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Charles's Tibet Tour Video Review

Guide: Hallo,Charles,how are you?

Charles: Tashi Delek!

Guide: Ok, now should I ask you some questions in the video.

Charles: Yes.

Guide: Ok,how about the company’s service?

Charles: Excellent,superb,best-class.

Guide: How about the tour guide Daniel?

Charles: Daniel is terrific, he is the best guide.

Guide: Then the knowledge?

Charles: Knowledge fantastic, I learned so much from him but I need to read more about Buddhism. Because everything I learn I might forget if I don’t read. So I’m gonna keep reading and try to learn about Buddhism.

Guide: Wow, cool. Then, How about the timing for sightseeing.

Charles: Sorry, for what?

Guide: Timing.

Charles: Wonderful, like good time at Potala Palace, at Drepungmonastery and I forgot to mention Jorkhang Temple, and now Sera monastery. Everything is different, everything is unique, everything is so spectacular. I love it!

Guide: Wow~~Then the next is the driver.

Charles: The driver is very good, very safe, very cautious.

Guide: Ok, thank you Charles, thank you!

Charles: It’s a pleasure.