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Meet Our Team

With over 70 employees, Tibet Vista runs efficiently and our service falls into 5 categories, i.e. Marketing, Travel Consultancy, Service Operation, Tibet Travel Permit Application, Tour Guide Service. What distinguishes Tibet Vista from small travel agencies is that Tibet Vista runs on an organic and systemic mechanism, and every detail is done according to a well-established guideline. Owing to such system, we can operate tours at great ease

Tour Guides Team

Tibet Vista has a team of around 40 Tibetan guides and they will take tourists to visit the designated tourist attractions in Tibet. Travelling with our hospitable and knowledgeable guides, tourists will be able to learn the exotic customs and legendary Tibetan Buddhism, etc. All of them work hard to provide quality service (accommodation, food, daily itinerary, etc.) to our clients during your stay in Tibet.

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Our Adept and Trusty Driver Team

Nothing is more important than ensuring a safe and pleasing travel for our clients. In addition to the hospitable guide, the person who has most contact with you will be our lovely drivers. The majority of the drivers hired by Tibet Vista are hand-picked seasoned drivers with years of tour service experience in Tibet. Easily-approachable, and warm-hearted, they are ready to help you when needed and we are confident that their outgoing personality and moral integrity will become much of your cherished memory when your share your Tibet travel story with your friends back home. Check the following video to see how our drivers serve you on the road.

Travel Advisory Department

Travel consultants are responsible for answering the inquiries e-mailed by potential tourists and discuss with them personally as to exact itinerary, the number of travelers, hotels, and other individual needs or expectations, etc. The consultancy covers many details, such as weather, travel safety, food, etc. and most importantly we will work with you to work out a feasible travel plan within your budget and your expectation.

Our Tibet Travel Advisory TeamOur Travel Consultants Team

Marketing Department

Keep exploring and producing engaging tour products and enhancing tourists' travel experience. Meanwhile, we would engineer these travel highlights into highly competitive tour products and promote them globally. In addition, we are responsible for working out better travel solutions (including travel guide, tour map, and other tour promotion activities, etc.) to meet tourists' demand and enrich our official website.

Our Marketing TeamOur Marketing Team

Travel Documents and Visa Service Department

This department consists of five employees who are responsible for collecting and preparing travel documents needed for the application of Tibet Travel Permit, Chinese Visa, Entry or Exit Formalities, and issuing Chinese Visa invitation, etc. Besides, Tibet Vista also has an office in Kathmandu in Nepal to help tourists deal with the Chinese Visa.

Our Tibet Travel Permit Application TeamOur Tibet Travel Permit Application Team

Tour Operation and Coordination Department

These staff are expected to book train and air tickets to Tibet for tourists and deploy proper tour vehicle, guide and arrange hotels during the travel. They will track the tour service and provide timely back-up plans or solutions for tourists' new requirements or other unexpected problems. We have a customer service manager who has nearly 30-year tour service experience and is ready to help you whenever you need.

Our Tibet Travel Operation Team Our Tibet Tour Operation Team

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