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Lesya and Ukraine's Tibet Tour Video Review with Tibet Vista

" Tour guide: How about your trip?
Lesya: This trip was really fantastic, so hard, not very easy, but for us, it's necessary. Because we like mountain, we like other countries, especially Tibet. And you, thank you very much for fantastic trip. Yeah, now, it's not finished, and I hope, next time, next city will be OK, will be very nice. So we are going to our home and we are really very happy.
Tour guide: Thank you so much.
Lesya: Thank you very much.
Tour guide: What do you feel today?
Ukraine: Very nice.
Lesya: Today… I repeat, we are happy and we are feeling very nice, very good. Ukraine: I can go next time.
Tour guide: Next time. Thank you, thank you so much. I'm very happy, too. "

- By Lesya and Ukraine