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Air-conditioning on Tibet Train

June,10 2023 BY Da Wa 0 COMMENTS

Tibet trains, also known as Qinghai-Tibet Railway, are a popular way mode of transportation for tourists traveling to Tibet. However, due to the high altitude and extreme weather conditions in Tibet Plateau, it is natural to wonder about the conditions on the Tibet train, such as whether there is air conditioning or heat.

Here we will address these concerns and provide you with essential information about the air-conditioning on Tibet trains.

Do Tibet trains have air conditioning?

Yes, all the trains to Tibet are air-conditioned and pressurized for the trains have to run through the mountainous areas at high altitudes. The air conditioning system on Tibet trains is centralized, and the entire train is temperature controlled, so passengers cannot adjust the temperature by themselves.

Air-conditioned Tibet TrainsThe air conditioning system on Tibet trains is temperature controlled, making it neither too cold nor too hot.

Is it usually cold on Tibet trains?

The temperature on Trains to Tibet is usually kept at a comfortable level and not too chilly onboard. However, for those who get the upper berth tickets, it is recommended to pack some warm clothing to stay comfortable, especially at night, because the upper berth is close to the air conditioning vents.

What is the temperature in trains to Tibet?

The temperature in Tibet trains can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the time of year and the weather conditions outside. It is an important factor in passenger experience.

The temperature on Trains is comfortableThe temperature on Trains to Tibet is usually kept at a very comfortable level

Usually, the temperature in trains to Tibet is maintained between 18-22°C throughout the journey. During the summer months, the temperature inside the train cars is generally comfortable due to the air conditioning systems. And in the winter, Tibet trains also have heat to help keep passengers warm during colder months. The trains are typically equipped with central heating systems to provide warmth to the entire train car.

The air-conditioning on Tibet trains always keeps the temperature at a comfortable level so the passengers will not feel cold or hot no matter how extreme the outside weather is.

The Onboard Air-conditioning also supplies oxygen to the Tibet Train

The oxygen made by the oxygen generator is supplied to the Tibet train through the air-conditioning system. The oxygen supply can increase the oxygen content of the train’s air to about 23% when the oxygen content outside the window is only about half of it.

The Tibet Trains oxygen outletsOxygen is supplied to Tibet train via air-conditioning system and oxygen outlets.


Taking a Tibet train tour is a great way to explore the beauty of Tibet while enjoying a comfortable and relaxing journey.

The air-conditioning as well as other facilities on Tibet trains such as the oxygen supply and the pressurizer contributes greatly to the cozy environment on the train. It enables travelers to have a comfortable travel experience and enjoy the breathtaking scenery along the world's highest railway.

So don’t worry about taking a train to Tibet. It could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you to explore the majestic Tibet Plateau the railway.

Da Wa

About the Author - Da Wa

Dawa,an excellent tour guide in our company, was born in 1976 in shigatse, where the home of Mt. Everest. Before being a guide, Dawa learnt Buddhism, Tibetan culture as well as English in a college for 10 years. After finished study, he became a tour guide in our company CITS, and had being a guide for more than 11years. His great knowledge about Tibet and its unique culture attracts tourists from all over the world. Would you like to come joining us with Dawa and take a unique experience in Tibet?

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