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Chengdu Lhasa Overland Tour Via G318 and G317 Highway

Enjoy the Most Jaw-dropping Scenic Road Trip via Sichuan Tibet Highway

Latitude 30 degrees north, known as the world’s most dangerous road with distinctive fascinating scenery, Sichuan Tibet Highway has always been a long-expected overland route to many adventures. 

The epic overland journey from Sichuan to Tibet covers about 2100km via the southern route or around 2413km via the northern route. You will start your journey from Chengdu, the gateway city to Tibet on the easternmost edge of the Tibetan Plateau, pass soaring mountain passes, and venture into the deepest ravines in the world and further to Kham Tibetan-inhabited areas to discover the heart of Tibetan culture and history. For the intrepid travelers, you could also continue to travel along the great Sichuan-Tibet Highway to Mt. Everest even end the tour in Nepal.

As the best-known local Tibet travel agency, with offices in both Lhasa and Chengdu, we specialize in providing authentic and in-depth overland trips along the G318 or the G317. Additionally, you can extend your journey along the great G318 to Mount Everest, and even westwards to the border, finishing your overland journey across the Himalayas in Nepal.

Basic Facts of Sichuan Tibet Highway:

  • Starting and ending points: Chengdu to Lhasa

  • Altitude change: 500 meters to 3,658 meters

  • Best time to drive: May to October

  • North route (2,412 km): Ganzi-Dege-Nagqu-Yangbachen-Damxung via G317

  • South route (2,146 km): Batang-Markam-Zogong-Bome-Nyingchi via G318

  • Converging point: Bamda, Qamdo

  • Highlights of North Route: Exotic Tibetan culture

  • Highlights of South Route: Diverse natural landscape

Most Classic Chengdu to Lhasa Overland Tour by Small Group

As the first and the largest Tibetan local tour operator, we offer 7 to 15 days Chengdu to Lhasa overland small group tour packages with the best itineraries you can get across the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. Check the detailed departure date and tour information for your 2024 Chengdu Lhasa overland adventure!

More Private & Customizable Chengdu to Lhasa Overland Tour

With professional teamwork and customized service, we also offer customized Chengdu to Lhasa overland tours to suit your preferences. Whether you are looking for an in-depth cultural discovery road trip via the G317 Highway of prefer a biking tour to complete the journey, share your travel ideas with us to create your personalized overland trip from Chengdu to Lhasa.

  • 16 Days Amazing Kham Tour via G317 National Highway
    Tour Route: Chengdu - Jiaju - Danba - Ganzi - Daofu - Gantze - Baiyu - Xinlong - Litang - Dechen - Zhongdian
    View Details
  • 23 Days Cycling Tour from Chengdu via Sichuan Tibet Highway
    Tour Route: Chengdu - Kangding - Litang - Mangkang - Bayi - Lhasa
    View Details
  • Need a tailor-made tour?

    Whether you want to travel by car, by bike, or self-driving from Chengdu to Lhasa, we would like to hear your tour plan and offer free professional consultancy and viable solutions.

Why Choose Us for your Chengdu to Lhasa Overland Tour?

  • Reliable Local Tour Operator

    With offices in Chengdu and Lhasa, we provide the best local travel services from the very beginning to the end of your tour.

  • Authentic Travel Experiences

    Our local tour guides will take you on the way to the local villages, showing you the most authentic life along the way to Tibet.

  • Safe & Professional Drive Service

    We provide experienced local drivers with qualified vehicles to ensure that your road trip is safe, comfortable, and secure.

  • Both Group & Private Tour Available

    You can either join our scheduled small group tour or build your own group for the overland adventure to Tibet.

  • The Stunning View of the Nujiang River 72 Turns
  • Xinduqiao lanscape along G318 Highway
  • Ranwu Lake along G318 Highway
  • The Majestic Namcha Barwa along the G318 Highway
  • Lulang Forest along the G318
  • Zizhu Temple in Dingqing Chamdo along the G317 highway
  •  Appreciate the gorgeous peach blossom of Nyingchi (March to April)
  • Visit Namtso Lake via the Northern Sichuan Tibet Highway
  • Appreciate the gorgeous peach blossom of Nyingchi (March to April)
  •  Holy city of Lhasa as the end poing of Sichuan Tibet Highway

Tibet Overland Tour FAQs & Travel Tips

  • 1. Where is the Sichuan Tibet Highway?

    Sichuan Tibet Highway, also known as the Chengdu-Lhasa Highway, is the most precipitous road in China running from Chengdu to Lhasa. It is a world-class scenic road travelling through Kham Tibetan areas and part of the Hengduan Mountainous Regions. 

    Specifically, the highway from Sichuan to Tibet comprises two parts: the southern route and the northern route.

