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Writen by Peter Flynn from United States Visited Tibet in Jan. 2019

Promise Fulfilled: My Travel Story with Tibet Vista, 10 Years Before and Years Later

Why Travel Tibet?

The idea that one could not only get to the Everest Base Camp by road, but to continue and travel right over the Himalayan mountain range and come down the other side ......

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Writen by Lívia Oliveira from United States Visited Tibet in Jan. 2017

Tibet: The Gateway to Heaven! My Lifetime Tibet Travel Plan and Advices

In January 2017 I've experienced one of the most challenging adventures of my whole life. It all started in Brazil, a few months before, when a colleague from work showed me some pictures of his ......

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Writen by Janika Albrecht from United States Visited Tibet in Jun. 2019

Tibet Travel to Lhasa and Namtso with My Best Friend

My best friend from university and me flew to Beijing for a seminar. Since we had another week after for travelling, we thought about places “nearby”. From friends we heard about the ......

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Writen by Paula Covelo from Portugal Visited Tibet in Jul. 2018

How My Family Enjoyed a Lifetime Lhasa Tour

I traveled to Tibet in the company of my husband and my mother and it was a dream come true for all three of us. It is a distant destination for us Europeans, so we wanted to take advantage of it ......

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Writen by Tan Kin Sek from Malaysia Visited Tibet in Jun. 2017

Travel Tibet: how to plan a Tibet EBC tour from Xi'an

Chase My Dream, I Finally Made It to EBC from Xi’an

Why travel to Tibet?? As simple as that, it was my dream!!Finally I have decided to go Tibet alone after so many year of ......

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Writen by Quim & Irene from Canada Visited Tibet in Jun. 2019

Travel Tibet: the Mystical Shangri-La You Should Never Miss

When we decided to travel the world for a year, we had to give a lot of thought on which places to visit and which ones to leave for another occasion. A year might sound like a lot of time, but we ......

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Writen by Vlada Kandyba from United States Visited Tibet in Jan. 2019

My Best Memory Ever: Travel from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp at the Beginning of 2019

Visiting Tibet and Everest Base Camp was on my dream bucket list for as long as I’ve started traveling. Honestly, I didn’t think it’s gonna become a reality anytime soon for many ......

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Writen by Paula Tranzillo from United States Visited Tibet in Dec. 2015

Tibet Winter Tour: how to plan a Tibet travel in winter

In December 2015 I travelled to Tibet. It was a region that had always caught my attention. My cousin had already travelled with TIBET VISTA, so I did not hesitate to travel with them. I chose the ......

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Writen by Margaret Carthew from United States Visited Tibet in Feb. 2019

How to Plan a Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour with Mount Kailash and EBC

Across China via train to Lhasa and overland to Mt Kailash and into Nepal. The trip was prepared through Chloe, responses to our queries were prompt and detailed. Additional tours, all permits and ......

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Writen by Trishla Sethi from India Visited Tibet in Dec. 2018

Tibet Tour: A Journey to Experience Lhasa’s Well-preserved Monasteries and Culture

Our second marriage anniversary was approaching, I was tasked to look for a travel destination where it snows, tickets are reasonably priced, and one which my husband has never been before. While ......

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Writen by Sylvain Van Roy from Belgium Visited Tibet in Jan. 2018

How to Plan a Travel from Shanghai to Lhasa to Gyirong Port by Train?

Hello. My name is Sylvain. I’m from Belgium. I travelled to Tibet at age 29 in January 2018 with Tibet Vista. I booked their one week Lhasa to Gyirong tour. That is the tour you need to book ......

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Writen by Tom Colquhoun from Canada Visited Tibet in Aug. 2018

Had My Childhood Dream Fulfilled: the Amazing Lhasa to Kathmandu overland Tour

Ever since I was a child the far-off romance of Tibet had played in my imagination: an unforgiving plateau high above the clouds, populated by monks and spirits; one of those places where the ......

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Writen by Natasha Lock from United States Visited Tibet in Jun. 2019

My Unforgettable Journey to EBC from Guangzhou by Tibet Train

Our journey to Tibet was a journey of a lifetime. For as long as I can remember, my dad has talked of this area that is both a social and geographical enigma; from its mountainous terrain to the ......

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