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Harvest Time of Tibet

You might be thinking that what we grow over here in this high altitude, so callled as Tibet. Over here in Tibet we used to grow barley centuries ago which was Tibetans’ basic food and also very nutritious. And these days we still grow barley as before. Apart from that farmers also grow Tibetan wheat, peas and potatoes. The major ones which we grow over here are barley and Tibetan wheat.

Tibetan Harvest Festival It's a good harvest for highland barley.

Tibet Harvest Festival

Nyatro day
Most of time it starts in April when farmers start planting them and before starting it we have one day small festival which is known as Nyatro day. Nyatro means to be prepared of cattles that will dig the soil. On that day every farmer dress up very well and they also dress their cattles. They do picnic on the land which they are going to dig. The next day they will start their cultivation, ploughing their land and cultivating barley and Tibetan wheat. After that most of them will just wait for rainfall. Some of places have some irrigation system but those irrigation systems are human made from small spring waters.

And from mid of June we usually have rainfalls and the crops will start to grow very fast. About one and half month later barleys and wheats will ripen. In those days we will hold a festival known as Ongkor or Choekor. On the festival farmers carry Buddhism scriptures of their own home on their shoulder, round they farm land and do little religious ritual for better growing of product. During that time they also do picnic. Every place has its own time of celebrating the festival but most of them do it on the 4th day of 6th month of Tibetan lunar calandar which is mostly in July in solar calendar.

Tibet Harvest Time

The time for harvest is usually in August and September. The harvest time is different from place to place. It is determined by the weather condition. Over here, near Lhasa most of farmers harvest in August and in Shigatse areas they do it in September. When you come to Tibet in September, you can see farmers busy with harvesting in their farm land. The best product and most amount of barley product you can see is in Gyangtse area. Most of farmers have their own fields but over here in Tibet they will help each other in harvesting because it is manual over here. They do harvest from field to field.

If you are interested in it, which place you are recommended to see it depends on your itinerary. If you are going out of Lhasa city, you can watch it on the way to Gyangtse and Shigatse. If you are only staying in Lhasa then you can visit the nearby village like Taktse and others. So this is the time of harvesting in Tibet when you can see how we Tibetans harvest. It is very old style and you will really enjoy it.

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