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Tibet Weather in July

August,21 2018 BY Cindy Xiao 0 COMMENTS

July is one of the warmest months of the year and the beginning of the summer monsoon season in Tibet, but it usually rains at night and it is sunny at daytime. The temperature is mild in July and would not surpass 30°C even on the hottest day. It is pleasant and even warm in most areas. But do please pay attention to the huge temperature change between day and night.

Tibet Weather in JulyBeautiful landscape of Tibet in July.

The following is the overall Tibet weather and climate conditon in July:

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): 9
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 23
Tibet Average Temperature(℃): 16
Average Precipitation/Rainfall(mm): 122
Wet Days(>0.1mm): 13
Relative Humidity(%):71

Clothing Suggestion when travelling Tibet in July

It is better to dress in layers and bring summer and autumn clothes. Wear sunglasses and sunhat to protect your skin. You'd better bring waterproof clothes and shoes during rainy season in Tibet. In night, you need to put down jacket on due to the large temperature difference in day and night. If you want to visit some places with high altitude like Namtso Lake, you'd better bring some warm coat against the cold in the night.

Recommended Destinations for Tibet Tour in July


Known as the “sunlight city”, there are many famous sites in Lhasa to visit, such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Tmeple, Drepung Monastery, Barkhor Street, etc. The Tangka Festival in Ganden Monastery is held on 15th June in Tibetan Calendar in memory of the enlightenment of Tsongkhapa. If you want to pay a visit, the Lhasa and Ganden Monasteries 5 days tour will be a great chioce that you’ll never regret.

Lhasa Weather and climate in July

Jokhang Temple in JulySublime Jokhang Temple is bathing in sunshine in July.

Shigatse (Yamdrok Lake) and Namtso Lake

Several days in Lhasa to acclimatize high altitude would be wise before heading to higher elevation places along the Friendship Highway. Yamdrok Lake just near Shigatse, and July is a great time to visit Yamdrok Lake and Namtso Lake due to warm temperature and mild climate.

Shigatse and Namtso Weather in July

Azure blue lake just like a precious pearl embeded in this holy land. You could be deeply attracted by stunning view of natural beauty in July.

Namtso Lake in July

Mount Everest and Mount Kailash

Mt. Everest is a very popular attraction in Shigatse, but due to rainy season and high altitude, Mt. Everest might be covered by mist, which leads to disapointment about the real appearance of the highest peak in the world.

Mount Everest and Kailash Weather in July

Mt. Kailash attracts a lot of pilgrims to do kora around this holy mountain, however, there is too much rain in July. Therefore, July is not a suitable time for Mount Kailash trekking tour.

Mount Everest in JulyThe peak of Mount Everest is covered by mist in July due to rainy season.


Travelling from Lhasa to Kathmandu via overland is the most interesting way to travel Tibet and Kathmandu. July may be not so good time for overland because of monsoon. Annoying rainy days makes itinerary changeable and more difficult. Eespecially for trekkers who want to trek in Nepal, it's not recommended to trek Nepal in July for rain makes road muddy.

Kathmandu Weather in July

Tips for Travelling Tibet in July

Tibet swells with Chinese tourists in the summer for summer vacation. Hotel rates are also raising, and finding accommodation is becoming difficult. So, if you want to visit Tibet in July, it is better to plan ahead of time.

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