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Justin & Hu Beibei's Tibet Tour Video Review with Tibet Vista

Guide: Can you tell me: what is your nationality? and how many kids you take in this tour? And what are their ages?
Justin: I’m Australian with Cambodian background.
Hubeibei: I was born in China, but I’m Australian now as well. So we are all Australians traveling here. Two kids, two girls, three years old, and ten months old, eleven months old now.

Guide: What was the itinerary you choose, and why you decided to do it?
Justin: Mostly around Lhasa. Because we had two small children, so we cannot go too high, but today we are here, Yamdrok Lake, and they seem to be ok.

Guide: any problem on this altitude? And how you solve it?
Justin:So, on the train from Xining to Lhasa, Annabelle, eleven months old, she had very highheart rate and things like she got to pass out. So the doctor looked at her and said: “she may dieso you should turn back.” But we didn’t. So, being a responsible parent, we didn’t turn back.
Hubeibei: Because she was recovering quit quickly after breathing oxygen on the train, so it wasn’t even pure oxygen, just a little bit of the natural..en.. Maybe twenty or fortypercent of oxygen level.
And she was recovering very well so we thought we might as well continue into Lhasa. With this special decision, if everything happens to them we can look at the local doctors quickly.
But luckily, after we arrived in Lhasa, everyone seemed to have acclimatized. So the children are very active now, and they are very happy. And they don’t seem to have any issues at all.
Guide: today I’m glad to have the family talk.

- By Justin and Hu Beibei

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