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Bhutan Weather and Tour in June: is June a proper time to pay Bhutan a visit?

May,14 2019 BY Cindy Xiao 0 COMMENTS

June is the start of the summer monsoon season in Bhutan, with the heavy rains and harsh winds of the Indian Southwest monsoon sweeping up across northern India to batter this small Himalayan kingdom. Rainfall in the country is usually at its heaviest late in the day, so there is still plenty of time to spend touring the areas of this Himalayan kingdom.

Gorgeous rhododendron forest in JunGorgeous rhododendron forest with moist and fresh air after a short-time shower in Jun.

While the worst of the monsoon hits mainly in the southern areas, the north still has enough rain to make it very humid, and provides cloud cover and mist that obscures the peaks of the high mountains. The weather in June is warm and much of the country is uncomfortably humid. Bhutan is known for having the highest rainfall of any of the Himalayan countries in the monsoon season. Moreover, many of the great trekking trails are hard to get to in the monsoon season, with heavy rain making them difficult to tackle.

The climate and weather condition of June in Bhutan

While it is not the heaviest month of the monsoon season, June is still a month of heavy rains and strong winds across the entire kingdom. The temperatures in Bhutan in June are warm, with daytime highs of around 22 degrees in the central areas of Bhutan, around Bumthang and Trongsa, rising to around 30 degrees in the western areas of Punakha and Thimphu. In the west and north, the rains are not as heavy, with the harsher monsoon hitting the southern and eastern areas of the country. Despite the rain and humidity, Bhutan is a warm country in June, and there are still plenty of things to do and see, even if you are not able to go trekking in the latter part of the month. With rains mostly falling late in the day, there is still scope to explore the best attractions of Bhutan in the mornings and early afternoons.

Table of Bhutan Weather in June

Paro weather in June

Average Maximum Temperature: 21 °C 
Average Minimum Temperature: 13 °C 
Average Temperature: 17°C
Precipitation: 262 mm
Clear Days: 14 days
Wind Speed: 4.6 km/h

Situated in the west of Bhutan, Paro in June is warm and wet, with temperatures ranging from 13 degrees at night to as high as 22 degrees during the sunny days. While not the wettest place in western Bhutan, mainly due to its altitude of around 2,200 meters, Paro can still see around half of the month having rainy days. Winds are very light, around 4-5 km/h, which makes it feel hotter.

Insider tips:
1. June is the month when Bhutan’s monsoon season stealthily arrives. You may possibly notice that the trek tourist flow has decreased a bit. But for all this, there still have many visitors paying visits to this Himalayan Kingdom.
Trekking routes starting from Paro or areas near Paro always take you to some high-altitude places where there is no rain but the stunning snow-capped mountains and boundless prairies in the glamorous sunshine. So June is also the month for the tourists to begin the trek which will ascend you high.
So to ensure a good start, a good rest is necessary. Book the accommodations well in advance, or the options can fill up in this peak season, for Paro has always been the initiation place for a great number of treks.
2. Thimphu is not far from the Paro, if you cannot find any satisfying hotel in June, try searching for a proper one in Thimphu.

Thimphu weather in June

Average Maximum Temperature: 21 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 12.5 °C
Average Temperature: 17 °C
Precipitation: 306 mm
Clear Days: 21 days
Wind Speed: 4-6 km/h

Thimphu, at an altitude of around 2,334 meters, lies just a short drive from Paro, but has a much higher amount of rainfall over fewer days, making it a better month overall. Temperatures range from 12 degrees at night to around 21 degrees in the daytime, giving you fresher and less humid weather. Winds range from 4-6 km/h, so the breeze can be refreshing in the warm weather.

Insider tips:
Treks with various levels of difficulty continue to be held ardently in June. Most of them start from the capital. Some ascend you to higher places for a closer look of the Himalaya Range while others lead you down there to the lakes and valleys.

No matter which one you choose, prepare the rain gear in advance, for in the late of this month, sudden showers may hit the capital in the late afternoon or at night.

Jakar weather in June

Average Maximum Temperature: 22 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 13 °C
Average Temperature: 17°C
Precipitation: 294 mm
Clear Days: 14 days
Wind Speed: 4.2 km/h

Lying in the Bumthang Valley, at an altitude of 2,587 meters, Jakar is a warmer place than Paro and Thimphu and with less rainfall, which means it sees a lower level of humidity in June. Temperatures range from 13 degrees at night to around 22 degrees in the daytime, and with the low winds, due to the protection of the valley, the few clear days can feel much warmer.

