Tibet Train Ticket Classes

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The first class: Soft sleeper berth

There are 12 compartments with doors in a cabin, door can be locked; 4 berths in each comparment, two upper and two lower; there is enough private room in soft sleeper comparments while there is less than enough in hard sleeper comparments.

soft sleeper of qinghai tibet train

inside the comfortable cabin of a typical soft sleeper

bunks number outside soft sleeper

A typical soft sleeper can accommodate 4 passengers. This bunks number shows where your bunk is.

corridor next to soft sleeper cabin
Corridor next to soft sleeper cabin

The second class: Hard sleeper berth

There are 18 compartments without doors in a cabin; 6 berths in each comparment, two upper ,two middle and two lower; private room in hard sleeper compartment is less than the soft one.

The hard sleeper berth is not a hardboard like its name, it still comfortable and soft.

 a typical hard sleeper cabin

A typical hard sleeper cabin can accommodate 6 passengers.

corridor next to hard sleeper cabin

Many passengers enjoy the window scenery in the corridor next to hard sleeper cabins.

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