November, then Jokhang Temple and Potala Palace are must-see attractions. With fewer tourists visiting this place in low season, you can enjoy a more peaceful time in these revered architectures. You can also get out and about and experience the unique debating monks at Sera monastery, and the beauty of Drepung monastery, two of the big three monasteries in Tibetan Buddhism.

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Namtso Tibet Weather in November

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): -4.9
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 11.2
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 0
Rainy Days: 0

To the north, around Lake Namtso, the weather is also getting colder, though with a higher temperature difference between night and day. While the days can be 11 degrees, the nights can drop as low as -5, and the surrounding mountains are usually already coated in snow. Tourists can visit the beauty of Lake Namtso during this time, though there is a possibility that heavy snow blocks the road to the Lake. But after trekking or strolling around the shores of Lake Namtso, you can head to the hot springs at Yangpachen, a popular place to visit, to enjoy one of the best experiences in winter Tibet.

Nyingchi Tibet Weather in November

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): -1
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 13
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 5
Rainy Days: 0

November marks the beginning of the late autumn in Nyingchi. The night temperatures can drop to -5 degrees while the daytime will reach up to 17 degrees. Most days are clear and refreshing, and one will feel not so cold during this time. Novembers sees one of the most charming scenery of Nyingchi. In addition to the golden yellow leaves, the region is dressed up with snow-capped mountain peaks and dotted green lakes. Especially when it is a sunny day after snow, the whole region will radiate a more fascinating atmosphere with blue sky and white clouds. For tourists interested in this unique fertile land of Tibet, you should not miss the beauty of Nyingchi in this season.

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November of NyingchiNovember marks the beginning of the late autumn in Nyingchi.

Shannan Tibet Weather in November

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): -13.9
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 3.3
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 3
Rainy Days: 0

One may encounter the falling snow when going to Shannan in November, when the weather becomes rather cold, dry and windy. The precipitation will be less than 10% of the annual data. And there is dramatic temperature change from the day to the night, roughly from an average of 3 degrees to minus 13. However, as long as it is a sunny day, one will feel quite warm under the sun. The region is still worth visiting during this time. Driving the way from Lhasa to Shannan, you can see beautiful roadside scenery of yellow leaves. While in Tsedang, you can visit the famous Trandruk Temple, which is the earliest great geomantic temple after the Jokhang.

Yamdrok Lake Tibet Weather in November

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): -7.8
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 6.5
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 1.5

Despite lying at a higher altitude than Lhasa, the region around Yamdrok Lake can still feel warm at Yamdrok Lake when it comes to November. The temperature is kind of mild and there is very little rain, for the first half of the month. And from mid-November, the lake begins to freeze and the temperature drops dramatically. But for tourists yearning for the lake scenery of Tibet, Yamdrok Lake in November can still meet your expectation. With crowds of migrant birds migrating to the lake to spend the winter, the Lake presents another enchanting side of itself.

Gyantse Tibet Weather in November

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): -7.6
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 9.9
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 0.78
Rainy Days: 1
Relative Humidity (%): 41

In November, the days in Gyantse are not so cold as many imagined, with temperature reaching up to a mean of 10 degrees. It is chilly at night, while the daytime will always see strong sunshine. Gyantse usually serves as a midway stop when people travel from Lhasa to Shigatse, but the ancient town does have many to discover. Tourists can visit the historical and cultural sites there, including the famous Pelkor Monastery and Gyantse Kumbum, Gyantse Kumbum, etc.

Pelkor Monastery in NovemberOur clients were paying a visit to the famous Pelkor Monastery in November.

Shigatse Tibet Weather in November

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): -8
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 11
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 0.61mm
Rainy Days: 2
Relative Humidity (%): 23
Average Wind Speed (kmph): 5.9

Shigatse, in the west of Tibet, is normally a little warmer than Lhasa in November, with daytime temperatures of around 11 degrees. However, the nights are much colder, and can drop to as low as -12 degrees, making the warmer clothing a real necessity. In the city area, the most noted sightseeing highlight should be the Tashilhunpo Monastery, one of the Six Big Monasteries of Gelugpa in Tibet. And out to the west, Shigatse still beckons yet, calling mountain lovers to experience the beauty and majesty of Everest, the world’s highest mountain and the most popular tourist attraction in the world.

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EBC Tibet Weather in November

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): -13
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 8
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 0.9mm

The region around Everest Base Camp in Tibetan side starts to enter early winter in November, with an average temperature of -13 degrees to 8 degrees. There is less precipitation, and once it rains, the road surface will become easy to freeze. During this time, the camp is dry and frigid, let alone the fierce wind blowing across the region. However, the days are always sunny and clear, free from water vapor blocking and refraction, making it particularly easy to see the clear view of the mountain peak. So, November is in fact one of the best time to appreciate and shoot Mount Everest.

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Mount Everest in NovemberNovember, actually, is an excellent time to appreciate and shoot the imposing Mt.Everest in Tibet.

