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Luggage Allowed and Forbidden

September,15 2015 BY Derek Wong 0 COMMENTS

The security check
The security check of Tibet train is more stringent than other trains in China

1. How Can I check in my luggage when traveling by Tibet Train?

Different from traveling by air, Tibet Train does not provide luggage check-in service. All the luggage you take requires to be carried on by yourself, to put them on top luggage shelf, or under the bottom berth. There are some restrictions for carry-on luggage. 

Child (refers to children whose height is shorter than 1.3m): 10kg luggage for each

Adult (common passenger): 20kg

The width, height, length of one piece of luggage is limited within 160cm; the length of luggage in shape of pole is limited within 200cm.The weight of wheel chair of the disable does not included in luggage limitation.

2. Banned objects on the train

- Objects forbidden by the nation or confined to transit;

- Dangerous goods defined by the law, regulation or rules, ammunition or unidentifiable chemicals;

- Animals or any objects impeding public health including extremely odorous objects;

- Objects able to destroy or contaminate the train;

- The norm or weight beyond item 51 of this regulation.

Derek Wong

About the Author - Derek Wong

Mr. Derek Wong is sales manager of Tibet Vista Tour as well as designer of Tibet Vitas websites and has been providing specialized travel services to Tibet Vitas travelers for years. He has continued to hone his professional expertise by completing numerous travel specialist courses to China and Tibet and Nepal and Bhutan.

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