Insider tips:
Jakar Dzong, located on a ridge above Jakar town, is one of the oldest and most venerated Temple in Bhutan. It is now believed to be the largest Dzong in the country with a circumference of more than 1,500 meters. So once you are in Jakar, Jakar Dzong is the iconic spot you can’t miss.

Bumthang weather in June

Average Maximum Temperature: 23 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 14 °C
Average Temperature: 21 °C
Precipitation: 264 mm
Clear Days: 16 days
Wind Speed: 4.2 km/h

Renowned for its stunning scenery and landscaped valleys, Bumthang in June is a warm and humid area, with temperatures ranging from 13 degrees at night to as high as 23 degrees in the daytime. Winds are light and low, and rainfall is moderate for the time of year, with more than half of the month seeing bright clear days of sunshine.

Purple wildflowers in JunPurple wildflowers with raindrops grow upwardly after the heavy shower along the trekking route in Jun.

Insider tips:
Treks in Bumthang region are mainly the short-term treks with soft trails either in the forests or along the rhododendron clustered mountain roads. If your traveling schedule is not very tight, you are recommended to explore as many places as possible, for views along the trekking routes in June are still charming and neither get spoiled by the monsoon rain nor affected by the crowds.

Punakha weather in June

Average Maximum Temperature: 23 °C
Average Minimum Temperature: 19 °C
Average Temperature: 22 °C
Precipitation: 639 mm
Clear Days: 16 days
Wind Speed: 4.4 km/h

Located to the east of Thimphu, at an altitude of around 1,214 meters, Punakha is a very wet place, even in June, the start of the monsoon. At its lower elevation, the rains are heavier than in the capital; with winds that range from 4-5 km/h. temperatures are higher, reaching around 19 degrees at night and 23 degrees during the day. Rainfall is also much higher, with more than 600mm throughout the month.

Insider tips:
Punakha valley is believed to be a great place for rice farming. So the breathtaking terraced fields can be sighted from the hills or along the trekking route. You may find the buckwheat, rice, and other grain crops are growing vigorously in the terraced fields. The previously dominated light green has turned into the dark green. Summer is coming.

What about Bhutan tours in June?

Despite the rain and cloud cover, June is a delightful time of year to come to Bhutan. The early part of June is the pre-monsoon, when the rains are not yet at full strength, and it is not until around the middle of the month that the monsoon gets fully underway.

Overall, the month is ideal for visiting Bhutan, as the glorious warm weather makes it a pleasant visit. With lighter rains in the early part of the month, it is still possible to get around all day with just an umbrella or raincoat. As the month progresses, the rains tend to come in the late afternoon, so the glorious sapphire skies are predominant throughout the mornings for touring around.

Overall, temperatures range from around 14 degrees at night to as high as 34-35 degrees in the daytime, making it a warm time of year to visit for those that are not fans of the colder weather.

Insider tips:
Below, we have selected some Bhutan tours for you:
>> 5 Days classic Bhutan City and Scenic Tourist Tour
>> 5 Days Popular Highlights of Bhutan Tour
>> 6 Days Classic Thimphu-Paro and Taktsang Ghoempa Tour
>> 7 Days Classic Bhutan Mountains and Valleys Tour
>> 10 Days Classic Bhutan Himalaya Tour
>> 11 Days Classic West and Central Bhutan Tour

Besides the listed tours we recommend above, we still provide you with some other tour routes which are still quite appropriate for you in June. - See the most popular Bhutan Tours for detailed information

How about Bhutan trekking in June?

As June is the time of the early monsoon season, so the treks with lower altitude may be hit by short time rains in the late afternoon or at night. Most of the trails are intact and very comfortable to trek on, but for some places with poor road conditions, trails can get muddy or waterlogged and can even be hard to get to.

However, in the areas above 3,000 meters, there is less rainfall in Bhutan, and with the grasslands filled with alpine blooms, it is actually a good time to take on the Lunana Snowman Trek, which runs along the northern edge of the kingdom, between Paro and Bumthang. You can also take on the Bumthang treks in early June, as well as the Haa Trek, the Dagala Lakes Trek, and the Samtengang trek.

