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Mt.Everest(29,035ft, 8850m), also known as Mt. Qomolangma, is never short of visitors. The sacred and lofty mountainous range keeps radiating its irresistible charm to various explorers. Due to its distinct geographical features, Mt.Everest abounds with untamed valleys, highland glaciers, towering mountains, rare wildlife, etc. Accordingly, Mt. Everest is often considered as one of the last paradise that can cater to the needs of all the adventurous minds.

To professional mountaineering or commercial trekking teams, Mt. Everest is definitely their ultimate destination where getting closer or even ascending to the summit of Mt. Everest will be a huge honor and memorable experience in their entire life. While for most ordinary tourists who prefer less physically demanding and manageable routes, Mt Everest has also something special to offer.

Among the highly recommended trekking routes in Tibetan side of Everest region are the Trek of Gama Valley, The Dingri to Everest Base Camp Trek, and From Everest Base Camp to Advanced Base Camp Trek.

Everest Base Camp to Advanced Base Camp Trek (6400m)

Most Challenging Trek requires Mountain climbing experience

Compared with the previous two trekking routes, the ascent from Everest Base Camp to Advanced Base Camp Trek offers a greater challenge for individuals and one should not attempt to venture in this place without long-term preparation, adequate physical training, and constant logistic supply. On the way to ABC, trekkers will pass Camp I ,Intermediate Camp, Camp II and be able to enjoy the grand Rongphu Glacier range, peculiar ice serac( a pinnacle of ice on the surface of a glacier), Kangshung Face of the east ridge of Mt. Everest, yaks caravan,etc. The trek takes 5-6 days.

Rongpuk Glaceir
Everest Base Camp to Advanced Base Camp Trek

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The Dingri to Everest Base Camp Trek (5170m)

Miled trek less physically challenging and manageable

Tingri to Everest Base Camp provides a heady mix of solitude,wildlife sighting and physical challenge, onagers and gazelle thruve around the trail.If you are lucky enough, you may see a Tibetan brown bear rambling in the pastures.You will accomplish 70 km trekking in 4 days and the route of Tibet trekking is on the plateau with altitudes ranging from 4400m to 5300m . On the way to Everest Base Camp you will have enough time to explore the valleys and glaciers below the massive north-face of Mt. Everest and view the most magnificent scenery on the world's highest mountain.The trek takes about 4 days.

Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trek
Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trek

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Gama Valley Trek (3900m)

Gama Valley Trek is known as the most stunning Trek in the world

On the east slope of Mt. Everest lies the Gama Valley region. Gama Valley, together with, Gyirong Valley, Zhangmu Valley, Ya Dong Valley makes ‘Four Great Valleys’ in Shigatse region. As early as 1920’s, Gama Valley was recommended as the most beautiful valley in the book ‘Exploration of Mt. Everest’, written by British explorer Barry. The Gama Valley abounds with diversified vegetation and rare animals and in fact the valley has been considered as ‘a botanical gene bank’. The trek takes 7-8 days.

Everest Trek, Gama Valley Trek
Gama Valley Trek

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