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10 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Exploration with Mr. Jamyang: Discover the Taste of Authentic Tibet

10 Days Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Exploration with Mr. Jamyang: Discover the Taste of Authentic Tibet

(YTB001) Lhasa - Yamdrotso Lake - Gyantse - Shigatse - Everest Base Camp - Sakya - Lhasa


Experience the ultimate Tibet adventure with our exclusive, tailor-made tour designed for adventure-seekers who want to immerse themselves in the rich culture and awe-inspiring natural beauty of this enchanting Tibet plateau.

Led by the renowned Tibetan Guide on YouTube - Jamyang Tsering, this journey will take you from the vibrant city of Lhasa to the foot of Mount Everest. Prepare to be awed by the magnificent vistas of high-altitude pastures, snow-capped mountain ranges, serene turquoise lakes, and the stunning Brahmaputra River valley.

Live like a Tibetan by cooking and sharing meals with local nomads and farmers, and gain unique insights into their fascinating way of life. Follow Jamyang Tsering as he leads you off the beaten path to discover hidden gems and meet intriguing locals, for a truly unforgettable experience.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Lhasa

Welcome to Lhasa my dear YouTube fans, I will personally greet you at the Lhasa airport, offering you a pristine white Khata to express my blessings. It is your first day in Tibet, please have a good rest for today as you need to adapt to the altitude of the highest plateau in the world.

Stay overnight in the hotel that I have meticulously chosen for you.

Day 2: Lhasa Heritage: Discover Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Barkor Street (B/D)

Highlights: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Tibetan Tea House, Barkor Street Kora, Barkor Back-Street

Today, I will take you to discover the world heritage site Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple on my way. Besides sightseeing and listening to cultural knowledge in big tourist sites, I will accompany you on an excursion to explore the ancient district to see many things in our Tibetan daily life, like having a cup of sweet tea in our bustling tea house, to taste our favorite snack, and to see how we tailor-made traditional cloth. Everything you see will be very authentic as if you are one of our Tibetan people.

We will have dinner together to welcome you come to Tibet, cheers!

Overnight in a Tibetan Style hotel.

Day 3: Lhasa Monasteries: Unmask the mysteries life of Monks (B/L)

Highlights: Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery Lama Debating

Today, let us delve into the enigmatic existence of Tibetan monks. The life of Tibetan Monks is such mysteries. Through visits to the two largest monasteries in Lhasa, Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery, I shall expound upon the depths of knowledge within Tibetan Buddhism, and lead you to witness firsthand the arduous lives and diligent work of Tibet's monastic community.

The highlights of today will be at Sera Monastery Debating courtyard to watch the splendid Lama Debating course. You will know how monks study and improve level by level till they become a mater.

Overnight in a Tibetan Style hotel.

Day 4: Lhasa - Yamdrotso Lake - Karola Glacier Trek - Farmhome Lunch - Gyantse (B/L)

Highlights: Yamdrotso lake, Lake side Farm Home Visit, Photo with Tibetan Mastiff, Karola Glacier

Today, we will leave Lhasa westward to Everest Base Camp. I will bring you many interesting experiences along the way.

Our first stop is Yamdrotso Lake, with the color of turquoise water and snow-capped mountain Naiqin Kangsang 7200m standing aside her. We will have lunch at a farmhouse in a village by the lake, to be guests of a developed Tibetan villagers’ home.

On the way to Gyantse, we will see the gorgeous Karola Glacier 5400m right standing aside from the road. When stopping at Karola Glacier, we will embark on a light trek towards a serene lake nestled on the mountain slopes of the glacier. We will get up close to witness the impressive icy boulders and the stunning blue color of the glacial lake, glistening like precious diamonds.

Overnight in Gyantse.

Day 5: Gyantse - Barley Village - Making local food - Shigatse (B/L)

Highlights: Gyantse Pelkor Monastery, Gaint Kumbum, Gyangtse Fortress, Cooking Class in Barley farmhouse

In the morning, we will visit Gyantse Pelkor Monastery and Kumbum, climbing up to the highest point of Gyantse city - Gyangtse Fortress, to view the panorama of the old town of Gyantse.

On the way to Shigatse, we will walk into barley fields and work together with local farmers(if there is a chance). Then, we will go into a farmhouse to make food with the hostess in their traditional kitchen and enjoy our hand-made Tibetan food. We drive to Shigatse at the end of today.