    The Southern Route is the west section and highlights of the G318 National Highway from Shanghai to Zhangmu on the China-Nepal border. Covering around 2146 kilometers, the southern route of the Sichuan Tibet Highway runs through Litang and Batang, and then enters the Tibet Autonomous Region in Markam, to further extend to Bomi and Nyingchi, before arriving in Lhasa.

    The northern route, being part of the G317 National Highway, extends a little longer than the southern one, about 2412 kilometers. Starting from Chengdu, it runs through Garze, Dege, and towards Qamdo in Tibet, before arriving in Lhasa. 

    The two routes of the Sichuan Tibet Highway converge in Bamda, Qamdo. In most cases, the southern route via the G318 Highway will be the dominating road to take an overland trip from Lhasa to Chengdu, because of its breathtaking scenery and favorable road conditions.

  • 2. When is the best time to travel from Chengdu to Lhasa by road?

    The best time to travel overland from Sichuan to Tibet is from May to October, when the weather is warm and comfortable, and it is the ideal time to see the best of Tibet and the scenic landscapes along the G318 Highway.

    But for green hands on driving challenging roads, it is recommended to avoid the rainy season of July and August, since the frequent debris flows and landslides of this period will make the driving dangerous.

    From November to April of the next year, it is not so cold in the daytime, but the nights will get quite chilly. However, during this low travel season of Tibet tours, you can experience less crowded roads and get an in-depth discovery of the Tibetan landscape and culture at a cheaper price. Just pay attention that the road of some sections may be closed due to heavy snow.

    The early spring, from mid-March to April, is the best time to witness the peach blossom in Nyingchi, offering the most charming view of Eastern Tibet before arrival in Lhasa.

  • 3. How about the road condition of the Sichuan Tibet Highway?

    The road condition of the southern route of the Sichuan Tibet Highway is actually rather good since the whole line is mostly well-paved with asphalt. But obviously, you cannot drive too fast on this road, as there are so many switchbacks and bends, rock-falling sections, together with precipitous topography across valleys and mountains. Especially for the section from Batang to Mangkang, the road is narrow and zigzag, and one may probably encounter with landslides after passing the Jinsha River.

    As for the northern route of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, on the other hand, the road is much worse and tends to be primitive compared to the southern one. It is more suitable for those overland adventurers with enough experience.

    So it is recommended to choose the south route via the G318 Highway, which is not such dangerous and worrisome in terms of the road condition.

  • 4. What travel documents are required for a Chengdu to Lhasa overland tour?

    For foreign travelers, you need to prepare the Tibet Travel Permit, which is the prerequisite to enter Tibet. The permit can only be obtained by your tour operator with your Chinese Visa and passport copies.

    And the Aliens’ Travel Permit is also necessary when you drive the way to the Nyingchi Prefecture before arriving in Lhasa.

    If you plan to extend your Chengdu to Lhasa overland trip to Shigatse and Ngari regions, you will also need to prepare Military Permit and Frontier Pass to visit places like Mount Kailash.

    To ensure a hassle-free trip, we guarantee all necessary local travel documents once you book your Chengdu Lhasa overland tour with us. Feel free to share your travel ideas with us, and our professional travel consultant will help you fulfill your dream land journey to Tibet.

  • 5. What to pack for a Chengdu to Lhasa overland tour?

    Firstly you need to pack enough warm clothes as the temperature tends to be quite low at night, even in summer, especially after you enter the high-altitude Tibet. Warm layers, down jackets, weatherproof pants and sturdy boots are necessary.

    Sunglasses and sunscreen are also needed to resist the strong sunshine on the plateau.

    Electronic equipment like battery chargers, power banks, camera and the memory card are also required.

    Except for the required clothing and daily living goods, you can also bring some food and snacks like chocolates and sweets, bread and cookies, bottled water etc., in case you will need to replenish energy.

    Regular medicines like analgesics (ibuprofen), anti-inflammatory drugs, cold medicines, digestive stomach drugs, diarrhea drugs, are also required.

    Please follow your doctor’s instructions when taking medicine.

  • 6. How about the accommodation along the Sichuan Tibet Highway?

    Along the Sichuan Tibet Highway, there are small towns, counties and villages to provide basic accommodation for tourists. From star-rated hotels to ordinary guest houses and family inns, you can find proper accommodation for your night stay.

    While traveling with our Chengdu to Lhasa overland tours, you can feel relieved to enjoy the well-reserved accommodations by our guide.

  • 7. How about the food and dining along the Sichuan Tibet Highway?

    Being a popular scenic road attracting numerous tourists every year, the Sichuan Tibet Highway has been dotted with various restaurants along the way. Most of them offer Sichuan dishes or Tibetan dishes, and the price will be higher than the normal but acceptable considering the delivery cost. It is recommended to try the local food as it is a good way to experience the local cultures.

    If you are not so keen on the food offered by local restaurants, you can bring some fruits, snacks, and instant meals of your favorite.

    If you have any special dietary requirements, such as the need for vegetarians food, please inform your travel consultant when discussing trip details.

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