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Qinghai Tibet Railway Stations: Six Main Train Stations of Your Tibet Train Journey

June,10 2023 BY Derek Wong 0 COMMENTS

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway boasts 85 stations along its route from Xining to Lhasa. However, there are 6 major stations that deserve special attention during your train journey to Lhasa.

Xining Railway Station, the Starting Point of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway starts at Xining Railway Station, which is one of the most important transfer pots in northwest China. It connects the high-speed railways from Dunhuang, Xinjiang, to the railway to Tibet, offering more travel routes for those who are interested in the vast landscape of West China.

As the start point of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, all trains to Tibet from the mainland of China will stop there. Therefore, you may have more chances to get a Tibet train ticket from Xining, especially during the peak season.

Xining Railway StationXining Railway Station is the Starting Point of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

Located at 128 Mutual Road Central, Xining Railway Station is 5 kilometers from the downtown city and 26 kilometers from Xining Caojiabao International Airport. You can easily get to Xining Railway Station from the city. However, if you plan to visit some of the popular attractions near Xining City before your Tibet train tour, please leave enough time for getting to the railway station.

Distances of Xining Railway Station and Major Attractions Nearby

The famous Qinghai Lake is 152 kilometers away from Xining Railway Station so you have to leave at least two hours for driving to the railway station.

The Kumbum Monastery (also known as Tar’er Monastery) is 28 kilometers from Xining Railway Station, which takes 30 minutes by car.

Tips for Boarding the Train to Tibet at Xining Railway Station

Because of the popularity of Tibet trains, to have a better travel experience, you are suggested to arrive at Xining Railway Station around 1 hour in advance to avoid long queues.

By the way, make sure you have Tibet Travel Permit, or you can not board the train.

Golmud Railway Station, where the real high-altitude Tibet train journey starts

Located at 2829m above sea level, the Golmud train station is one of the major stations on the railway to Tibet. All Tibet trains go through Golmud on the last day approach to Tibet, it takes about 13 hours to Lhasa with the most stunning scenery section. Golmud is the best city to access Dunhuang in northwest China with only 7 hour's bus ride. It is also an ideal place for enjoying the landscape, in Golmud, there are Qarhan Salt Lake (the largest salt lake in China) and the Kunlun Mountains (known as the Dragon Mountain of China).

Golmud Railway StationGolmud Railway Station is the real high-altitude Tibet train journey starts.

From Golmud, the altitude increases rapidly. Onward 100km from Golmud, the altitude is already more than 4,000m above sea level, with the highest points at Wudaoliang and the Tanggula Mountain Pass.

The oxygen supply system on the Tibet train begins to work to guarantee passengers' comfort after passing through Golmud Railway Station.The Qinghai-Tibet Railway train will supply all cabins with oxygen from the Golmud to the Lhasa section, and smoking is not allowed onboard since then.

Tanggula Railway Station, the World's Highest Train Station

The Tanggula Station is a significant stop for tourists on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, situated at the base of the snow-capped Tanggula Mountain on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Its location was carefully chosen to provide passengers with a spectacular view of Gola Winter Mountain, the main peak of Tanggula Mountain, allowing them to witness the unique beauty of "the Roof of the World".

Tanggula Railway StationTanggula Railway Station is the world's highest train station.

The station is famous for being the world's highest railway station, located at an elevation of 5,068m above sea level. Due to the risk of altitude sickness caused by the lack of oxygen at such a high altitude, it is not permitted to disembark from the train for safety reasons.

Amdo Railway Station, the biggest cargo-passenger train station in Tibet

The Amdo Railway Station, perched at an elevation of 4,702 meters above sea level, proudly holds the title of the world's highest manned passenger station. Spread across an impressive area of 140,000 square meters, it is also the largest cargo-passenger train station in Tibet. The station's main building is modeled after a traditional Tibetan tent and yurt, with its roof featuring wings that appear creased and symmetrically upraised like the Eagles that gracefully soar over the Changtang grassland. This design is symbolic of the region's fast-paced development.

Shortly after leaving Amdo Station, you can see Tsona Lake. So get ready for the breathtaking view of the lake by the side of the railway. At 4,594 meters above sea level and covering an area of about 300 square kilometers, Tsona Lake is the highest freshwater lake in the world. On the left side of the train, you can see the lake green than the grass under the sunlight. It is an awe-inspiring view, similar to that of sapphire, allowing you to see the sky's reflection on its surface.

The Tsona Lake by the side of the Qinghai-tibet railwayThe breathtaking view of the Tsona Lake by the side of the Qinghai-tibet railway.

Nagchu Railway Station, the closest train station to Lake Namtso

Built at 4513 meters above sea level, and close to Qinghai-Tibet Highway, the Nagchu Railway Station is the second most important train station in Tibet and the last station that the train will stop before arriving in Lhasa. It is an important station for transferring and replenishment along the railway. It is 8km south of Nagchu town, 322km from Lhasa railway station.

From Nagchu Railway Station, you can get to Lake Namtso or go to Nagchu town to experience the horse racing festival in summer time which is Can't miss.

Tibet Nagchu town horse racing festivalTibet Nagchu town horse racing festival in summer time.

Kindly Reminder:
If you plan to attend the Nagqu horse racing festival, followed by your train journey to Lhasa, you must purchase two tickets. One ticket covers the Xining to Nagqu leg of the journey, and the other covers Nagqu to Lhasa. It's important to note that you cannot use the same ticket to get off the train for sightseeing and then re-board it.

Lhasa Railway Station, the terminal of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway

Lhasa Railway Station is located on the southern bank of the Lhasa River, at an altitude of 3,641 meters. It is the terminal station of the Qinghai Tibet Railway, and also the largest railway station in Tibet. This station has a five-story main building of combination style with Tibetan and modern elements. It is furnished with 4 kinds of waiting rooms, ordinary waiting rooms, soft seat waiting rooms, VIP waiting rooms, and Tibetan-style VIP waiting rooms.

Lhasa Railway stationOur Tibet travel guide will meet you at the Lhasa Railway station and take you to your hotel.

The Lhasa train station is only 7 kilometers from the Potala Palace, and it will take 20 minutes at most when you take to there. The distance from Lhasa Railway station to Lhasa downtown covers 10 kilometers which only needs 20 minutes by car.

Once you get off the train, our tour guide will meet you at the Lhasa Railway station and take you to your hotel. We will accompany the whole journey and make sure that you will have a hassle-free travel experience.


The train stations along the Qinghai-Tibet railway offer travelers a unique opportunity to experience the breathtaking natural beauty of the Tibetan plateau, while also showcasing the engineering marvels that have made the railway possible. From the highest train station in the world at Tanggula to the modern amenities of Lhasa station, each stop on this railway journey offers a glimpse into the cultural and natural treasures of the region.

As more and more visitors discover this incredible railway route, it is clear that the train stations along the Qinghai-Tibet railway will continue to play an important role in connecting people and cultures across this remote and stunning part of the world.

For those seeking an unforgettable journey through some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on Earth, the Tibet train tour offers an experience unlike any other.

Derek Wong

About the Author - Derek Wong

Mr. Derek Wong is sales manager of Tibet Vista Tour as well as designer of Tibet Vista websites and has been providing specialized travel services to Tibet Vista travelers for years. He has continued to hone his professional expertise by completing numerous travel specialist courses to China and Tibet and Nepal and Bhutan.

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