Overnight in Shigatse.

Day 6: Shigatse - Brahmaputra River bank Picnic - Phuntsoling Hidden Treasure - Tingri (B/L)

Highlights: Phuntsoling Monastery, Brahmaputra Valley Scenery, Brahmaputra River Bank Picnic

Today’s trip could be an incredible adventure as we veer off the main road and explore a breathtaking path along the stunning valley of Brahmaputra.

Midday, we'll enjoy a delightful picnic lunch by the river while taking in the wild river bed and admiring the many quaint Tibetan villages that line the banks.

Our highlight of the day will be visiting the ancient Phuntsoling Monastery, which is rich in a fascinating history spanning over 500 years with incredible Buddhist wall paintings and preserved ancient buildings.

The day is comprised of one impressive experience after the other, culminating in our arrival at Tingri, the gateway to the wondrous Himalayan range.

Overnight in Tingri.

Day 7: Tingri - Village Farm Work Experience - No.1 Himalaya Platform - Everest Base Camp (B/L/D)

Highlights: Gawula Pass Himalaya View Platform, Top 4 Highest Peaks of Himalaya, Basom Village Farm Work Experience, Everest Base Camp, Mt. Everest Sunset

After a hearty breakfast, our group will set off toward the ultimate destination of our trip: Everest Base Camp.

Along the way, we will make two unforgettable stops. The first is at Gawula Pass, which we affectionately refer to as the "No. 1 Himalaya view platform" in our tour. At 5,198 meters high, we can take in breathtaking panoramic views of the Himalayan Mountain Range with all the highest peaks in our view.

Our second stop will be at Basom Village, where we will be treated to a unique and authentic dining experience. We will enjoy lunch with a local herds family nestled at the foot of the Himalayan mountains.

After the meal, we will roll up our sleeves and join in on some light housework for 1-2 hours before celebrating with the locals through song and dance to commemorate our approaching Mount Everest.

Finally, we will arrive at the Everest Base Camp area, where we will witness an incredible sunset over the striking mountain range. To cap off an exhilarating day, we will indulge in a hotpot dinner at a local tent restaurant.

Overnight in EBC Tent Guest House.

Day 8: EBC - No.2 Hamayala Platform - Sakya Heritage - Shigatse (B/L)

Highlights: Rongbuk Monastery, Hiking to Everest Base Camp, Café Time at EBC, No. 2 Himalaya View Platform, Sakya Monastery Heritage

Our morning will be spent reveling in the breathtaking sunrise of Mt. Everest, exploring the highest monastery - Rongpuk, hiking the nearby hills, and capturing photos with the towering Mt. Everest in the background. We will also have the luxury of leisure time accompanied by steaming cups of coffee.

For lunch, we will head to Chulop Village, where we will indulge in another mesmerizing view of the Himalayas from our No. 2 Himalaya view platform.

In the afternoon, we will arrive in Sakya, another treasured Tibetan heritage town. The Sakya Monastery is renowned for its massive library of ancient Buddhist scriptures and an extensive collection of historic wall paintings. Notably, the monastery was nominated for the World Culture Heritage list in 2020.

Overnight in Shigatse.

Day 9: Shigatse - Nomadic Rural Life - Shugula Pass - Lhasa (B/L)

Highlights: Nomadic Life Experience, Open-air Picnic at Pasture, Shugula Pass (5411m), Langma Dancing Hall Farewell Night

After breakfast, our first stop of the day is to visit a picturesque pasture halfway. We'll have the opportunity to observe the locals tending to their cattle and witness their nomadic-rural lifestyle. We'll relish an open-air picnic on the lush grassland and interact with the friendly shepherds.

Our next destination is Chungmu Khangar (7048m), the highest peak on the southern side of the Nyenchen Thangla Ranges. You can take a magnificent group photo with the glacier as if you are embedded in the painting.

Then, we will head to Shugula Pass (5411), Here, you can touch the eternal ice and snow with your own hands.

Finally, we'll drive back to Lhasa to conclude our magnificent trip. The evening is still young, and I'll take you to Langma Dancing Hall for our last night of merriment. Here, we'll indulge in some beer and immerse ourselves in Tibetan folk dance, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Cheers to a remarkable adventure!

Overnight in Lhasa.

