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Best Time to Visit Kailash Mansarovar

Kailash is known as Ghang Rinpoche in Tibetan word, which means precious mountain. Majorities of tourists are attracted to here to enjoy the pure air and Kailash Mansarovar yatra or kora trip. Therefore, what’s the best time to visit Kailash and Mansarovar Lake?

Spectacular scenery of Mt. Kailash in Autumn

Best Time to Visit Mount Kailash

Generally, the best time to visit Mount Kailash region are April to June and mid-September to early October, as the winter of Ngari region is much earlier than the other parts of Tibet. At other time of the year, the areas around the Mt. Kailash are covered by heavy snow and ice. It is very dangerous to trek around these places during winter.

Stunning Lake Manosaravor and snow-capped mountains in the distant.

If you plan a Mt. Kailash tour in June and July, it’s better to book your tour at least 3 months in advance, because the huge flows of Indian pilgrims always book out the entire hotels on their way to Mt.Kailash.

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How to Travel Kailash Mansarovar

Mount Kailash
It is 6656 meters above sea level. It’s the holy mountain worshiped by both Tibetan and Indian, and from Tibetan Buddhism point of view it is really a holy mountain on which Milarepa (Tibetan yogi who was enlightened on his one life time) did his meditation; from Tibetan Bon religion (first religion used to be in Tibet) point of view, it is a great mountain on which their Bon Shenrab (bon religions highest priest during that time) did his religion and all up there; and from Hindu point of view it is the mountain on which Shiva stays and that's why thousands of Indians come over here in summer for their praying to Kailash and Manosaravor lake.

Two old pilgrims are walking on the way to holy Mt. Kailash.

Lake Mansarovar
It is also the holy lake of Hindu. Pilgrims come to Kailash will circle round it. Both Tibetan Buddhism people and Indian Hindus are used to going clockwise to round the holy mountain, while Bon religious people are used to go anti-clockwise. All these people are rounding it to cleanse their sins and to gain virtue.

Kailash Trekking Tour
The highlight of a Kailash tour is trekking, which has about 54km of full round. May to October is very good time for trekking and you can go through the famous Doma la pass, which is about 5600 meters above sea level. In spring or winter, you will not be able to go through that pass because it is always blocked by heavy snow and ice and it’s also very cold. Anyway if you want to trek the Mt. Kailash, summer and autumn is the best time to go there.

 Pilgrims come to worship the sacred mountain by doing Kailash kora 

Festival in Kailash Region
If taking cultural experience into consideration, the 15th day of April in the Tibetan calendar (around May or June in western calendar) is also the best time to visit Kailash, because it is the holy month in Tibet and the most important annual religious festival in Tibet, the Saga Dawa Festival is celebrated throughout the whole month. And the fifteenth day of the month is the most important day as Sakyamuni was born at that day. During this festival, you can meet many pilgrims coming to worship this sacred mountain by doing the kora or yatra around it.

Kailash Travel Package
1. Kailash travel permit: 3 kinds of Tibet permit.
2. Some thick coat and sweater because of the large temperature between day and night.
3. Some personal drugs for altitude sickness and other common illness.
4. Sunglasses, sun cream and sunhat to protect your skin from strong ultraviolet ray.

Master Catherine Jigme

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