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Soft-berth Sleeper of Tibet Train

November,20 2019 BY Sonam Tenphel 0 COMMENTS

There are three types of coaches on the Tibet train, the first class soft-berth sleeper, the second class soft-berth sleeper and soft seat coaches. Since the journey is really long, most travellers prefer the soft sleepers.

The second class soft-berth sleeper is also known as hard sleeper. Actually, both of the soft sleeper and hard sleeper are soft and comfortable. Generally speaking, the main difference between soft sleeper and hard sleeper is that in hard sleeper you are in a compartment having 6 beds with 3 levels rather than 4 beds with 2 levels and there's no door on the compartment. It just provides basic beds and quilts.

It is about 600 hard sleeper berths in one train, so the tickets are relatively easier to be reserved.

soft sleeper of qinghai tibet train

Passengers in the cabin of the  first class  soft sleeper 

corridor of soft sleeper cabin

The corridor next to soft sleeper cabin 

4 bunks number in soft sleeper cabin

4 bunks number in a soft sleeper cabin


                              oxygen supply outlet

oxygen supply outlet

light and broadcast control

light and broadcast switch 

hanger for clothes and other stuff

hanger for clothes and other stuff

television on the upper bunk of soft sleeper cabin

television on the upper bunk of soft sleeper cabin

battery recharge facility

Battery recharge facility

A handy comparsion of three  accommodations may help you make the right choice



Tv Screen

Sleeping Space

Ticket Price



Soft Sleeper







Hard Sleeper







Hard Seat






Apparently, soft sleeper enjoys many advantages over other 2 kinds of cabin. Though the price of soft sleeper is the highest, it is definitely the best option a tourist can expect to have given the long ride at the roof of the world. One thing to mention is that if one fails to book the seat in a soft sleeper, the lowest bunk of a hard sleeper should be another alternative as the sleeping space of the hard sleeper varies with the lowest bunk being the most spacious comparatively. In addition, compared with hard sleeper cabin, soft sleeper has a door to close, which shields tourists from annoying passerbys and makes the cabin safer at night.

As to hard seat carriage, it is not recommended to tourists because sitting still for too long is not something all people can stand during the long ride on the plateau and there is little privacy as well.

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