Nyingtri Tourist Attractions

Nyingtri is home to huge well-preserved forest with many ancient and rare trees. The tourist sights in Nyingtri are mainly natural marvels. But the Nyingtri tourist attractions are not just for sightseeing. Nyingtri, "The Switzerland of Tibet", is also a dream destination for adventure lovers and daredevils. Here is a short list of the main tourist sights in Nyingtri: Draksum-Tso/Basum-Tso, Lunang Forest, 2500-year-old Cypress trees, Kaqen Glaciers, Namcha Barwa Mountain, Sacred Benri Mountain, Medog Natural Reserves, Zayu Natual Reserves, YiGong National Geological Parks, Buchu Monastery, Lamaling Temple, Taktse Monastery, Dodung Monastery, Galang Palace Ruins and Folk Culture Village.

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All Tourist Attractions in Nyingchi

To help you plan a wonderful Nyingchi trip, we, Tibet Vista team, have collected all the tourist sights in and around Nyingchi with detailed information like best time to visit, ticket price, how to get there and useful travel tips, etc.

  • Mount Namjagbarwa

    Namche Barwa is the highest mountain in Nyingchi Prefecture.

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  • Niyang River

    Niyang River is a major river in southwest Tibet and the longest tributary of the Yarlung Tsangpo Valley.

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  • Draksum-tso

    The Draksum-tso is one of Tibet’s most famous scenic spots.

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  • Lulang Forest

    LuLang means “Loong King Valley” in Tibetan language, or “a place that will make you forget your home”.

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  • World King Cypress

    Legend has it that the World King Cypress has seen the birth of one of the world’s oldest religion- Bon, which predates Buddhism, Christianity, Islam.

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  • Lamaling Temple

    The Lamaling temple now has four storeys, similar to the Utse of Samye Monastery.

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  • Midui Glacier

    Midui Glacier is regarded as 1 of the 6 most beautiful glaciers in China by China National Geography Magazine.

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  • Segyi La Mountain

    At the mountain pass with an elevation of 4,728 meters above sea level, visitors can enjoy the grand sea of clouds, the endless forests and the splendid beauty of Mount Namche Barwa.

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  • Xiuba Ancient Castle

    It was constructed with stones and wood in Tang Dynasty, even 300 years earlier than the worldly famous Potala Palace.

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  • Buchu Monastery

    If you see a monastery with striking golden roof, that would be Buchu Monastery with no doubt.

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  • Tashigang

    Tashigang with it pigs and chickens roaming free, is made up of a handful of large stone Tibetan block homes.

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  • Bonri Mountain

    Bonri Mountain is the most famous sacred mountain (Mount Kailash, Segyi La Mountain and Mount Himalayas included) of Bon Sect in Tibet.

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Nyingchi, “the Chinese Swiss Alps in Eastern Tibet”, offers you loads of amazing things to do, like participating in the rosy peach blossom festival in early April, enjoying fabulous azalea blossoms in May and golden rape flowers in June, joining bustling bumper harvest in September and capturing a clear view of Mount Nnamjagbarwa in December, etc. By the way, the stone-pot chicken and appetizing matsutake banquet are always worth trying! Check the top 4 highly recommended Nyingchi tours with the extending trip to Lhasa City and Mount Everest Base Camp.

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