Day 10: Departure from Lhasa and Tour Ends (B)

I will escort you to the airport or train station to bid farewell, my dear friends. I cherish each one of you and love you fully!

Tour Cost & Schedule in 2023

Please Note:

    1. Discount: 1.) 5% off for those booking the tour together with 2 or 2 above in total at the same time.

Service Included:

  • Tibet Travel Permit and all other necessary permits to Tibet;
  • All entrance ticket fees for all tourist sites listed in the itinerary;
  • Half-board meals plan as specified in the itinerary;
  • Local tour Transfers, 5-17 seats comfortable Tourist Vehicle according to Group Size;
  • Mr.Jamyang and our Knowledgeable English-speaking Tibetan local tour guide team will guide this tour;
  • Comfortable Hotel Accommodations, most of the hotel we will arrange in local Tibetan style Hotel;
  • Service Charge & Government Taxes;
  • Arrangements include planning, handling, operational and communication charges;
  • Welcome Dinner in local restaurant when group members meet in Lhasa;
  • Free Airport shuttle transfer between Lhasa Gongar airport and Hotel on designated time;
  • Drinking water, coffee, Tibetan Sweet Tea and Tibetan snack Provided during the trip;
  • Tourist accident/casualty insurance;
  • Free Oxygen use when necessary;

Service Excluded:

  • International and Domestic flight/train to and out of China;
  • Tips and gratitude to the guide and driver. If you are satisfied with their service, you may consider tipping them at an amount you find it suitable;
  • Meals not included in itinerary, Personal expenses, like laundry, phone call , soft drin;

Transfer Service between Hotels and Airport/ Train Station

Lhasa Gongar International Airport is about 70km from the downtown, and it takes about 1.5 hours for a car transfer between airport and hotel. Considering the distance and language barrier, Tibet Vista provides free transfer service from/to airport.

Upon your arrival at airport, our Tibetan local pick-up guide will hold a board with your name and wait for you at the exit, he will escort you to the transfer car, accompany you to the hotel, and assist you with hotel check-in. When tour ends, our guide will pick you up at hotel and escort you to the airport.

Airport Pick-up Schedules: Pick up tourists at 10:00 am; 13:30 pm; 17:00 pm

Airport Drop-off Schedules: Pick up tourists at 06:30 am; 08:00 am; 12:00 pm

If your flight time is not within our transfer schedule, feel free to contact our travel consultant, we will do our best to arrange the most proper transfer service for you.

Besides the airport transfer, Tibet Vista also provides unlimited free transfer between hotel and Lhasa Railway Station according to your arrival/departure time.

Please kindly note: if passengers are less than 3 per transfer, we may use publish transportation like public airport bus or Taxi instead of using our shuttle service.

Travel Tips for the 10-Day Everest Base Camp Trip:

Things You Need to Pack for EBC Tour

Keeping warm and comfortable and traveling light are the top things to keep in mind. Bring you down jacket, thermal underwear, and warm headwear. Besides, sunscreen, sun hat, toiletries, personal medicine (ease mountain sickness, cold relief, diarrhea), some cash are also needed. Our guide will offer you a warm apron to cover your knees.

Accommodation Facilities at EBC

Just play down your expectations! Due to the hostile natural environment and extreme altitude (5200m), the lodging facilities at EBC are downright humble. Only locally-run Tibetan yak tents and Rongbuk Guesthouse are available.

However, the incredible view of the sunrise over the peak of Mt. Everest would make up for all your ordeal. Since there is a shortage of water at EBC, the sanitation of the lodging may be a challenge to westerners. You may consider bringing your own sleeping bag.

What to Eat at EBC?

The Tibetan yak tents or the restaurant of Rongbuk Guesthouse offer very basic food like Instant noodles, Tibetan soup noodles, dried yak meat, pork soup, milk tea, egg fried rice, Tsampa, cabbage with rice, chili potato curry, etc. You may also stock up some bread or light snacks before you leave to EBC from Tingri or Shigatse.

Do I Need to Worry About Getting Altitude Sickness?

So long as you are physically fit without respiratory illness and cardiovascular disease, you are free to go. Do avoid catching a cold before heading to EBC. Our Tibetan guide will measure your oxygen saturation level in your blood with pulse oximetry and provide oxygen supply and timely help.