Mt. Kailash Tibet Weather in November

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): -13
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): -3
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 2
Rainy Days: 1.7

In the mountain areas of Kailash, the weather turns bitter cold, with temperatures changing between -10 and -20 degrees at night, and daytime temperatures being mostly below zero. Due to the harsh climate and disadvantage road conditions, it is not suggested to do the kora at this time. And when there is heavy snow, the road will be closed. Tourists longing for a lifetime pilgrimage trip to Mount Kailash are recommended to go from April to June and mid-September to early October, when the weather is mild and stable.

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Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland in November

Kathmandu Average Minimum Temperature (℃): 7
Kathmandu Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 22
Kathmandu Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 1
Kathmandu Rainy Days: 3 
Kathmandu Relative Humidity (%): 54
Kathmandu Average Wind Speed (kmph): 18 
Gyirong Port Average Minimum Temperature (℃): -8
Gyirong Port Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 11

Travelling from Lhasa to Kathmandu via overland is the most interesting way to tour Tibet and Nepal together. November is the dry season in Kathmandu, and the weather is a bit warm with the clear sky. During this period, this capital city of Nepal can receive sunshine for 8 to 9 hours a day. Therefore, it is one of the best time to travel Kathmandu. You can enjoy different scenery both Tibet and Nepal during overland trip.

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Insider Tips:
If you prefer to travel overland from Kathmandu to Lhasa, in addition to the Tibet Permit, you need to apply for China Group Visa with your original passport in Kathmandu. Our staff will help you get it. Since the process of it takes 3 business days, so do leave enough time for it. Our travel consultants will help you deal with the details.

Tibetan Festivals in November

One of four major festivals celebrating and commemorating the four major events in the life of Gautama Buddha, the Lhabab Duchen Festival occurs on the 22nd day of the tenth month in the Tibetan calendar. Also known as Buddha's Descending Day, the festival commemorates the Buddha’s Descent from the “Heaven of the Thirty-Three”, known as the Trāyastriṃśa Heaven, back down to earth.

Legend tells how Buddha ascended to the heaven temporarily, so that he could give teachings to the gods of the realm, and liberate his own mother from the universal cycle of rebirth. The event is considered to be one of the Eight Great Deeds of Gautama Buddha, and it is believed that the effects of all actions are multiplied ten million times on this day, making it an auspicious day for good deeds.

Celebrating Palden Lhamo Festival in NovemberTibetan women all dressed up with beautiful traditional clothes singing and dancing to celebrate Palden Lhamo Festival.

The Palden Lhamo Festival, on the 15th day of the 10th Tibetan lunar month, is held in honor of a very wrathful deity known as Palden Lhamo. In Lhasa, on the festival day, people can be seen parading floats of her and carrying figures in and around Barkhor Street, with its many old and traditional buildings. Also known in Tibet as the “Women’s Festival” or the “Fairy Festival”, it is the women and girls that dress up in their finest clothes to make pilgrimages to their local temples and monasteries, and are able to go shopping for themselves, as well as having lots of food to enjoy.

What to pack for traveling Tibet in November?

While your passport, Tibet Travel Permit, and Chinese Visa are all essential packing items, you would also be advised to bring along plenty of warm clothing since it is starting to get cold. Warm sweaters and fleece or down jackets are a must, to keep the cold off, and long underwear is an essential part of the packing list, especially if you are traveling to the western areas like Mount Everest.

As with every month in Tibet, sturdy boots are useful, as the ground can be rough and stony, even in the car parks and monastery grounds across the region. And it is back to warm socks to keep your feet from getting too cold. Sun cream and sunglasses are useful, as the sun can still be strong, and water bottles, high-energy snacks, and plenty of spare batteries for your camera should also be included in your packing list.

For the head, a good hat is essential, and you can use a wide-brimmed hat for the sun or a woolly hat to keep your head warm, or even both together. Gloves are often a good thing to have at this time of year, as your hands can get just as cold in the chill wind and a scarf can be useful when it is windy to cover your mouth and chin to keep from breathing in too much freezing air.

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November should never be discounted as a good time to travel to Tibet, as the winter is not actually as cold as many people in the western world believe. Warm days are always followed by extremely cold nights, but it is the warm days when you will travel, while nights are spent in warm, comfortable hotels and soft beds, with only a few exceptions.

November is the perfect time to visit if you are not into crowds, as the tourists are fewer at this time of year. And if you are traveling on a budget, the discounts you can get through the winter months can really help you to save money on the cost of the tours to Tibet.

In addition to the popular winter destinations of Lhasa and Shigatse, both warmly inviting all tourists to enjoy sunbathing on the roof of the world, one can also go further to western areas and ascend to higher mountain regions. It is a good time to catch the clear view of Mount Everest and travel overland from Lhasa to Kathmandu. If you go to the lower land of Nyingchi Prefecture, you will also be surprisingly amazed by the picturesque autumn scenery there. Pack your bag now to enjoy a different Tibet tour in November!

Tibet Weather in NovemberNovember is still a good time for travel in Tibet.

Potala Palace in NovemberIt becomes less crowded at Potala Palace in November.

Namtso Lake in NovemberThe water of Namtso Lake has frozen due to low temperature in November.

Mount Everest in NovemberThe beautiful view of Mount Everest in November.

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