Below we have selected some Bhutan trek tours in June for you:
>> 3 Days Bumthang Culture Trek
>> 3 Days Bumthang Owl Trek
>> 6 Days Druk Path Trek
>> 10 Days Jhomolhari Loop trek
>> 12 Days Jomolhari Trek
>> 31 Days Snowman Trek

Insider tips:
1. We have provided some other popular Bhutan trekking routes to present more choices.
2. The Snowman Trek continues to get its momentum in this month. Consultation and participation are in an endless stream. More and more trekkers are encouraged to challenge this trek during the best time of the year.
Heavy snows have melted in most sections of this route, making the ice blocked trails show in front. And the temperature turns to be much warmer in higher mountain regions, perfect for this long-time, high altitude trekking.
3. Most of the trekking trails in June are perfect. If you have encountered a bad road condition, the local guide will give you a hand and help you take some other routes to continue your trekking.

Festivals in June

Saktang Festival - Set in the Saktang Lhakhang, in the Trashigang Dzongkhag, on the 24th - 27th of June, the Saktang Festival is a colorful and lively event that is held for three days. The Saktang Valley is home to a semi-nomadic people known as Brokpas, and the jovial festival sees the Brokpas dressed in their best finery to enjoy the rare Yak Dance and the Ache Lhamo, the highlight of the festival. The dances of the festival are unique to this area, and are very distinctive from the Ache Lhamo that can be seen in other parts of the kingdom.

Nimalung Tshechu in late JuneNimalung Tshechu which is held in late June has attracted a great number of visitors and photographers.

Nimalung Tshechu - Held at the Nimalung Dratshang, Chummi, Bumthang Dzongkhag from the 21st to 23rd of June, the Nimalung Tsechu is a celebration of the Guru Rinpoche, and features the unveiling of a “thongdrol” painting of Guru Rinpoche that stands nine meters high and twelve meters wide. A colorful festival, it also features many stunning mask dances that are performed by the local lamas.

Trelda Tshechu - This celebration of the birth of Guru Rinpoche has held annually at the Yakhang Lhakhang in Drametse, Mongar from the 21st - 23rd of June. The festival features various religious and meditation rituals, as well as the unveiling of a huge thongdrol of the Guru Rinpoche, which is unfurled along the wall of the monastery. Mask dances that tell the stories of his life and bringing Buddhism to Bhutan are also held for the public.

Kurjey Tsechu - Kurjey Lhakhang north of Jakar in the Choekhor Valley of Bumthang, is an imposing and very important temple for the people of Bumthang. In the oldest part of the temple, an imprint of the meditating guru Rinpoche can be seen in the rock. For the people of the valley, the Kurjey Tsechu, held on the 23rd June, is a special highlight. It's a great way to be blessed watching an ancient mask dance.

What to pack for visiting Bhutan in June?

June is a relatively warm month, so thick sweaters and jackets are not really required. However, it can get a little chilly at night in some places, so a light sweater to keep off the chill can be handy to have around. Bhutan is a devoutly Buddhist country, so there are a few things to avoid bringing, despite hotter weather, such as short shorts and skirts, revealing tops and spaghetti straps, etc. Longer skirts and pants are better, and t-shirts are fine too. Bring a decent pair of boots, as the ground can get muddy. You may also want to bring sunblock and moisturizer, as the sun can be strong, especially at higher altitudes.

Is it easy to get the Bhutan Visa in June?

Bhutan does not have a restriction on when you can visit, so getting the visa for Bhutan is as easy in summer as in spring, winter, and autumn. This unique Himalayan kingdom is open all year round, and it is always easy to get the visa, as long as you are working with a registered tour operator for Bhutan.


The weather in Bhutan in June is normally wet, with varying levels of rainfall throughout the month, ending with the full-blown monsoon season. That said, the monsoon in Bhutan’s central and northern areas are not as harsh as that of the southern and eastern regions, so traveling to the kingdom in June is still a great experience. It may be better to stick to the main areas of central and northern Bhutan for the latter part of the month, as the south and east get more rainfall throughout the day, making it harder to get out an about. June is regarded as a low-season month in Bhutan, so the cost of the tour can also be cheaper than in the spring and fall.

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