Be Prepared for the Long Drive

Though Lhasa to EBC only has 720km, for safety concerns, a strict speed limit is imposed to ensure the traveler’s safety. A tour vehicle normally travels at a speed of 80km/h on expressway; 70km/h on the national highway; 30 km/h passing a bend; You may prepare some motion sickness medicine or download podcasts to keep you entertained during the long ride.

Nothing Matters More than Bringing you a Safe and Comfortable Journey!

Spiritually-uplifting yet physically-demanding, Tibet travel is no ordinary experience. Though you may have done many research, nothing prepares you for the real adventure. However, you can rest assured that the moment you set your foot in Lhasa, your Tibetan guide, driver and all of Tibet Vista’s team are pooling our resources and doing what we can to ensure you a safe and pleasant travel experience.

The following value added tour service will be your best guarantee for a seamless Tibet travel on Tibetan Plateau.

Routine Tour Service Workshop and Seminar for Our Tibetan Guide

To an organized tour, we believe, whether or not you will have a great travel experience largely depends on whom you travel with. So, we attach great importance to the training and exchange amid our Tibetan guide and other staff. Each year, a series of workshops and seminars and training courses will be held for our Tibetan guides and other staff to exchange their guide experience and offer first-aid training, etc. They are committed to offering the quality and tourist-friendly service to you.

Celestron Telescope Give You Close-up View of Mt. Everest at EBC

Standing at the foot of Mt. Everest and gazing at this holy mountain form an integral part of EBC tour. Apart from taking you to the best vantage points to view this natural wonders, we offer brand-new Celestrontelescope (with 60 optical zoom Lens) for you to get close-up view of the world’s highest mountain. Besides, don’t miss the starry Milky Wayin EBC.

Helpful Service: Trekking Pole, Camping Lantern and Portable Charger

When travelling on Tibetan Plateau, we highly suggest you travelling list. And we offer helpful rental service (50 CNY deposit), such as trekking pole, camping lantern and portable charger. Upon your request, we may also prepare the camping tent, sleeping bag, etc. for you. A small amount of service and cleaning charge is expected. Our friendly travel consultants will give you pro advice to remove your heavy daypack.

Keep You Warm and Protected from Harsh Alpine Climate

In addition to warm sweet tea and hot water and warm smile, we feel obligated to protect you from chilly wind at EBC and Mt. Kailash, etc. Why not bundle up in our well-prepared warm Tibetan Apron. If you forgot to bring you gloves, no problem! The hot water bagbring you instant warmth and our versatile magic scarfwill work like a charm to protect you from sunburn and dust in Tibet.

Multiple Travel Kits Make Your Trip More Comfortable

As the long ride is very common esp. travelling beyond Lhasa, we kindly prepare a full set of travel kit for you to enjoy an easy ride in Tibet. Upon your request, we may offer neck pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs, fork knife spoon set, and sleeping bag at EBC tent during your journey.

Free Battery Recharging

Besides, you may use our free power recharge service at our office at Lhasa Gang Gyan Hotel (first floor 1102).

Unique Eco-friendly Bottle for Drinking

Tibet Vista is a staunch supporter for Eco and responsible travelin Tibet. As we visit Tibet, why not work with us to save limited resources and minimize human’s impact to the natural environment.We designed a tailor-made Eco-friendly Bottle for drinking throughout your tour in Tibet. It’s very convenient to use it to drink hot water, coffee, Tibetan milk tea. Such a fine souvenir, don’t you think?

Easy-to-Use Tibet Tourist Map and Other Useful Travel Stuff

What’s more? Plenty of useful travel brochure and travel kits such as Tibet tourist map,up-to-date travel advice, etc. will greet you in Lhasa. You will find them exceedingly helpful to your day-to-day travel in Tibet.

Meet Beloved Mr. Kunga, Your Best Guard for a Safe and Pleasant Journey

And now, the last but not least, I take great pride in introducing our beloved Mr. Kunga, the customer service manager of our company.If you have any problem adapting to the life on Tibetan plateau? Or simply wanna to learn more about Tibet. Do not hesitate to stop by our customer service office in Lhasa Gang Gyan Hotel (first floor 1102) and have a friendly little chat with him.

Mr. Kunga would make a good cup of tea for you and share with you his more than 30 years’ guide experience in Tibet. In fact, Tibet Vista is the only local Tibet travel agency that has a designated customer service manager who offers prompt support to your need.

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