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Is It Safe in Tibet Train?

July,26 2018 BY Choedon 0 COMMENTS
Policeman in Tibet Train
Policeman in Tibet Train

It is safe in the train unless you are seating in the cheapest car of more than 100 seats, because all the sleeping cars are close separately at night, anybody who has no boarding card is refused to enter the cabin.

The second class sleeping berth car has 108 passengers inside(18 compartment in each car, 6 persons share a compartment, no private door for each compartment), it is hard to say no dangerous people among them. Do you think so? So the safest car is first class car with only 48 passengers inside (12 compartment in each car, 4 persons share a compartment which can be close privately). If you are traveling with many valuable things, like valuable camera, it is better to buy a first class train tickets to keep them in an absolutely safe place. Or if you travel with your family or friends, it is better to have your private room. Do you think so?

But please do not worry the security of Tibet Train, no matter what class car you stay, you are safe, police men served around the clock, and the stealing seldom taken place.

Regardless how safe the train is, please take care of your private valuable things like mobile phone, camera, credit card, money and take them with you all the time.


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